When do you need to chemical wash aircon compressor?

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What is an aircon compressor?

chemical wash aircon compressor
Mitsubishi Condenser Unit (msxy3a28var7)

An aircon compressor refers to the compressor located inside the condenser unit. When we talk about chemical wash Aircon compressor. We are actually referring to washing the coil of the condenser unit. It is theoretically possible to chemical wash aircon compressor. However, it wouldn’t make any sense to do that. As the whole purpose of chemically washing the condenser unit is to get rid of the dirt surrounding the coil. Hence, in this article, we will refer to the chemical wash of condenser unit as “chemical wash aircon compressor” For most Aircon repair issue, if the compressor stops running. The first step would be to check if it the condenser unit is dirty. Hence we need chemical wash of Aircon compressor to do so. All in all, this page we will talk about the other times that you need to chemical wash Aircon compressor.

Why do you need to chemical wash aircon compressor?

chemical wash aircon compressor

Chemical washing would ultimately save you more money in the long run. Because it helps your aircon to improve performance and work efficiently. Thus, saving more on electricity bills in the future to come. Furthermore, it will also prevent your Aircon compressor from overheating. For your information. The cost of an Aircon compressor could  be more than $800.

It is the same as maintenance of a car. Regular chemical wash would keep your aircon functioning at its best in the long run. Furthermore it also allows the system to release clean air quality and be much cooler than before. Chemical wash condenser unit also helps to remove dust and dirt accumulations to prevent health hazard.


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How to Chemical Wash Aircon Compressor:

Step #1: Inform the other owners living under you

If you are staying in a HDB flat. You will have to manually inform everyone that are staying below you. Which means, if you are staying on the 20th floor. The Aircon technician would actually have to go down to inform the home owners. From the first floor all the way to the 19th. If you are staying in a condominium. You will have to inform the condo management and apply for this. It will typically need be at least 3 working days before. For landed properties it’s much easier. You will just have to remove anything that is valuable or sensitive to water under the condenser unit. Commercial units have to be extra careful. As the people staying on the first floor might be running a retail shop. Hence, chemical wash Aircon compressor have to be done at night for some commercial units.

step 1 chemical wash

Step #2: Connect the high pressure spraying jet to a water supply

We have to use a high pressure spraying jet. Let’s use toilet bowl as an analogy. Sometimes it will not be thoroughly clean after a flush. You might have to use a water spray to get rid of the dirt inside. Similarly for Aircon condenser unit, its the same. Chemical wash is not enough. We have to use water with high pressure to thoroughly clean it.

step 2 chemical wash

Step #3: Spray chemical solution on the coil of the condenser

After connection to the water supply. Prepare a chemical solution. Then proceed to spraying it on the coil of the condenser. Bubble will start to form on the coil. Which indicates that the solution is binded with the dirt. After waiting for a minute. We can then proceed to the next step.

step 3 chemical wash

Step #4: Washing of the condenser unit with high pressure spray.

Lastly, we will proceed to wash the condenser of high pressure spray. We have to be careful, so as not to damage the electrical wiring. Failing which, it might trip the DB once the Aircon is turned on. We have to be extremely careful not to damage the mother board of the condenser unit as well. The PCB of a condenser unit could be extremely expensive.

step 4 chemical wash


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Is chemical washing and cleaning possible by doing it yourself (DIY)?


You will read up about spraying high pressure water with a high pressure jet over the aircon condenser. Or pouring water over its compressor to increase its efficiency and even reduce electrical consumption.

However, be cautious in pouring water at the right location and when one sees vapor emitting from it, it indicates that the compressor is extremely hot (chemical overhaul is definitely required). If you are not careful with it, you might pour water on the electrical components in the condensing unit and damage the entire set. The cost of this can amount up to  $1400, depending on the brand and model of your compressor.

Would you risk damaging the entire aircon set if you are unsure about servicing your own aircon or put it in the hands of our professionally trained technician staff? It is your wise decision to make.

When do you need to chemical wash Aircon compressor?

When the compressor stops running after awhile


If you suspect that your compressor stops running after turning on for a while. In order to make sure it is the compressor. You will have to go to the area where it is located to check. If the fan motor is still running but the compressor stops running. This could mean that the compressor is overheated. However the Aircon pcb might have malfunctioned too. Sometimes, this could happen in the middle of the night as well. The Aircon might be working and you fall asleep with it. Only to wake up with sweat as the compressor stops running in the middle of the night. In cases like this, the fan motor might stop running together with the condenser as well. Hence it will require more in depth check by a trained Aircon technician.

When the compressor is overheated


In order to accurately deduce that the compressor is overheated. We will have to see that the compressor can run from time to time. Otherwise instead of overheating issue. It could also be due to a faulty Aircon PCB. Nevertheless, if the compressor stops running after a while. We can remove the condenser cover panel. We can use a cup of water and carefully pour on top of the compressor. Note that it is the compressor and not the condenser unit.By doing that, if you see steam gushing out. It means that the compressor could be extremely overheated. As such, we could safely deduce that the compressor overheats and stop running. For more advanced Aircon unit. If blinking light appears inside the condenser or on the Indoor unit. It will indicate other problems with the condenser. Hence it might not be overheating of compressor.

When the condenser unit is extremely dirty


When the condenser is extremely dirty.  The heat is not properly disperse to the surrounding Air. It results in overheating of the compressor. Hence if the condensing unit is so dirty that you can’t see the coil. It means that the Aircon condenser is in need of a chemical wash.

Periodical chemical wash for aircon compressor


The average usage of an air-conditioner by residents is about 8 hours every day. Also, a rented unit will require the maintenance of the air-conditioner. So as to prevent it from consequential damages which will require more cost subsequently. On the other hand, commercial units’ air-conditioners will be used more extensively; longer hours (12 hours and more). Moreover, it loses its efficiency by at least five percent (5%) yearly. To allow your air-conditioner(aircon) to consistently maintain steady temperature through time. Chemical washing is necessary, as often as, at least once every 1.5 years.The importance and usage frequency of it in commercial locations is equally the same as that of residential units. As you will need it to be able to work productively in a more conducive environment.


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Chemical Wash Aircon Compressor Price


Description Price
Chemical Wash Compressor  $80
Chemical Wash VRV Compressor  $120 onwards
Dismantle Condenser and Chemical Wash  $150 onwards

It will cost around $60 to $70 to do a chemical wash of aircon compressor. For commercial units, it might cost a lot more if it can only be done at night. For condensing unit that has to be shifted in. It will typically cost between $150 to $200.

Final note

The first step is always to inform the people living below you. For condo owners do remember to apply for a permit. If you have any dispute with you management, click here. Chemical wash Aircon compressor is only the first step. We will need to thoroughly wash it in order to know if it is a problem of overheating or faulty PCB. To be able to accurately diagnose the problem of your Aircon. It is best to find an experienced Aircon technician. Here at Silverback Aircon, we specialise in residential Aircon repair. Do contact us if you are in need of Aircon servicing or repair.

If you Aircon compressor needs repair, you might want to click on the link highlighted on the left for more information.

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