Daikin F3 Error Code (An Ultimate Guide)

Daikin F3 Error Code


In this article we are going to do an ultimate guide on F3 Daikin error code. We can certainly imagine the look on your face when your Daikin Aircon blinking light and you call up an Aircon technician. Only to have him tell you that you have a Daikin F3 error code. Now what the hell is Daikin F3 error code? Well fret not, we will tell you all about it in this article. We are going to explain the meaning of Daikin F3 error code. How to troubleshoot this Daikin error code,  What possible spare parts are required to repair this?, and roughly what is the cost of repairing this?

What is Daikin F3 Error Code


A Daikin F3 error code simply refers to malfunctioning of the discharge pipe thermistor. In fact, you can even find the description of this in the Daikin error code list. So what does it mean by this? A Daikin condenser unit normally has a few thermistor. And one of them is the discharge pipe thermistor. Other than discharge pipe thermistor, it also has  thermistors such as outdoor heat exchanger thermistors, outdoor temperature sensor. The discharge pipe thermistors is in charge of regulating the refrigerant flow for the piping that is flowing out of the discharge pipe towards the fan coil. Now does that certainly mean that it is the discharge pipe thermistor that is faulty? Not so easy.


How to Troubleshoot Daikin F3 Error Code?


To troubleshoot this particular error code. First you have to be able to find out this error code in the first place. Find out the steps to retrieve Daikin aircon error code in our article. And if not, you are on this page most likely because your technician has identified it for you. Or that you have already managed to find it out yourself. Anyway, to troubleshoot Daikin F3 error code. We can certainly tell you that there is a 90% chance is due to faulty discharge pipe thermistor. So as an Aircon technician, the first step that we will do is to measure the resistance of the discharge pipe thermistor. Other than discharge pipe thermistor. The outdoor temperature sensor and heat exchanger resistance value can also affect this error code. So we will have to take the resistance value of these 2 thermistors as well. If Any of their reading is not uniformed, you may have to replace either the discharge pipe thermistors or all 3.


What if all 3 of the Thermistors Have Normal Resistance Value?

Well the next step to do is to check if the ev is normal? If the ev resistance value is uniformed. Then you can replace the ev coil first. Reset the condenser unit after that and see if it runs for more than 10 minutes. If the condenser is working perfectly fine after that, it is most likely the ev coil that is malfunctioning. However, do note that sometimes it can be a combination of a few parts that causes the Aircon to malfunction.


And if the EV Coil Reading is Normal?


If it is normal. You will have to check if the refrigerant pressure is normal or not. If the refrigerant pressure is normal. It certainly has to be the PCB instead. But the chances of Daikin f3 error code attributing to PCB is extremely rare. Most of the time it is the thermistors that are malfunctioning.


Estimated Cost of Fixing Daikin F3 Error Code


Most of the time, you can fix the error code for a residential split unit at under $280. However, that very much depends on the model number of the unit. If the issue is the ev coil instead, it may be even cheaper to repair. You may be able to get it repaired for under $250. Nonetheless, it may be relatively cheap to repair if it is a thermistor or ev coil issue. It may be extremely expensive to repair if the issue is found to be pcb instead. To replace a pcb unit it may range from $400 all the way to $2000. That very depends on the model number of the unit. For example a ceiling cassette outdoor unit will cost closer to the range of $2000 instead.


Daikin Aircon Repair using Refurbished Parts


Here at Silverback Aircon, we try to source for refurbished Daikin spare parts for our customer. If we have it on hand, We will try to bring it for the repair appointment. This is so that the customer can get their Aircon issue settled in just one trip. In Singapore’s weather most of our customers cannot stand a day without Aircon. So we try to achieve a win win situation by using refurbished Aircon spare parts.




If you have Daikin F3 error code. The issue is most likely due to the discharge pipe thermistors. However, the issue may also be due to ev coil. The worst case scenario your pcb may malfunction instead. So you or your technician may need to conduct further check to determine the actual cause of the issue. Well if you have more questions regarding the cost of repair. Do WhatsApp us the model number of your fancoil unit or condenser unit. We will try to give you an estimated cost of repair and let you know if we have ready parts. I hope this article on Daikin F3 error code gives you a better sense of how to repair this particular Daikin blinking light issue.

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