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The Daikin air conditioner light blinking can cause concern, but it is usually due to an error code in the system. This error code could indicate that some parts of the air conditioner are not functioning properly or are dirty and in need of a chemical wash. This article provides information on what the blinking light on Daikin Aircon means and what Mitsubishi aircon spare parts may be required for repair, as well as the estimated cost. If you don’t want to read further, you can reach out to us via WhatsApp for a direct explanation of your error code and an estimate of the repair cost, if possible.

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Daikin Aircon blinking light (Green).

As mentioned earlier, there is most likely an error within the Aircon system. And the first step here is to find out what is the Aircon error code here. You may wish to locate your Aircon remote control first.

Step 1 :

Point the remote control to the Aircon unit. Hold on to the cancel button until a double 00 occurs on the Aircon remote control

Step 2 :

Press the cancel button. You will hear a single beep as the error code cycles through. If you hear a double beep, this is an indication that the first digit of the error code appearing on the remote is the same as your error code. For example, if the remote shows A6 when there is a double beep. It means that your Aircon error code starts with A.

Step 3 :

When you hear a long beep, this is the error code of your Aircon system. For example, in your remote if it shows U4 and a long beep occurs, this will indicate that the error code is U4.

Do note that, if you reset your Aircon isolator and the error code disappears. It may mean that the error code is with the Aircon thermistor. Furthermore, if all of the Aircon in the same multi split system is blinking. You may wish to perform this Daikin Aircon error code checking procedure on all the units. As there is a chance that all units are showing different Aircon error code. For example, a Daikin system 3 Aircon unit may have Daikin Aircon blinking light on all 3 units. However, unit A and B may show UH error code, and unit C may show A5 error code. This detail is extremely important to the Aircon technician. We will be able to bring relevant Daikin Aircon spare parts to check on your unit if we have the right details.


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Number of Daikin Aircon light blinking.

While Daikin Aircon error code itself may indicate if the error lies within the indoor unit or outdoor unit. We can also show you a methodology that can indicate if the problem lies within the indoor or outdoor unit. However exceptions may apply as well. If your Aircon is a multi split unit, for example Daikin System 2 Aircon. And only 1 unit is blinking light. Then it is most likely a parts malfunction in that particular indoor unit. Hence, you may wish to take down the model number of that indoor unit. And our technicians can bring the parts down to fix it for you. However, sometimes the error code may be referring to the outdoor thermistor as well. For example Daikin j3 error code usually only shows up on one indoor unit of a multi split Aircon system.

List of Daikin Aircon error code.

Daikin Aircon blinking light almost always refers to an error code. Once you have found out the error code, You may refer to the table below to see the error code. If you are not sure what does the error code mean, feel free to whatsapp us for a free Aircon consultation. We will guide you an give you an approximate cost if we have ready Daikin Aircon spare parts available.

Daikin Aircon blinking red light.

For Daikin Ismile series or Daikin Ismile eco series. Daikin Aircon blinking red light could be easily solved with the right settings. You may wish to refer to the video below for a solution to this issue. Do note that this will appear right after Aircon installation. Hence it is definitely not an error code within the system. And you will not need new Daikin Aircon spare parts to fix this issue.


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How much does it cost to solve Daikin Aircon light blinking?

Customers usually opt to use refurbished Daikin Aircon spare parts to solve these issues. Because it will only take one trip to solve the issue as we can bring ready parts when we go over to troubleshoot the problem. For a Daikin Aircon thermistor issue, it may cost approximately $130 – $280 to solve the issue. For Daikin PCB problem, it may cost between $190 – $550. Daikin Aircon fan motor may cost $160 – $300 to solve. Nonetheless, there are times in which it requires to change the whole Daikin Aircon condenser unit, which will cost upwards of $300. Do WhatsApp us with your relevant model for a more accurate quotation.


Aircon Spare Parts Approximate Price
Daikin Aircon Thermistor $130 – $280
Daikin PCB $190 – $550
Daikin Aircon Fan Motor $160 – $300
Daikin Aircon Condenser Unit $300

In conclusion.

If you Daikin Aircon is blinking green light. You may wish to find out the error code. You can also take a picture of the indoor aircon model number as well as the Daikin condenser model number. Our Aircon consultant will assist you with the details you provide.


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FAQ on Daikin Aircon blinking light

I am unable to use the remote control to figure out the error code.

Daikin hotline has a technical help desk. They will be able to assist you in using the remote control to find the error code. We have a pdf file that can assist you in finding out the error code as well. Simply WhatsApp us and we will send it to you.

My Daikin Aircon compressor is still under warranty, but Daikin Aircon parts are not. Does it mean that the warranty will cover if the issue is with my Daikin Aircon PCB (outdoor)?

No. The warranty on the compressor only covers the compressor in the outdoor condenser unit.

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