Daikin J9 Error Code (An Ultimate Guide)

Ultimate Guide to Daikin J9 Error Code

If you are here at this page, chances are you have used your house’s Daikin Aircon remote to find out that you have a Daikin j9 error code. If not, your Aircon technician may be kind enough to inform you that your Daikin Aircon has an error, and the Error code is J9. Hence you may be curious enough to search it up on google. Whichever the reason is, in this article we are going to do a deep dive on Daikin J9 error code. We will talk about the causes of the J9 error and the relevant Aircon spare parts required to fix it. We will also give you an estimated cost of repairing this error code.


Guide to Finding Daikin Error Code


First of all, if your Aircon technician was the one that informed you of this Daikin J9 error code. We want you to know how to check for this error code itself first.  Simply take out your Aircon remote control, long press on the cancel button until a 00 figure occurs. Continuously press cancel to cycle through the error code. If you hear a long beep, that will be your error code. We are not doubting the professional integrity of your Aircon technicians. However, sometimes there may be communication error between your technicians and you. Sometimes the information is passed down verbally. Which may be remembered wrongly. And sometimes the technician may have written the error code wrongly in the invoice.

After all, our own technicians have made the error of writing J3 instead of J9 on a customer’s invoice before. So, if you are able to check the error code yourself. We will have another layer of quality control.


What does Daikin J9 Error Code Mean?


Daikin J9 error code simply refers to thermistor error. We commonly tell our technicians that, in A multi split Aircon unit, If only one unit is blinking, It is likely the parts in the indoor unit that are malfunctioning. However, the Daikin j9 error code kind of goes against that. You see, this error code refers to a thermistor malfunctioning in the outdoor unit.

Then why would only 1 indoor unit blink? When the entire outdoor unit pcb controls all indoor units. That is because of some Aircon brands. There are individual thermistors attached to the coil. These thermistors may all be connected to one small plug and all of these thermistors are sold together as one. Hence. If only one of the units has a j9 error code. It is likely the outdoor unit’s part that requires replacement. Furthermore, Daikin has 3 type of thermistors in the outdoor unit. It has liquid, gas and Air thermistors. So the error code matters in determining which type of thermistors require replacement.


Required Aircon Spare Parts to Fix Daikin Error Code J9


As you have read from the previous paragraph. Daikin j9 error code refers to thermistor error. However, other than thermistors, it can also be other Daikin spare parts that are responsible for causing this error. Other than thermistors, the next biggest likely suspect is the pcb. Because the pcb is the one that detects an irregular electrical reading on the thermistor. However, what if the pcb is the one that is defective? Yes, that may happen from time to time, Albeit rare. Nonetheless, it is possible to test the ohm of the thermistors. The first step most Aircon technicians will advise is to change the thermistors. As the cost of replacing the thermistor is significantly lower than that of replacing the condenser unit pcb.


Cost of Repairing Daikin J9 Error Code


Thankfully, J9 error code is not an expensive problem to solve. Most of the time, this issue can be solved under $250. For refurbished thermistors, it can even be solved within $200. And if you use refurbished Aircon spare parts you can even solve it in one trip. The technicians that do the checking may bring along relevant Aircon spare parts from their warehouse. And fix it for you on the spot. However, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. If the issue is caused by outdoor pcb instead, tt can be really expensive to replace. However, most of the time j9 error code is caused by thermistor malfunctioning instead.




If you have Daikin j9 error code, The first step is to communicate this information to your Aircon technician. So that they can bring down the relevant Aircon spare parts for you during the checking process. This will ensure that you can resolve your Daikin Aircon repair issues fast. And if you are the one who manages to find out this error code yourself. First of all, give yourself a huge round of applause, as it is rather remarkable for a non Aircon technician to be so hands on.

Next, you can inquire about the cost to fix this from various Aircon companies. Do take down the model number of both your indoor and outdoor unit. So these Aircon companies can see if they possess existing aircon spare parts. Do note that Silverback Aircon also provides Daikin Aircon repair services. We also have a plethora of Aircon spare parts. So if you have any Daikin Aircon related issues. Feel free to WhatsApp us.

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