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You may chance upon this article after your aircon technician inform you that there is Daikin u4 error code in your system. . If your Daikin Aircon light is blinking, chances are that there is a system error in your Daikin Aircon.If the Aircon light is blinking, it could be that the Daikin Aircon evaporator coil is dirty, which requires Daikin Aircon servicing. Or it could also mean that there is sufficient gas, which you may require gas top up to resolve. However, most of the time, Daikin Aircon blinking light would mean that is a daikin spare parts that is defective. And it requires replacement. In this Article, we will elaborate more on Daikin u4 error code.


What does Daikin U4 error code means?

U4 Daikin error code simply refers to communication error. What does communication error mean? If you are using a split Aircon unit system. Which has an outdoor condenser unit and fancoil unit. Then the if you turn on the indoor unit using a remote control. The infrared from the remote control will give a signal to the sensor receiver in the in fancoil unit. Which will then relay a message to the outdoor unit. For example, if you use the remote control to turn on the aircon to 22 degree celsius. The indoor pcb will tell the aircon condenser unit main pcb to start the compressor. Which will generate cold air for your room. So if there is Daikin u4 error code. It would mean that there is an error somewhere between the indoor unit and outdoor unit. Do note that the indoor unit pcb and outdoor unit pcb communicates through a 3 core or 4 core wire.




How to resolve Daikin U4 error code?

To resolve this Daikin u4 error code, unfortunately you most likely require some Daikin Aircon spare parts. As mentioned earlier, u4 error code is a communication error between the indoor pcb and outdoor pcb, which communicates through a wire. So the error could be from the indoor or outdoor pcb, It could also be from the wire. Here in Singapore, most household or even commercial units use a multi split system. Which means that 1 outdoor condenser unit is connected to 2 or more fancoil units. How does that help you resolve this error? If only one daikin fcu is blinking, and it shows a U4. It would likely mean that it is the indoor unit or the wire that is malfunctioning. From our experience, most of the time it is the indoor pcb that malfunctions. In rare instances it can also be both. However, if all Daikin fancoil units are showing u4 error. It would most likely mean that the outdoor unit daikin pcb is malfunctiong. There is a very slim chance that it is caused by all Daikin indoor pcb having issues.


What daikin aircon spare parts is needed for u4 error code?

To solve Daikin u4 error code. You will need either the indoor pcb, outdoor Daikin pcb or the wire. As mentioned earlier, you will most likely be to isolate the issue if you are using a multi split system. After which, you may have to use a chair, stand on it and take a photograph of the Daikin fancoil unit model number. The model number is almost always located on the right side of the Daikin Aircon fcu. However, if 3 units are blinking light. Then you may have to stretch out your hand to take a photo of the outdoor condenser unit model number. It may be more troublesome to take a photo of that. Nevetheless if you send us your indoor model number and tell us what system is this. We may be able to guess which Daikin outdoor model you are using.


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How much does it cost to solve Daikin U4 error code?

After you have found out the model number of your Daikin fancoil unit or condenser unit. Send it to us. We can give you an accurate quote based on the model number. However, for landed properties, condo or commercial units. We may not be able to accurately estimate the length and difficulty in replacing the wiring. This is assuming if the error code is caused by wiring defects. For a general rule of thumb, if Daikin u4 error code is caused by indoor pcb error. Then it should cost around $150- $500. If the issue is outdoor unit, it can cost between $200 – $900. There is a large price discrepancy depending on model number. And price also differ greatly depending on whether you are using a refurbished Aircon spare parts or brand new Aircon spare parts.

Daikin Aircon spare parts

Here at Silverback Aircon, we sell refurbished Daikin Aircon spare parts that can help you solve your u4 error code issue. The price of refurbished Daikin Aircon spare parts is usually half of what you need to pay for brand new parts. Furthermore, the issue can be resolved with just 1 trip. For example, if you are using a Daikin 3mks71esg condenser unit and ftks25dvm fancoil. We may bring both indoor and outdoor unit daikin pcb if there is a Daikin u4 error code issue. This is to help customer save time as most customers will want the issue to be resolve on the spot. We may also be able to sell spare parts to your aircon technician assuming if we have enough stock on hand. Do note that there are certain models that are phased out by Daikin. And we may not have parts for that as well. And for Daikin ceiling cassette, the aircon spare parts available for it is extremely rare as well.


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I hope this article can give you a sense of how much it cost to solve this error code. And also aid in your understanding of u4 error code. If you are still not sure about this Daikin Aircon problem of yours, feel free to contact us. 

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Here at Silverback Aircon, our friendly staff and technicians provide you with the most efficient service for the best price. All of our spare parts are tested, refurbished and commissioned before selling it to you. Hence, you can trust us with all your aircon needs! For enquiries regarding Daikin Aircon Error Codes, do not be hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will provide you with all the information you require. If needed, you can even book an appointment with us for a site visit so we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis on the Error Codes. We also provide other aircon services as well! 

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