Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Air-conditioning has become an indispensible electrical appliance. Not only for commercial usage, ceiling cassette aircon are often used for business space like office and retail areas. When it comes to procuring the best electrical appliance, you might be keen to know about the choices best available for you. Some factors of consideration include the price affordability, cooling capacity, energy efficiency, installation requirements, brand options and etc.

In this page, we will be sharing the best ceiling cassette aircon promotion for different brands. Take a look at the brochure at the left to have an overview for ceiling cassette of different brands and their key features. 


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Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Mitsubishi cassette aircon

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Models

SUY-ZP50VA/PLY-P50EA $2490
SUY-KA80VA/PLY-P80EA $2690
SUY-KA100VA/PLY-P100EA $3040
PUY-P125VKA/PLY-P125EA $3420

Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • Less Cold Draft – The horizontal airflow function keeps the air from blowing at a specific area underneath it. This can prevent over chilling and evenly distribute the air.
  • 360 Wide & Comfortable Airflow –  This is designed to distribute air from the centre, while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air is also blown in a circular motion.
  • Wide-flow Air Outlet – Enables effective air-conditioning with rooms that have high ceilings of up to 4.5m. There is no need to worry if the commercial area is too big.
  • Automatic Air-speed Adjustment – An automatic air speed adjustment mode is provided in addition to the four air-speed stages. The air-speed can be changed freely anytime according to the difference between the room temperature and the set of temperature. This allows quick cooling and stabling the current.

Daikin Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Daikin cassette aircon

Daikin Models

RZF100CV1G/FCF100CVMG $3550
RZF125CV1G/FCF125CVMG $3920

Daikin Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • Clear Refrigerant – Daikin ceiling cassette uses R410 gas which is a greener refrigerant. Aircons contribute to environmental problems a lot. But with the use of R410 gas, it can reduce the impact.
  • Comfortable 360 degree airflow with round flow cassette – A commercial space will most likely be huge, but with Daikin ceiling cassette, you can be sure that the air will reach the extended areas, with its 360 degree airflow.
  • Quiet Sound Levels 28db – Enjoy a quiet space with Daikin silent mode that can go as low as 28db. Rumbling noises when the aircon is operating has always been a common problem, but with Daikin you no longer have to worry about the noises.

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  • What kind of air-con do you plan to install at each location?


  • Do you know what aircon BTU and how to calculate it?

Panasonic Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Panasonic cassette aircon

Panasonic Models

R3 U-18PRH1Z5/S-18PU3ZA $2719
R3 U-24PRH1Z5/S-24PU3ZA $2969
R3 U-34PRH1Z5/S-3443PU3ZA $3349
R3 U-43PRH1Z5/S-3443PU3ZA $3689

Panasonic Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • Compact Flat Panel Design with Built-in Drain Pump – allows easy installation and a stylish appearance, the drain pump allows condensation to be expelled up to 85-mm from the base of the unit.
  • Air-purification System – The air-purification system allows the air to be purified, giving you a comfortable and fresh environment.
  • 360 Wide & Comfortable Airflow –  This is designed to distribute sir from the centre. while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air is also blown in a circular motion.
  • Anti-corrosion – It is equipped with blue fin technology, which increase resistance to corrosion compared to non-blue fin models.

Midea Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Midea cassette aircon

Midea Models

MCD18-HRFN32 / MOU18-HVN32 $2150
MCD24-HRFN32 / MOU24-HVN32 $2470
MCD36-HRFN32 / MOU36-HVN32 $2800
MCD45-HRFN32 / MOU45-HVN32 $3050

Midea Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • All Directional Airflow – They make it simpler to effectively alter the airflow direction of the aircon unit by being able to distribute air both horizontally and vertically.
  • Slim Body – Compared to the old ceiling cassette aircon, a thin body design with a height allows installation in small locations such ceiling vault or drop-ceilings.
  • Independent Vane Control – The independent vane operation feature employs separate motors to enable independent control of each of the four vanes with automated swing between the left and right sides.
  • Easy Cleaning – The aircon cleaning process is quick and easy. It is crucial to keep aircon clean so it will avoid growing harmful microorganisms and provide cleaner and healthier air.

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Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Midea cassette aircon

Fujitsu Models


Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • Circular Airflow – By attaching a high performance DC fan motor, a new turbo fan, and a distinctive seamless airflow louver design, the new cassette type achieves circular flow to blow significant airflow in a 360º direction.
  • Independent Airflow Control – Comfortable and efficient air conditioning by simultaneously eliminating direct cold air blowing and delivering swinging air flow.
  • High Efficiency – Circular flow and wide vertical airflow can be used to evenly distribute comfortable air conditioning over the entire room, thus effectively cool the room regardless of its design.
  • Human Sensor Control – Automatic energy-saving operation is initiated when a person’s motion is detected. You can select between two modes: save operation mode and Auto Off mode.

Gree Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Midea cassette aircon

Gree Models


Gree Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • Efficient Air-conditioning System – Gree’s energy efficient G10 inverter technology saves energy, reduces outdoor noise and keeps room temperatures steady.
  • Swing Louver – Deliver air with a continuous sweep in four different directions to significantly improve comfort by adjusting the louvers up or down to change the direction of airflow in the space.
  • Flexible Multi speed Fan – The interior fan can be set to one of three speeds, from Low, Medium, to High), when in cooling or heating setting to ensure the greatest level of comfort.
  • Cleanable Air Filter – Easy to clean on your own by pushing the latch and removing screws. Regularly clean the air filter to ensure good functioning and performance of the unit while also clean air environment.


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FAQ for ceiling cassette Aircon.

Is ceiling cassette Aircon or ceiling suspend Aircon more suitable for the location i wish to install the Aircon.

Send us your floorplan for us to take a look. If the area that you wish to cover is a lot more rectangular than squarish. Then it is best is get a ceiling suspend Aircon. Likewise, if it is square shaped, a ceiling casette Aircon will be better for coverage.

What is the cheapest ceiling cassette Aircon model?

The cheapest ceiling cassette brand is Midea. Nevertheless, if you are renting a commercial property. Then we would recommend that you get a refurbished Aircon instead. It will be much cheaper than a brand new set

can you give us a quote without going down for a site visit?

we can only provide you with an estimated quote first before heading down to site visit. From the site visit we will be able to see if there are difficulties in installing the Aircon that will result in additional cost.