Ceiling Fan Review Singapore: Best and Cheapest Options

The Time to Switch to a Ceiling Fan is Now

Ceiling Fan Review Singapore is for you to have an easier time to make a decision.


If you’re looking for a way to beat the Singapore heat, then look no further. We have a solution for you and it’s: Ceiling Fans. You might be skeptical. Do ceiling fans actually work that well as compared to standing fans? In this article, we’ll review ceiling fan in Singapore, with the best and cheapest options for your home and office.


While ceiling fans don’t blow out cold air like air conditioners, they still serve as great cooling systems. Whether in a big or small room, ceiling fans can help improve ventilation by getting a breeze going. Especially in large spaces like an auditorium or a school hall, companies like Big Ass Fans have come up with a gigantic ceiling fan solution that actually works. It helps with ventilation, making the space less stuffy, while cooling thousands of people. Furthermore, if you need to cool down an outdoor balcony or patio, a ceiling fan is the answer for you!


Ceiling fans consume less energy than air conditioners, which helps to reduce your electricity bill. Not only that, ceiling fans are space-efficient. As they are installed on your ceiling itself, it won’t take up floor space unlike a standing fan, which is great for smaller rooms. And frankly speaking, ceiling fans just look much better than traditional wall fans. 


In this article, we’ll review the best and cheapest ceiling fans in Singapore. Before that, let’s go through a list of considerations to take to decide on your next ceiling fan option. 


Ceiling Fan Review Singapore: Things to Consider

With so many ceiling fans in the market, you should know what you’re looking for, so that you will buy a ceiling fan that can suit your home or office needs. The best way to narrow down your options would be to eliminate the ones that don’t fulfill your needs.


For example, if you need both a light and a fan in the room and you only have one switch, opt to get a ceiling fan with a light. Then eliminate those options without a light.


So here are some deciding factors for your ceiling fan. (This list is non-exhaustive)

  1. Light function
  2. Remote Control or Pull Cord
  3. AC or DC motor (DC uses less energy, and is quieter = better!)
  4. Blade material (ABS, plastic, metal, etc.)
  5. Design to fit your home décor (ie. colour, material, etc.)
  6. Price and Brand 

Read this article for more details on How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for your home.


Ceiling Fan Review Singapore: Best and Cheapest!

We rounded up some of the best and cheapest ceiling fans in Singapore, which can fit your particular needs. The features of each model of ceiling fan are described clearly so you have an easier time making a decision on which to get!


Basic without Light: Intaglio Ceiling Fan DC-159N by Acorn 52”

Cost: $249 – $299

Colours: Matte Black, Matte White, Wooden

ceiling fan singapore

This is an energy efficient fan built with a DC motor and ABS acrylic blades (ABS is a kind of plastic that can withstand heat better than standard plastics). With a simple and sleek design of 52”, this fan can cool down large spaces like the Living Room, Bedroom, or Dining Area. It is operated via a remote control, with 6 speed settings and features such as timer, natural wind and forward-reverse function. 

*This series has an alternative model that has a built in light: Intaglio DC-159 LED.


Simple, for Low Ceiling: KDK Ceiling Fan M11SU 44”

Cost: $188 – $248

Colours: Silver, White

cheap ceiling fan singapore

Controllable by remote, this fan has 3 speed settings to choose from, with a timer feature. The blades are made of ABS, and this medium 44” size would be perfect for flats or homes with a smaller space. KDK assures that this would be ideal and suitable for HDB flats or houses with a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.6 to 3 metres (the average HDB ceiling height). However, this fan uses an AC motor which would use up more energy than fans with a DC motor. If you don’t mind this detail, then the M11SU would be perfect for your home with its simple design and easy to match colours.


Reliable, for Low Ceiling: KDK Ceiling Fan U48FP 48”

Cost: $448 – $498

Colours: White, Black

best ceiling fan singapore

This KDK ceiling fan comes with a DC motor and a LCD wireless remote control to adjust fan and LED light settings. It has 1/f Yuragi function with 3D blades to generate a gentle nature breeze with smooth and strong air flow. The fan consumes less power even at a high speed. There are 9 speed controls with Sleep Mode feature. Just like the M11SU, the U48FP is ideal for flats with a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.6 to 3 metres.


Simple, for Small Spaces: Fanztec Ceiling Fan Glide-2 38”

Cost: $259 – $269

Colours: Wood, Matt Black, Matt White

best ceiling fan singapore

With a variety of colour options, the Glide-2 will be able to fit right into your home easily. It comes with an energy saving DC motor, with a 3-in-1 LED light that can be dimmed. Its remote control will let you choose from 6 speed selections, activate sleep mode and Reverse & Forward function. It is a simple ceiling fan with a great LED solution that can set the ambience for any occasion. Since it has a more compact size of 38”, therefore it will be suitable for homes with small rooms or cramped up spaces. 


Great for Big Areas: Fanco Heli DC LED Ceiling Fan 56”/66”

Cost: $299 – $499

Colour: Madeira (Black + Wood)

best ceiling fan review singapore

The Fanco Heli comes with 6 ABS fan blades, and an Ultra Silent DC Motor for a quieter experience. This fan has high power, durability and efficiency, so as to make it a great option for bigger areas where more cool air might be needed. Its settings are adjustable via remote, with 5 speed selections, and a reverse flow feature. The LED light has 3 tones – Day, Warm and Cool White which can easily be switched. It comes in only one unique and gorgeous colour, doubling up as an accent piece in an otherwise plain room. Fanco also offers a 3 year onsite warranty, with a lifetime warranty on its motor. No worries here at all!


Great Value, for Big Areas: Decken Optimus DK001 Ceiling Fan 52”

Cost: $289 – $359

Colours: Black, White, Beach Wood, Walnut

best ceiling fan singapore review

Another energy saving fan with a DC motor because ‘green’ is really the way to go. This 52” fan is suitable for large living spaces like the Dining Room or Living Hall. With three 38mm blades, this fan generates powerful wind, while still looking very rustic and stylish. There are 7 speed settings to choose from on a remote control, along with a timer feature. The fan height is 14.5” (368mm) which would still be suitable for many low ceiling flats. Decken provides a 1 year onsite warranty, 2 years LED warranty and 12 years motor warranty for its fan.

*This model comes in size 39” to fit smaller spaces as well.


Value for money: Fanztec Ceiling Fan LED Airstream 40”/46”/52”

Cost: $239 – $279

Colours: Matt White, Matt Black

With 3 thin ABS blades, the Airstream promises superb air delivery and flow. The fan comes with 3-in-1 LED lights (Warm, Daylight, Cool) and 6 speed settings. It has features like Reverse & Forward to redirect airflow, Natural Wind Mode and Sleep Timer. Built with a DC motor, it is not only energy efficient, but also truly a great value buy. The 3 different sizes it comes in also makes it suitable for any space be it big or small. There’s nothing not to like about this!


Quietest: Crestar NinjAir 3Blades 42”/48” 

Cost: $225 – $255

Colours: White, Matt Black, Wood

Like its name suggests, the NinjAir is meant to encompass the stealth and silence that an actual ninja possesses. It has a sleek blade finish and a modest design which adds to its simplicity and minimalist appearance. This fan is perfect for the bedroom or study, so as to not disrupt any sleep or studying in progress. It comes with a touchscreen remote which controls 6 speed settings, the tri-colour LED light, natural wind mode function and a timer. Fan height is 13.8” (350mm), which makes it suitable for low ceiling homes. Crestar offers 10 years motor warranty, 1 year onsite warranty and 2 years LED panel warranty. Peace of mind with the Crestar NinjAir 3Blades.


Ceiling Fan Review Singapore: Conclusion

This concludes our Singapore ceiling fan review. These are just some of the best and cheapest ceiling fan options, but if you are willing to splurge a little more, opt for models that give you upgraded fan and light settings, with an appealing and stylish look to match your home.

If ceiling fans aren’t for you, see more: Best Portable Aircons to beat the heat in Singapore (2021)

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