Daikin E3 Error Code (An Ultimate Guide)

Daikin E3 Error Code

Daikin E3 Error Code may not be the most common error code out there. In fact, we rarely or never get servicing calls about this issue. Nevertheless, it’s highly possible that your Daikin remote control displayed this error code if you found yourself on this website. Either that, or your air conditioning expert was kind enough to let you know that you had an E3 fault. This article will walk you through a comprehensive guide to Daikin E3 Error Code.

What is Daikin E3 Error Code?


If you look at the error code list on Daikin website, it says that Daikin e3 refers to actuation of high pressure switch. But seriously, what the hell does it really mean? Well, Daikin E3 error code can be indicative of a few errors . It can be that there is a faulty high pressure switch or sensor. Or that there is an overcharge of refrigerant (Gas). Other than these 2, it could also be that there is instantaneous power failure.

Troubleshooting Daikin E3 Error Code


While the above paragraph may be confusing for most layman, we will break down the troubleshooting method for you here. Do note that this troubleshooting method is not in any ways sanctioned or authorized by Daikin. We used this method based on our experience in troubleshooting this Daikin error code. Firstly, we will check the heat exchanger at the condenser unit. If the heat exchanger appears to be dirty, we will propose to the customer to do Aircon chemical wash for the condenser first. We will then reset the unit to see if the fan coil unit is still blinking light or not. If there is still an error. We will then check the refrigerant level, if the level is too high, we will release some of the gas. If the issue still persist, it is likely the PCB or thermistor that is faulty.


Required Daikin Aircon Spare Parts


For Daikin E3 error code, you will most likely require the thermistor or Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to repair this particular problem. So if you identify this issue via your Aircon technician, you will have to ask them to give you the condenser unit model number. The condenser unit model number is usually beyond reach to most homeowners. As they find it difficult to take a picture of the model number. They will have to extend their hand out to take picture on the left side of the condenser unit to access the model number. Hence it will be easier if you were to just ask the aircon technician to do so. 

So with the Aircon model number, what do you do? For most Aircon companies, they will not have ready spare parts along with them. This is especially so if the Aircon spare parts related to the condenser unit are already phased out. However, here at Silverback Aircon, we specialize in Daikin Aircon servicing and repair. We try to solve Daikin Aircon problem in a single trip. So with the model number you provide, we will bring down relevant parts. So we can possibly settle your issue within one trip. Do note that this is assuming if we have the parts for your Aircon model. For newer Aircon model we may not have access to those parts yet. 



In conclusion, Daikin E3 error code is a rare problem. There is often a way to troubleshoot this issue. Most of the time it involves chemical washing of the condenser unit or checking the refrigerant level. For this Daikin E3 error code, do note down the model number of the unit. If you engage in Silverback Aircon to check for you. We will try to bring down relevant parts, so that we can repair it in a single trip. Which saves time for both you and our company.

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