We are a company that specialises in Daikin Aircon Servicing

We are not going to bluff you. Daikin Aircon is one of the most common Aircon model in Singapore. You won’t have an issue in finding someone that is proficient in Daikin Aircon servicing. It is the bread and butter of Aircon technicians in Singapore. However, even though most Air-con technicians will have no problem in Daikin Aircon servicing. Not all Air-con technicians are proficient in Aircon repair in Singapore. Even if they are proficient in Air-con repair. They might not have the relevant Aircon spare parts as well. Hence, if you wish to get a Daikin Aircon Servicing contract in Singapore. You will need to get a company with all the relevant spare parts. So that you will be able to repair your Aircon fast should you encounter any issues.



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Daikin aircon servicing


Daikin Aircon servicing

Daikin Aircon Servicing Price List

Number of Units  Price for Daikin Aircon Servicing
1 $50
2 $60
3 $75
4 $90
5 $110
6 $130

Servicing and Maintenance contract for Daikin Aircon

We don’t specialise in Daikin Aircon servicing. But we service Daikin Aircon once every 2 days. We have employees that were sub-contractors in Daikin Aircon servicing as well. We have over 300 Aircon servicing contract for Daikin Aircon with us. Hence, our technicians are very proficient in Daikin Aircon servicing. As you can in the picture above, we have a range of Aircon spare parts with us. Even though Daikin Aircon spare parts are not in the picture. We do have an extensive collection of it. So if you were to encounter any issues. You will have no problem in getting your Mitsubishi Aircon repair fast.

Gas top up for Daikin Aircon

R22 Gas will have an optimum PSI of around 60. Where as for inverter units that are using R410 Gas. The optimum gas pressure will be around 160. Of course there will be slight difference if your Aircon is system 2, 3 or 4. Do note that for Daikin  Air-conditioners. There are some non-inverter models that are using R22 gas. For example. 3MKD75DVM has a model that uses R22 gas. For Daikin Aircon, there is a model that uses R32 gas as  well. This is a special gas type that we do not usually carry in our vehicles. So if you happen to use R32 gas for your Aircon. Do inform us before we head and to do Daikin Aircon servicing.



Daikin Aircon Repair

Daikin Aircon servicing includes checking of your Air-conditioners if they are faulty. And after checking, we will proceed to repair your Air-conditioner by replacing various parts in it.

Common Daikin Aircon Repair Issues

Faulty Daikin Aircon PCB

This is by far the most common issue in Daikin inverter Aircon. Thankfully Daikin Aircon PCB is quite common and you will have no issue in replacing the Aircon PCB. Nevertheless, Daikin produce new models rather quickly. So there is quite a collection of Daikin Aircon model out there. There are some Aircon PCB that will be quite rare. Hence, even though estimated price range for a Mitsubishi electric multi split inverter unit PCB is around $300 – $450. The models that are more rare will be a lot more expensive.

Indoor unit Daikin Aircon Fan motor

Some Daikin Aircon model have fan motor issues. Usually you will be able to hear loud noise in these Aircon units. Do make sure that these noises are not coming from the outdoor unit or other places. Thankfully it is not hard to source for Daikin Aircon fan motor as we have a wide collection for it.

Daikin Aircon servicing and indoor unit PCB

Other than the outdoor unit PCB. Daikin Aircon indoor unit PCB for certain models have problems from time to time as well. For example, models such as FT25DVM and FTKS25DVM are known to have PCB issues at times. Similar to indoor unit Aircon fan motor. The price for Indoor pcb is not very expensive. And Daikin indoor unit pcb are relatively easy to source for as well.

Daikin Aircon repair Price

The following are just rough estimates of Daikin Aircon servicing and repair price :

Indoor unit PCB
Daikin Aircon outdoor unit PCB : $450
Indoor unit sensor receiver : $150
Compressor Fan motor : $350
Indoor unit fan motor for Daikin Aircon : $180
Indoor unit PCB : $220

The price might be much cheaper than this if the model is readily available.
So do give us a text or call to find out the exact price.


Daikin Aircon Installation

Single Split Daikin Aircon

For Daikin Single split Aircon. The RKS series have been running promotion for some time.  Hence should you encounter and problem with your Aircon. The Aircon spare parts for Daikin Single split is relatively easy to find.

Multi Split Daikin Aircon


As for Daikin multi split Aircon. The current model that is selling is 2020 is Daikin Ismile series. In my opinion, this is the best Aircon model for System 3. It has a price that is more competitive than Mitsubishi Aircon. Furthermore it has features that are better than Mtisubishi. In addition Daikin Ismile series have wifi control. This means you can even turn on your Aircon before you even get to reach home.

Daikin Aircon Chemical wash

As mentioned in another Article. We do not recommend Aircon chemical wash for all Aircon units. We recommend either Normal Daikin Aircon servicing or Chemical overhaul only. That is because chemical wash will not be able to thoroughly clean the back end of the coil. It might damage the eletrical components on the fancoil unit as well. Chemical wash is defined by using chemical solution to wash the Aircon evaporator coil without dismantling the unit by itself. Over time, this process will cause the coil to be corroded. As it will be impossible to thoroughly clean off the chemical residue left on the evaporator coil.

Other Information about Daikin Aircon Servicing

Other than Daikin Aircon servicing and repair. We also sell Daikin Aircon spare parts. All of our Daikin Aircon spare parts are tested, refurbished and commissioned before selling it to you. For more information on Daikin Aircon servicing. You can give us a call at 96515152.