Daikin Aircon Promotion

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Daikin aircon promotion and review

daikin aircon review and promotion

DAIKIN Aircon Unique Features


  1. Clean Air Purifiers: Clean air promotes good health and reduces chance of sickness
  2. Climate Control from your Smartphone: Ability to turn on the aircon at home even when you’re outside
  3. Intelligent Power Savers: Ability to detect motion in the room so that you can save electricity
  4. Accurate Error Detection: Makes it way easier for technicians to solve aircon problems.
  5. Timer Function: Schedule 4 different time settings for each day in a week

Daikin Air-conditioner promotion

daikin aircon promotion and review

Daikin Aircon Promotion: Daikin iSmile Series


$2270 –  Daikin system 2 – 9000 BTU x 2 ( MKS50TVMG / CTKS25TVMG x 2)

$2500 – Daikin System 3 – 9000 BTU x 3 ( MKS50TVMG / CTKS25TVMG x 3)

$2860 – Daikin System 3  – 9000 BTU x 3 ( MKS65TVMG / CTKS25TVMG x 3)

$3290 – Daikin System 4 – 9000 BTU x 4 ( MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG x 4)

$4199 – Daikin System 5 – 9000 BTU x 5 ( MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG x 5)

Note : Daikin Aircon Promotion for Daikin Ismile Series is listed with all 9000 Btu fancoil units)
Do drop us a message on whatsapp if you would like to know the price of other combinations.

daikin aircon review and promotion

Daikin Smile Series 5 Ticks


$2410 – System 2 – 9000 BTU x 2 ( MKS65QVMG / CTKS25QVM x 2)

$2870 – System 3 – 9000 BTU x 3 ( MKS65QVMG / CTKS25QVM x 3)

$3030 – System 3 – 9000 BTU x 3 ( MKS80QVMG / CTKS25QVM x 3)

$3430 – System 4 – 9000 BTU x 4 ( MKS80QVMG / CTKS25QVM x 4)

Note: Daikin Smile series has been replaced by Daikin Ismile Series.
Please check out other Daikin Aircon promotion instead.

Daikin 3 ticks-02

Daikin Inverter Multi Split Series ✓✓✓


$1830 – Daikin System 2   9000 BTU x 2  ( 3MKS50FSG / FTKS25DVM x 2)–

$2240 – Daikin System 3  9000 BTU x 3 ( 3MKS50FSG / FTKS25DVM x 3 ) –

$2520 – Daikin System 3  9000 BTU x 3 ( 3MKS71FSG / FTKS25DVM x 3) –

$3040 – Daikin system 4  9000 BTU x 4 ( 4MKS80FSG / FTKS25DVM x 4)   

daikin single split-02

Daikin Single Split Aircon (2 ticks)


RKS25GVMG / FTKS25DVM  –   $850 (Approximately 9,000 BTU)

RKS35GVMG / FTKS35DVM    – $980 (Approximately 12,000 BTU)

RKS50GVMG / FTKS50GVMG – $1490 (Approximately 18,000 BTU)

RKS60GVMG / FTKS60GVMG – $1810 (Approximately 21,000 BTU)

RKS71HVMG / FTKS71GVMG  – $2080 (Approximately 24,000 BTU)

Daikin Ceiling Cassette

In our Daikin aircon review, we will specifically talk about Daikin ceiling cassette. It is divided into 2 parts, a ceiling cassette that is located indoor, and the compressor is located in the outdoor unit outside. A ceiling cassette aircon unit has 4 flaps which allows your cool air to be blown more consistently. However, unfortunately, it cannot be installed in a HDB. Only certain condominiums permit this kind of aircon. Ceiling cassette is more suitable for commercial units such as office space, warehouse or retail shops. 

Here are some features of Daikin ceiling cassette

Compact flat panel design with built in drain pump – allows easy installation and a stylish appearance, the drain pump allows condensation to be expelled up to 850mm from the base of the unit.

Air-purification system – The air-purification system allows the air to be purified, giving you a comfortable and fresh environment.

360 wide & comfortable airflow – this is designed to distribute air from the centre , while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air is also blown in a circular motion.

Silent operation – Daikin ceiling cassette can go as low as 28 db to give you a peaceful and silent night.

daikin aircon promotion review ceiling cassette

More information about Daikin Aircon can be found here:

Daikin Split Series Aircon Brochure

Daikin Split Series Aircon FAQ

Daikin FAQ

Daikin Aircon Currently have 3 series for multi-split model :


Daikin Multi NX
Daikin Smile Series
Daikin ISmile Series


For HDB users, there’s only these 3 series, in which Daikin Smile series is currently phasing them out for Daikin ISmile series.

1) Energy efficiency


Daikin Ismile series is the latest model, it is rated 5 ticks as of the point of writing in this article. Daikin Multi NX, is 3 ticks in rating. This means that Multi NX series is supposedly using more electricity than Daikin Ismile series.


2) Built in wifi control.


For Daikin Ismile series, you are able to control the Aircon unit using an app installed in your mobile phone. For multi nx series, you can only use the remote control. Nevertheless, many customers still believe that a built in app to control the Aircon is just a gimmick, as a remote control is a lot more efficient and user friendly than a mobile app to control.

1) Number 1 in the world in terms of market share


Daikin Aircon might not have the highest market share for residential Aircon in Singapore. But globally, it has the highest market share for Air-conditioners supplied. It is in the forefront of technology for Air-conditioners.


2) Heavy presence in Singapore


Daikin Aircon has both a heavy operation and marketing base in Singapore. This means that they have a solid after sales service and operations in Singapore. They will have adequate supplies of spare parts for their products. When your Aircon is in need for repair, you will not have to wait for a long period to get your spare parts from Daikin.
Daikin Air-conditioners is also very popular among Singaporeans. Hence, there will be a wide availability of second-hand aircon spare parts in the market, should you find that it it too expensive to get new spare parts.

For Daikin and Mitsubishi heavy industries Air-con, this is more complicated. You will have to refer to their brochure to look at the Maximum btu supplied from each condensing unit.


You can refer to the brochures in the link here for each Daikin Series ( Multi Nx, smile series or Ismile series).
So to sum it up these are the max btu supplied for each condensing unit :


Multi Nx series:


3MKS50FSG : 7.07KW (24,124 btu)
3MKS71FSG: 8.82KW (30,095 btu)
4MKS80FSG : 10.5kW (35,827)


Daikin ISmile series:


MKS50TVMG : up to 27630 btu
MKS65TVMG : up to 34460 btu
MKS80TVMG : up to 36160 btu

Daikin Aircon Review

Daikin Aircon has always been one of the most popular among Singaporeans and not for no reason! In this Daikin Aircon review, we will be judging based several factors: price, performance, Daikin aircon spare parts and Daikin aircon servicing.


Daikin aircon price

In terms of nominal pricing, Daikin is only slightly more expensive than average. It is in the same category as Toshiba and Fujitsu Aircon. Let’s compare the price of Daikin Aircon and Mitsubishi Aircon using the figure below.

Price of Daikin system 3 : $2799

Price of Mitsubishi Electric Starmex 5 ticks : $2999

The price difference of their system 3 is about $150. About 5% cheaper than that of Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon.

The pricing above is from Silverback Aircon.

Daikin aircon performance

According to our customers, Daikin Aircon is a very reliable brand and is a bang for your buck. Not only is it very durable, it is also easy to fix when a problem arises. This is because of the high degree of accuracy that comes with its error codes should an issue arise. With regards to general everyday performance, we rate it rather highly.

Availability of Spare parts

Daikin Aircon has the biggest market share for Air-conditioners sold in Singapore! Hence, when it comes to second hand spare parts availability, it is definitely not something to worry about. This essentially means that the technicians available in aircon companies will have an extremely easy time fixing your aircon.

Daikin Aircon Servicing

When it comes to servicing and maintenance of Daikin Aircon, you will not have difficulty finding a technician experienced in this. As mentioned earlier, Daikin aircon has a decent Market share in Singapore. Hence, aircon technicians would have come across quite a few cases of Daikin Aircon in Singapore. In addition, it has ready second hand spare parts available. Therefore, as a consumer, it will be fairly easy to find someone to service your Daikin Aircon.

Why Silverback Aircon?



Here at Silverback Aircon, our friendly staff and technicians provide you with the most efficient service for the best price. Besides Daikin Aircon Installation, we also perform aircon servicing and repair works. All of our aircon spare parts are tested, refurbished and commissioned before selling it to you so you can trust us with all your aircon needs! Contact us now for free over-the-phone consultation or book an appointment with us for site visits! This way, you will have a better diagnosis on your specific aircon situation.


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daikin aircon promotion

DAIKIN Products

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