Introduction to Ceiling Cassette Aircon

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We mostly find ceiling cassette aircon used in commercial settings such as offices and auditoriums. Cassette Aircon is the most expensive air-conditioning option as compared to the typical single/multi-split systems you see in residential units. Removal and installation services of ceiling cassette units are the most expensive as well because they involve a lot of manpower. In this article, we will be discussing what the available ceiling cassettes are from different brands ranging from Daikin to Mitsubishi. This includes reviews and promotional prices to aid you in making a decision if you are looking to install a cassette aircon. You can refer to the infographic above for a rough guide. For more info on a particular brand: Click on any of the brands below to be directed to the part of the page that features the respective brand!

Mitsubishi Cassette Aircon

Mitsubishi Cassette Aircon Price


18000 BTU SUYZP50VA / PLY-ZP50EA – $2365

24000 BTU SUY-KA80VA / PLY-P80EA-  – $2569

32000 BTU SUY-KA100VA/ PLY-P100EA (4 TICKS) – $2799

38000 BTU – PUY-P125VKA/PLY-P125EA (3 TICKS)  – $3050

Mitsubishi ceiling cassette

Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette Review


One brand many people are looking out for, especially for commercial buildings, is Mitsubishi Starmex ceiling cassette. It is divided into 2 parts, a ceiling cassette that is located indoor, and the compressor is located in the outdoor unit outside. A ceiling cassette aircon unit has 4 flaps which allows your cool air to be blown more consistently. However, unfortunately, it cannot be installed in a HDB. Only certain condominiums permit this kind of aircon. Ceiling cassette is more suitable for commercial units such as office space, warehouse or retail shops.

Here are some features for Mitsubishi Starmex ceiling cassette:


Less cold draft – The horizontal airflow function keeps the air from blowing at a specific area underneath it. This can prevent over chilling and helps evenly distribute the air.

360 wide & comfortable airflow – This is designed to distribute air from the center, while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air is also blown in a circular motion.

Wide-flow air outlet – Enables effective air-conditioning even with rooms that have high ceilings of up to 4.5m. There is no need to worry if the commercial area is too big.

Automatic air-speed adjustment – An automatic air speed adjustment mode is provided in addition to the four air-speed stages. The air speed can be changed freely anytime according to the difference between the room temperature and the set temperature. This allows for quick cooling.

Daikin Skyair Inverter Ceiling Cassette

Daikin Cassette Aircon Price


RZR50LVVM/FCQ50LUV1 (18,000 BTU) 4 ticks – $3285

RZR60LVVM/FCQ60LUV1 (20,000 BTU) 4 ticks – $3590

RZR71LVVMG/FCQ71LUV1 (24,000 BTU) 2 ticks – $3790

RZR100LVVMG/FCQ100LUV1 (32,000 BTU) 2 ticks – $4100

RZR125LVVM/FCQ125LUV1 (42,000 BTU) 2 ticks – $4785

RZR140LVVMG/FCQ140LUV1 (48,000 BTU) 1 tick – $4899

Daikin Ceiling Cassette

Daikin Ceiling Cassette Review

Daikin Skyair ceiling cassette is just as popular as Mitsubishi and there are many reasons why.


Cleaner refrigerant – Daikin ceiling cassette uses R410 gas which is a more eco-friendly refrigerant. Aircons contribute to environmental problems a lot. But with the use of R410 gas, these detrimental effects can be reduced.

Comfortable 360 degree airflow with round flow cassette – A commercial space will most like be huge, but with Daikin ceiling cassette, you can be sure that the air will reach even the extended areas, with its 360 degree airflow.

Quiet Sound Levels 28db – Enjoy a quiet space with Daikin silent mode that can go as low as 28db. Rumbling noises when the aircon is operating has always been a common problem, but with Daikin you no longer have to worry about the noises.

Panasonic Aircon (Ceiling Cassette)

Panasonic Cassette Aircon Price


CU-YT19KBH52/CS-T19KB4H52 (19,000 BTU) 2 ticks – $2985

CU-YT24KBH52/CS-T24KB4H52 (24,000 BTU) 1 tick – $3085

CU-YT34KBH52/CS-T34KBH52 (34,000 BTU) 1 tick – $3585

CU-YT43KBH52/ CS-T43KBH52 (43,000 BTU) 1 tick – $3799

Panasonic Ceiling Cassette

Panasonic Ceiling Cassette Review

Panasonic is also another popular brand as observed by our sales. We will discuss some features that make them outstanding.


Compact flat panel design with built in drain pump allows easy installation and a stylish appearance. the drain pump expels condensation up to 850mm from the base of the unit.

Air-purification system allows the air to be purified, giving you a comfortable and fresh environment.

360 wide & comfortable airflow  this is designed to distribute air from the center , while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air is also blown in a circular motion.

Anti-corrosion –  comes with blue fin technology. It increases resistance to corrosion as compared to non-blue fin models.


Midea (Cassette Aircon)

Price for Midea Aircon Ceiling Cassette


24000 BTU 2 ticks – $1985

36000 BTU 2 ticks – $2630

42000 BTU 2 ticks – $2840

Midea Ceiling Cassette

Midea Ceiling Cassette Review

Although less well-known, Midea’s air-conditioning units are all very reliable in usage, including the Midea ceiling cassettes.


All directional airflow – Cooling air is blown in 360 degree direction. As the Midea Ceiling Cassette promotes airflow across the entire room, airflow is evenly spread out without being concentrated in one area. Enjoy a uniformed cooling temperature without dead corners.

Slim body – A modern slim body of 205mm  for a change compared to the old cassette that is about 230mm. This will take up lesser of your space.

Independent vane control – Want to adjust a vane without adjusting the others? Midea ceiling cassette allows you to adjust one vane without affecting the others, giving you a more flexible control.

Easy cleaning – You no longer need to climb a ladder to clean the cassette, the new cassette can drop down to maximum height of 4 metre for easy cleaning. It is extremely convenient and time-saving.



LG (Ceiling Cassette)

Price For LG Cassette Aircon


24000 BTU 2 ticks – $2150

36000 BTU 2 ticks – $2630

42000 BTU 2 ticks – $2880

LG Ceiling Cassette

LG Ceiling Cassette Review


Optimised cooling with human detector sensor – Enjoy cool air with human detector sensor. LG cassette aircon will optimise cool air when it detects human motion. It discharges direct or indirect air according to its setting.

Energy saving – when the ceiling cassette doesn’t detect human motion, it will automatically stop operating, helping you to save 35% of energy.

Comfort cooling with humidity sensor – When indoor humidity gets high, it will blow out colder air.

Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette Aircon Price


Inverter 24K BTU 2 ticks – $2515

36000 BTU 2 ticks – $3045

42000 BTU 2 ticks – $3335

Fujitsu ceiling aircon

Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette Review


Circular flow – Instead of the usual 4 way directional airflow, Fujitsu Cassette Aircon has  360 degree airflow to ensure that the cooling air reaches all parts of the room without any dead corners.

Independent airflow control – Each louvers angle independently, you can easily adjust one without affecting the others. Flexible control allows airflow to be adjusted flexibly as well.

High efficiency – The newer model has a higher EER compared to the older one. This will help you save up on energy efficiency, as well as cost saving.

Human sensor control – The aircon will automatically off once it doesn’t detect human motion in the room. Furthermore, t will halt its operation, helping you to save energy and cost.

Toshiba Cassette Aircon


RAV-SM304MUT-E / RAV-SM304ATP-A Single Phase – $2,010.00

RAV-SM404MUT-E / RAV-SM304ATP-A Single Phase – $2,225.00

RAV-SM564UTP-E / RAV-SM564ATP-A1 Single Phase- $2,455.00

RAV-SM1104UTP-E / RAV-SM1104ATP-A1 Single Phase – $3,625.00

RAV-SM804UTP-E / RAV-SM804ATP-A1 Single Phase – $2,705.00

Toshiba Cassette aircon

Toshiba Ceiling Cassette Review


Automatic air volume control – The volume of air that blows out from cassette aircon will vary. Depending on the difference between room temperature and set temperature. If the room temperature is hotter than the set temperature It will set a lower temperature to cool down the room faster.

Built-in long-life filter – With a filter in place, it will trap dust, particles and dirt away from the cassette aircon which makes maintenance easier. You do not have to worry about cleaning it often.

Low noise level – The cassette aircon operates in silence. You do no have to worry about the rumbling loud noises of aircon that can possibly affect the work environment.

Ceiling Cassette Aircon FAQ

frequently asked questions about ceiling aircon units

Are there installation charges for the price listed above?

Yes there will be. Our price he is not fully accurate. As it is subjected to changes from supplier and seasonal discount as well. We are not able to fully update the price list every day due to the huge inventory range for Aircon pricing.

Furthermore, it depends on the method of installation. If they are installing using existing pipe. We will be able to give a more accurate pricing. However it also depends on factors such as difficulty of installing the condenser unit. For example the condenser unit can be located at a very high height. We might need a genie lift to access the unit and we will have to charge rental cost to it.

For full installation with new piping, we will have to assess several factors. Such as if we need to install a cable tray. Or if we need to install above the ceiling board. If there are false ceiling, we will also have to cut open the false ceiling and we might have to patch up after that.

How long does it take to install the Aircon?

It depends on the kind of installation as mentioned in the earlier question. For installation using back existing pipe it might take around 3 hours. For full installation with new piping it might take a whole day. It also depends on the manpower allocated for the installation. If there is a specific timing that you need to meet. Do let us know and we will try to work things out for you.

How long do you need to do ceiling cassette Aircon servicing again?

it depends on your usage. We would recommend 6 months to a year before you do Aircon servicing again. However if your Aircon lights are blinking, you might need to call the agent down to check on your Aircon.

What is the dimension of the Aircon condenser unit?

We will send you the brochure of the brand that you are interested in. Just contact us at 96515152 for any enquiries/assistance.

Do I need to install Aircon bracket for the cassette Aircon?

If you have an Aircon ledge you will not need the Aircon bracket.

What do I need to take note of before installing the unit?

If you are installing using back existing pipe. You probably do not need us to come down before installation. However for full installation with new piping. We may your floor plan before giving you a quote.

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