Daikin A3 Error Code (An Ultimate Guide)



Daikin A3 Error Code

A3 error code

Do you have a Daikin ceiling cassette in your home or office? You may be here in this Article because you used your remote control to troubleshoot the Daikin Aircon blinking light problem. You may have discovered that you have a Daikin A3 error code.

Fret not, in this article, we will explain all about the Daikin A3 error code. We will give you a brief overview on the meaning of it. What are the parts that require replacement? And how much does it cost? Do note that while you may be getting an A3 error code. There could be other parts that are also malfunctioning together with this A3 error code. There are times in which the motherboard in the Daikin Aircon condenser gives off the wrong error code. Troubleshooting a faulty Aircon has always been an investigative process. So, just use this article as a guide to the current Aircon problem that you are having.

What Does Daikin A3 Error Code Mean?


A Daikin A3 error code would refer to abnormality in Drain level control system. Doesn’t sound idiot proof isn’t it? To put it simply. The water may not be draining out properly. If you are wondering why is there water? There will always be water on the evaporator coil if the Aircon is cold. The water is a result of Aircon condensation as the evaporator coil at the cassette unit is cold. So the water will need to drain out to a floor trap or anywhere else. For some landed unit this could mean draining it off to your garden as well. Whichever that is, if there is a Daikin A3 error code in the system. The pcb in the condenser unit will prevent it from working. And there will be Daikin Aircon blinking light at the cassette to prevent it from working.


What are some of the Daikin Spare Parts that may be Faulty?


Time to time, it may just be the Daikin cassette drain pump that is dirty. A service to clear the Daikin Drain pump choke may just do the work. However, if cleaning this part does not solve the problem. Then there could be an issue with other parts. According to Daikin manual, it could also be the drain pump that is faulty, the float switch or even the indoor pcb that is malfunctioning. According to probability wise and year of experience servicing Daikin Aircon. It is usually the drain pump that is faulty if cleaning it doesn’t work. Nonetheless, there are times it is the float switch or the pcb that is malfunctioning as well.


How much does it Cost to Fix this Daikin A3 Error Code?


Assuming you need to clean the Drain pump only. It will typically cost around $150- $250 to clean only. However, if you require replacement of Aircon spare parts. It may cost a lot more. For example, replacement of Daikin cassette pcb can cost upwards of $500. This is assuming you are using brand new Daikin spare parts. A refurbished Daikin pcb will cost a lot less. However, refurbished spare parts availability for a cassette unit is extremely rare. So sometimes it may be easier and faster to repair it with a brand new one. If the issue is caused by the float switch, it is a lot cheaper to fix. The exact price will be dependent on the model number of the ceiling cassette.


Daikin Aircon Servicing


In order to prevent damage to your Daikin cassette drain pump. It may be wise to do Daikin Aircon Servicing regularly. This is especially so if your Daikin cassette Aircon is located in an office. Office has long and continuous use. Which will cause the drain pump to work even harder as compared to a home environment. So regular Aircon servicing will cause less choke at the drain pump area. Therefore reducing the chance of it becoming faulty. However, do note that regular Daikin Aircon servicing will not reduce the chance of the indoor cassette pcb from being faulty. It is really just a matter of luck and timing.


Conclusion to Daikin A3 Error Code


In conclusion, Daikin A3 error code is caused by failure to drain the water from the system. The exact cause of the issue is most likely due to a choked drain pump. However, it could also be caused by a damaged drain pump. Or the pcb or float switch could be faulty as well. To find out the exact cause of this error code, you may have to engage an experienced Aircon technician to do Daikin Aircon repair and troubleshooting on site. Here at Silverback Aircon, we have proficient Aircon technicians that are adept in troubleshooting Daikin Air-conditioners. So WhatsApp us if you have any Daikin Aircon servicing or repair enquiry.

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