Daikin A5 Error Code and How To Fix It

The Ultimate Guide to Daikin A5 Error Code and How To Fix It



If you are wondering what the Daikin A5 error code is, a simple search on google will give you an answer. It is stated that the error code means that there is a high pressure control in heating, freeze up control in cooling. The reason why you are in this article is likely to know more about what this means and how to fix it. So in this article, we will explain how you can find the Daikin error code. We will also explain what the error means and how to fix it. We will also provide you with an estimated cost of fixing it.


What is Daikin A5 Error Code


In the Singapore context, people don’t use Air conditioners to heat up the room. So we will only refer to the error code in terms of freeze up protection. Daikin A5 error simply means that the Air flowing to the coil is too cold. And the system has to shut down in order to protect the air conditioner. Imagine the air gets so cold and the temperature goes way below the regulated temperature. The compressor will overwork itself and eventually break down. Hence the purpose of this function is to prevent the compressor from overheating and breaking down.


How to Find Daikin A5 Error Code?


Well, all you need is a Daikin remote control that comes with the purchase of your Daikin Aircon. You can long press on the cancel button until a double 00 appears on the screen. Press the cancel button until a long beep appears. You will be able to see the error code when the long beep appears. However, the Daikin A5 error can be rather tricky. Usually, most of our customers check the error code for one air conditioner only. However, for this particular error. We recommend that you check the error code of all the Daikin Fan Coil units that are blinking. The reason is because this error code may appear together with another error code. Which provides a reason as to why freeze up protection may be happening. And if you are simply too lazy to figure out the error code by yourself.

You can call us up and schedule an appointment. We will be able to diagnose it for you on the spot with relevant spare parts if possible.


Daikin A5 Error Code Solution


So, what causes Daikin A5 error code? If you pay attention to  the previous paragraph. You will need to check on other fan coil units to see if there are other error codes that occur beside A5. If there is a UH error code appearing on another fan coil. It could be that the ev coil in the condenser unit has broken down. And that causes the valve to not be able to close, hence it will release too much gas into the system. And the system will then have to call for freeze up protection. To fix this, all you need to do is to replace the EV coil. Which is relatively less expensive than other parts.

However, if it is the valve that is malfunctioning, then it could be rather expensive to repair or replace the parts. The easiest solution is to change the whole Daikin condenser unit instead.


Alternative Method to Repair Daikin A5 Error Code


If there are no UH error codes appearing in other units. Especially if A5 error code only appears in just one fan coil unit. It could be that the fan coil unit is extremely dirty and it requires a clean up. The solution to this is to do aircon servicing. And more specifically Aircon chemical overhaul to solve this issue. However, it could also be that the indoor unit thermistor has malfunctioned. And to fix this you will have to replace the Daikin Aircon thermistor instead.


Estimated Cost of Fixing Daikin A5 Error Code


If you are replacing the Daikin Aircon compressor, then it will be very expensive. The price ranges from $300- $1200 depending on the system and model number. If it’s a vrv unit the price will be way more than that as well. The estimated price is based on a refurbished Aircon unit. If it’s a brand new unit. The price will be more expensive as well. If it’s an Aircon chemical overhaul, it will only cost $130 assuming there are no additional works involved. If the EV coil requires replacement the price will be around $190 – $300. Again it depends on the model number of the unit. If it’s an indoor thermistor the price should be relatively cheaper than the other parts. The estimated cost of fixing it is above $190.




In conclusion, if you Daikin Aircon light is blinking. Chances are you will have to find out the error code of the Aircon unit using a Daikin Aircon remote control. If you are find it too difficult to find out you can arrange for us to check for you. Upon finding out that you are having Daikin A5 error code. You will have to check if the issue belongs to the indoor or outdoor unit. If the issue belongs to the indoor unit. Chances are only one of the aircon unit of a multi split unit is blinking. If all of the fan coil units are blinking, chances are the error belongs to the outdoor condenser unit. Thereafter, the way to fix the problem could range from aircon chemical overhaul to parts replacement. The appropriate solution will depends on the cause of the issue.

If you need someone that has a lot of experience with Daikin Aircon repair and can do it at an affordable rate. Call us! Here at Silverback Aircon, we help customer to save exorbitant repair cost by using refurbished Daikin Aircon spare parts whenever possible. Customers can save over 50% by using refurbished parts. Furthermore, we will give warranty for these parts. Whereas brand new parts from suppliers don’t come with a warranty. WhatsApp us if you need any aircon related services.

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