Carrier Aircon Servicing and Repair



I am pretty certain many of us have not even heard of this brand. However, back in the 1990s, it was actually a dominant Aircon brand in Singapore. Carrier Aircon has a large user base in Singapore. It was on par with other brands such as National Aircon and Sanyo Aircon back in the eras. And one fun fact that you may not know, it is the carrier that invented Air conditioners. Its founder Willis Carrier invented the Air-conditioner in 1902. However, as times progress. Carrier Aircon lost its market share and they have completely withdrawn from the Singapore residential market. Nevertheless, there are still users of carrier Aircon that are still using their products till this day. Hence, in this Article, we are going to talk more about Carrier Aircon servicing, repair procedures and things to take note of.

Carrier Aircon Servicing

Things to take note of:


As mentioned earlier, Carrier has left the Singapore residential market for a long time. Which means it no longer carries its spare parts. Hence, an Aircon service provider has to be very careful when it comes to dismantling a carrier fan coil unit when doing Carrier aircon servicing and repair. For this reason we know many Aircon servicing companies reject the idea of doing Carrier Aircon. As there is a chance that they may damage the product. And there is absolutely no way to get spare parts for this brand anymore. However, here at Silverback Aircon, we still change upon Carrier Aircon sometimes and we do note reject servicing appointments for Carrier Aircon models.


Carrier Aircon Servicing Procedure:


The way to service Carrier Aircon is the same as any other brands. However most Aircon technicians may not be familiar with how to remove the cover to do servicing. As they may not have the chance to service carrier Aircon often. When they are removing the upper lid, they have to be extremely careful of the lid. As there is a chance it gets broken during the removal. Furthermore, if the Aircon has not been serviced for a long time, it will be very hard to remove the cover. However, once the cover and water tray has been removed the hardest part is now over.

Next up, when the ac technician is doing vacuum for Carrier FCU’s evaporator coil. They have to remember not to press the coil too hard. Because Carrier ac units have been around for a long time, the coil may be very bristle as they are subjected to wear and tear.


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Carrier Aircon Repair


We have talked about the lack of Carrier Aircon spare parts in the earlier paragraph. So how do we conduct carrier Aircon repair? Frankly speaking, for most Aircon users we will advise them to change the aircon unit if the repair cost is more than $600. Moreover, as the cost saving of an inverter Aircon unit will outweigh the cost of the repair and potential lifespan of the carrier Aircon unit. Nonetheless, we do have our way of repairing carrier Aircon even with the lack of spare parts.

Carrier Aircon Repair

Thermistor Repair


If the thermistor in the carrier indoor or outdoor unit is malfunctioning. We may modify the thermistor from other Brands to replace the thermistor from Carrier Ac instead. We will measure the resistance and find a similar thermistor that can replace them. However, we are not able to guarantee we can find them. Though most of the time we have successfully replaced it for the customers that need this service.

carrier aircon thermistor

Capacitor Replacement for Carrier Aircon


For capacitors. I am sure most technicians are able to solve this. As most capacitors are interchangeable as long as they are of similar UF. And Capacitor issue in Carrier Aircon is one of the most common problems we encounter. We typically give 1-3 months warranty when it comes to Aircon capacitor replacement in carrier Ac units.

carrier aircon capacitor

Damaged PCB in Fan Coil or Condenser Unit


Now here’s the hard part. If there are any damaged motherboards in Carrier’s fan coil unit or condenser unit. We will not be able to find any replacement parts for it. However, we are able to find compatible units and do a replacement of the FCU or condenser unit instead. That way, the Ac will still function as per normal. However take note that one fan coil and condenser unit will definitely not look the same. So if design and uniformity is a concern, then this might not be the optimal solution for you. However if you are only concerned about Ac performance. Then this is definitely a way to solve parts related problems for Carrier AC.

Carrier aircon repair and serviving pcb


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Conclusion for Carrier Aircon Servicing


If you are a frequent user of Ac units. We will strongly advise you to change the AC instead of using your current Carrier AC. That is because the cost saving of changing to an inverter unit from a non inverter unit far outweighs the cost of the replacement. Furthermore, it is relatively hard to find parts on carrier Ac. Nonetheless, here at Silverback Aircon we have found ways to continue servicing and repairing Carrier Aircon when customers request it. Do let us know if you need any help with your Carrier AC.