Daikin Error Code and How Much it Costs to Fix

Daikin Aircon Error Code Introduction

If you are on this page, chances are, your Daikin Aircon is malfunctioning. If you engage Daikin’s aircon servicing regularly, your technician might be able to diagnose the problem for you during your aircon servicing appointment. Otherwise, this article can serve as a guide on how to accurately troubleshoot the Daikin aircon error code that you are having. We will also let you know how much it costs to repair your aircon.

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Daikin Aircon Light Blinking?

daikin fault code

Being one of the most well-known Aircon Brands, Daikin has an advanced error code detection system. Unlike other common brands, the number of times the aircon timer light blinked does not reflects the error itself. Instead, whenever the Aircon TIMER LED started blinking, you will need to press the Cancel Button on your remote control. Following which, a “00” code will be displayed. Next, continue pressing the cancel button till a long beeping sound is heard. This will be the error code.

Using the error code, refer to the list of Daikin error code below to find out more information on what is the exact issues that you are experiencing. However, do note that there will be times when different fancoil units will display different error code. This means that you could be experiencing multiple issues with your Air-Conditioner. You can also refer to Daikin Site for more information.

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5 Most Common Daikin Error Codes

daikin aircon error codes

Now that you are aware of which error code you have for your Daikin aircon, what should you do next? As you can see, the error codes listed above will probably seem foreign to you. Even Elon Musk will take some time to figure out what it means! Although we are not able to fully explain all of the error codes in this article, let us elaborate on some of the most common error codes here.

R410a Refrigerant - Eco Friendly refrigerant to replace R22

Daikin Aircon Error Code U0

U0 indicates that your refrigerant is empty. A simple gas top up may help you resolve the issue. However, a deeper analysis of this problem may indicate a more troubling issue. If your aircon is showing U0 right after installation, it might mean that there are certain joints that are not properly connected, resulting in this issue. This is not an uncommon problem, as technicians do make mistakes from time to time. You just have to call them back to rectify. This could also happen after a chemical overhaul service. However, if your Aircon is showing U0 error code all of a sudden, you may be experiencing a gas leak. As such, you may need Aircon pressure test.

Aircon PCB repair

Daikin Aircon Error Code U4

Daikin error code U4 indicates a communication error. It could be that the wires between the indoor and outdoor units are not connected properly. Or that any PCB inside the condenser unit may not be connected properly as well. If all of the wires and connection ports are intact, it may be the following reasons:

1. Defective wiring between Daikin Aircon condenser and Daikin indoor unit

If only one of your unit is showing U4 error code, it could be the wiring that is defective. However if all of the indoor units are showing U4, it is unlikely that the Aircon is having wiring issues.

2. Defective indoor PCB

However, it may also be that your indoor unit PCB is malfunctioning if only one of the unit is showing U4. This will require further checking to determine which is the actual issue. It is far more likely that the indoor unit PCB is the one that is faulty. Do note that the indoor fan motor could also result in the PCB malfunctioning. Hence, you may need to change both. This may seem complicated but you can always approach us via call or WhatsApp at 96515152 for free consultation services! We are more than happy to provide you with a better diagnosis of your aircon problems.

Aircon Condenser Thermistor

Daikin Error Code J3

A J3 Daikin aircon error code would indicate that the outdoor thermistor needs replacement. However there are a few thermistors outdoor. Hence further checks is required to determine which thermistor is malfunctioning. You can approach us for free site visits as well so we can assist you in troubleshooting your aircon!


A6 Error Code for Daikin Aircon

This error code would indicate that your indoor fan motor is spoilt. However, do take note that if the A6 error occurs directly after Aircon servicing, it may be that the indoor fan motor is not properly fixed onto the indoor Aircon unit. However if the error code only occurs after a day or 2, it would likely not have to do with the Aircon maintenance service that you have done.

Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit Fan Motor YDK55-6C-3 manufacturer-supplier China

Daikin E7 Error Code

Daikin E7 error code indicates that the outdoor fan motor of the air conditioning unit requires replacement. The outdoor fan motor is responsible for blowing air over the outdoor heat exchanger, which is responsible for dissipating heat from the refrigerant. If the outdoor fan motor is not functioning properly, the unit will not be able to dissipate heat effectively, causing the unit to shut down and display the E7 error code. Replacing the outdoor fan motor should resolve this issue and restore normal operation of the air conditioning unit. It’s recommended to call a professional technician to diagnose and fix the problem.


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Approximate price to fix different Daikin Error Code


Do note that before you call us to check on the price for repair, take down the model number of the indoor unit (located on the right hand side of the fancoil). You can also refer to your purchase invoice to find out the model number of the condenser unit as well.

Error Code Parts to Replace Approximate Cost
U0 Aircon Gas Top-up $70- $120 depending on gas type (R22, R410)
U4 Outdoor Aircon PCB $200 – $800++ (ceiling cassette type is very expensive)
J3 Thermistor $150-$250 depending on thermistor type
A6 Indoor Fan Motor  $140- $190 (refurbished)
E7 Outdoor Fan Motor $280 for system 3 (refurbished)

Daikin Aircon Repair if there are no error codes shown


For non-inverter Daikin Aircon, there might not be any error code shown. As such, you might need to do certain troubleshooting to find out what is the error. The most common problem is overheating of compressor. This could be easily solved with Aircon compressor chemical wash.

However, if your compressor is still not running after the chemical wash, you may need to replace certain electrical components. There are also some instances when your Aircon compressor continue running even after you have turned on the indoor unit. This may result in your indoor unit freezing up, causing your Daikin Aircon to leak water.

There are many issues that may occur with your Daikin Aircon. Do find out the model number of your Air-conditioner. And give us a call at 96515152 for a phone consultation regarding aircon servicing or aircon repair. Our staff here at Silverback Aircon will be more than willing to help 🙂


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Other Brands Error Codes

If you require any assistance on the Aircon Error Codes for other brands, you can refer to:

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