Introduction to ac chemical wash


Aircon Chemical wash is the wash of the air conditioning fan-coil unit using chemical agent. When aircon normal servicing is insufficient to improve its condition or functions. We then recommend washing your Aircon with chemical. Chemical wash involves removing the external cover and using chemical agent to wash the evaporator coil. But why is Aircon not cold After chemical wash? In this Article, we will explain to you why you should never do Aircon chemical wash.


Price of Aircon Chemical Wash


Types of service Price of servicing
Normal Aircon Chemical Wash  $80/ unit
Aircon Chemical Overhaul $130 / unit ( Cheaper per unit for 2 or more)
Ceiling Cassette Chemical overhaul  $260/ unit ( depending on difficulty of job)


Chemical wash and chemical overhaul prices are kept low and competitive as we believe that every household should be able to maintain and ensure the optimal condition of their air conditioners. Our team of experienced and friendly technicians have the expertise and skills needed to complete a satisfactory job. If you have any enquires on the pricing, do feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions.

What is aircon chemical wash?


The process of aircon chemical wash includes the cleaning and checking of internal components. Firstly, we remove the air-conditioner cover and dismantle the system. We then proceed to wash the aircon filter with water and chemical solutions. Following which, we use high pressure jet to wash indoor evaporator coil, drainage tray, front panel and cover. We then used chemical-based cleaning solutions to remove dirt, oil and dust from the components of the fancoil. The chemical solutions also contain ingredients that kill and inhibit further growth of molds and harmful bacteria. We will also clear the drainage pan and drainage system via vacuuming. In addition, we check on various functions such as fan bearing, lubrication, compression suction and discharge pressure. We also tighten electrical contacts if necessary. Once we finish cleaning all the components , we fix back the entire system.


Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical wash vs chemical overhaul?



What is a chemical overhaul?


what is aircon chemical wash?

In the event that simple cleaning techniques and chemical washing is insufficient to clean the air conditioning system thoroughly, professionals may recommend a chemical overhaul. In the event that you have damaged components. we can also offer repair services in addition to chemical overhaul.


The process of chemical overhaul starts with turning on the aircon. We then lock down the gas and remove the cover.  After inspection, the entire air conditioning unit is removed and dismantled into internal components such as the PCB, fan, motor, blower wheel, drain pan and evaporator coil. These components are checked and washed with chemical solutions that get rid of grime and mold. Common fixing procedures done during chemical overhauls include the replacement or lubrication of fan bearings to reduce operational noise and increase efficiency or the checking and monitoring of thermostat controls. The parts are reassembled after the repair. The air conditioning unit is fixed back to the wall and the air conditioning gas is turned on.



What is the difference between chemical wash and chemical overhaul


Basically, the biggest difference is that. Chemical overhaul requires dismantling of the entire fancoil unit. Even the motherboard will be removed from the evaporator coil. Where as chemical wash will merely wash the evaporator coil by removing the fancoil cover. Maximum water pressure will also be used during chemical overhaul. Where as Furthermore, the back tray portion of an aircon unit can only be accessed by chemical overhaul.



Why you should never do aircon chemical wash in Singapore?



Chemical agent can corrode your fancoil unit.


If you were to use chemical agent to wash your fancoil unit at the top. You will not likely be able to thoroughly wash away the residue. Because if the technicians put on too high of a pressure, your surrounding area will all be wet. Hence there might be residue left on your fancoil unit. It will corrode and result in damage coil. For a better understanding you can take a look at the picture below:


As such, your evaporator coil will be able to properly absorb heat and give out cool air to your room. If you chemically wash your coil too often at the top, you might have to change your coil entirely due to damages done by the residue.


It can never wash your fancoil unit thoroughly


We have encountered many customers and propose to do chemical overhaul to them. In which they responded “ We just did chemical a few months ago!” Here’s the issue, Chemical wash is not cheap (as compared to normal Aircon servicing). So if you have just done chemical wash a few month ago. You will definitely feel cheated if another technician recommends aircon chemical overhaul. However, normal chemical wash will not be able to properly wash the grime stuck between the coil. Have you ever encountered a toilet bowl that wasn’t clean properly after flushing? And you are only able to wash it away with water jet. It is the same for aircon fancoil unit as well. Those grime and algae requires extremely strong water pressure to get rid of them Besides, we can only wash the area under the coil if we dismantle the entire unit.


Hence, we recommend doing chemical overhaul instead of chemical wash.


Chemical wash will not be able to wash your back tray


Evaporator coil is V shape. Because if the coil is straight and flat just like the old aircon units in the past. It will take up a lot of space in the room. Therefore, fancoil in the current times are V in shape. Hence, as the evaporator coil condense, the water along with the dirt will flow into the back tray. This area can not be vacuumed and cleaned normally. We will have dismantle it fully in order to properly clean it. The dirt will accumulate in this area (albeit at a much slower rate than your drainage pan). A choke at the back tray will result in water overflowing from there and you will have water leaking problem from your fancoil.


Potential damage to your electrical components


Even though chemical wash is covered under warranty. It might still  cause damage to the mother board or other electrical components at the fancoil. The Aircon company will have to take time to find spare parts to replace for you, resulting in days without Aircon. Nevertheless, if you are need of emergency aircon repair. We can do a tele-consultation with you and arrange for same day Aircon repair.



Aircon not cold after chemical wash?

As hypocritical as we sound, we still do chemical wash when customer insist on it. Even though may not think that is the best solution to you aircon issues. We’d still provide that service upon request. Nevertheless, we really recommend doing chemical overhaul instead of chemical wash. If your aircon is not cold after chemical wash, there are a few things you will have to check.


Check if your aircon compressor is running

If you aircon compressor is not running. The compressor won’t supply refrigerant to the evaporator coil.  Normal Aircon chemical wash will not affect the compressor’s functionality. So if you Aircon compressor stops working after a chemical wash. It is likely that the electrical components in the condensing unit have malfunctioned at the same time. You can listen to the sound of the condenser unit to tell if it is still running.


Check if you have sufficient refrigerant


It is very likely that you will not have the right tools or experience to do so. What you can do is to place your hand over the evaporator coil. If it is cold, your refrigerant is most likely sufficient. If you feel that that the “coldness” level is not adequate. It might be that the technician has forgotten to do an Aircon gas top up after chemical wash.


Chemical wash might not be thorough enough


As mentioned earlier in this article. Chemical wash can never cleanse your evaporator coil thoroughly. This is because it is unable to reach the back of the evaporator coil. Furthermore, the technicians will not be able to use maximum pressure water spray to clean off the dirt and grime. Therefore when you are in doubt, you should heed by the recommendations of the technicians. Because no matter how experienced or capable the technician is, they can never know how dirty it is inside if they never remove the evaporator coil and check.




Conclusion : Opt for chemical overhaul instead


If your aircon is not cold after chemical wash. It might be a better option to go over Aircon chemical overhaul instead. Intuitively you might even think that the next aircon technician that recommends chemical overhaul may be scamming you. However, the dirt and grime deep inside the evaporator coil will still be dirty without chemical overhaul. Hence, our professional opinion is : ALWAYS go for chemical overhaul when in doubt. For more information of our Aircon servicing or chemical overhaul pricing. Call 96515152 for more information.



Is chemical overhaul or chemical wash better?

 Chemical overhaul is a more extensive form of chemical cleaning for your air conditioning units. The entire air conditioning unit would be dismantled into the internal components such as PCB, fan motor, blower wheel, drain pan and evaporator coil. Such internal components are then checked and washed with chemical solutions which rids of grime and mould.

How much is chemical wash in Singapore?

For silverback aircon, we charge only $80 for each unit of air conditioner on every chemical wash.

How often do you need chemical wash in Singapore?

You should get a chemical wash for your air conditioner in the 3 common scenarios.

1. if the aircon no longer produces cold air

When the aircon is full or dust and dirt, it begins to produce little to no cooling air. Most of the time, this is caused by heavy ice accumulation in the condenser.

2. if the aircon is leaking water

A leaking aircon is often the result of a back flow that occurs when the unit’s drainage pipe has been clogged up.

3. if the aircon starts producing a foul smell

When the air conditioner produces a very strong stench, you shouldn’t worry as it is most likely to just be a case of a lot of bacteria build up inside your unit. This situation does render a chemical wash.