Single Split Aircon Promotion

Aircon System 1 is very common in other countries. However it is less commonly used in Singapore due to space constraints. In Singapore most of us are staying in HDB. And the most we can do is to place 2 condenser unit outside of our home. Hence, it is much more efficient and practical to use multi split instead of system 1 Aircon. However, for landed units and commercial units, it is actually feasible. So in this page, we are going to provide various system 1 Aircon price for your reference. For example, Panasonic Single split and Mitsubishi single split. Do note that our single split aircon promotion is limited by time only. Do check with us if these promotions are still valid.

single split

System 1 Aircon Price (9000 BTU)

The Cheapest System 1 Aircon price 


Panasonic Single Split Aircon

Panasonic Single Split (2 ticks) is by far the the cheapest option. It is cheaper than Mitsubishi GN series single split by a $100. This is at least 10 percent. However, there is an option to get an Aircon that is cheaper. This is to get a refurbished aircon from us.

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panasonic single split aircon promotion


The most popular Aircon brand 


Mitsubishi system 1 (GN series) – 9000 BTU

Mitsubishi starmex GN series is the most widely sold system 1 aircon in Singapore. Hence you will have no problem getting a second hand spare parts in the future. Furthermore, it is one of the few system 1 (9000 btu) Aircon that has a 5 ticks energy rating. 

Mitsubishi system 1


System 1 Aircon Price (12000 BTU)

12000 BTU – Panasonic Single Split Aircon (CU-PS12UKZ / CS-PS12UKZ)


12,000 BTU – Daikin System 1 Aircon Price (RKS35GVMG / FTKS35DVM)


12000 BTU – Mitsubishi GN Series (MUY-GN13VA / MSY-GN13VA)


System 1 Aircon Price (18000 BTU)

18000 BTU – Panasonic Single Split Aircon (CU-PS18UKZ / CS-PS18UKZ)


18,000 BTU – Daikin System 1 Air con Price (RKS50GVMG / FTKS50GVMG)


18000 BTU – Mitsubishi GN Series (MUY-GN18VA / MSY-GN18VA)


System 1 Aircon Price (24000 BTU)

24000 BTU – Panasonic Single Split (CU-PS24UKZ / CS-PS24UKZ)


24,000 BTU –Daikin System 1 Air con Price (RKS71GVMG / FTKS71GVMG)


24000 BTU – Mitsubishi GN Series (MUY-GN24VA / MSY-GN24VA)


Single Split Aircon Price

Panasonic System 1

Panasonic System 1

Mitsubishi System 1

Mitsubishi Electric System 1

Daikin System 1

Daikin System 1


After looking at these System 1 Aircon promotion. Your choice will depends on pricing, warranty terms and the popularity of Air-con. If you still have any query, give us a call, our sales representative will be more than willing to help 🙂

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