Best Fridge Brands Singapore offers and their Models 2021

The 10 Best Fridge Brands and Models in Singapore in 2021

Fridges are essential in any kitchen. Thus if you want to purchase a fridge, put in a little more time to find the best fridge brand and model for you! good quality fridge is hassle free and will last you years whereas a poor quality one, on the other hand, is a home cook’s worst nightmare. Iyou need to buy a fridge for your home, this article is for you! Let’s look at different models of your standard 2 door kitchen fridges, categorised by size, of the best fridge brands in Singapore! You might just find something you need.

Choosing the right fridge for your kitchen is important!

Best Fridge Brands and Models in Singapore for Small Fridges

When it comes to fridges, size definitely matters. Buying a fridge of the wrong size can be disastrous. Small families generally want a smaller, cost efficient, functionable fridge. So let’s look at the best fridge brands in Singapore and their models for small households of 1 to 2 people. 


best fridge brand singapore for small cheap good bosch fridge with bottom freezer for small family
Model: BOSCH KGN33NL30

Bosch is a very reliable brand for fridges. This entry-level fridge is definitely a bang for your buck. Boasting a relatively large capacity of 275L compared to similar fridges, its price is very competitive. This hence makes it popular among small households. 


best fridge brand singapore for small electrolux 2 door top mount freezer fridge for small family

Electrolux is a well known brand in the fridge market. If you want an energy efficient and small fridge, this model is for you! It has a capacity of 256L which is considered large for small fridges. Yet, it is compact enough to fit perfectly in a small homeIt’s simple design is extremely popular. To add the cherry on top, it is one of the cheapest fridges out there! 


best fridge brand singapore for small compact 2 door top mount freezer fridge for small family
Model: LG GRB2757PZ

If you want to splurge a little more on a fridge, this fridge may be the one for you! LG is a heavyweight in the appliance market, let alone the fridge market. It is regarded as one of the best fridge brands out there. Though slightly more expensive than the previous 2 fridges, it is equipped with some of the best technology. These include being able to maintain optimal moisture levels. Hence, consider spending a little extra for a large upgrade!

Best Fridge Brands and Models in Singapore for Medium Fridges

larger household of 3 to 4 people would definitely have more groceries. Thus they would require a larger fridge. Below are 4 models from the best fridge brands in Singapore for you to consider. 


best fridge brand singapore for big cheap 2 door top mount freezer fridge for big family

Looking for a simple, cost friendly, energy efficient fridge? This fridge checks all your boxes! Reputable Japanese brand HITACHI is the manufacturer of this fridge. It offers many practical features such as a deodorisation function. In its brilliant black colour and tempered glass shelves, its design looks sleek and professional. Its competitive price also makes it attractive to many households. 


best fridge brand singapore for big 2 door lg fridge with bottom freezer for big family
Model: LG GBB4059PZ

Again, if you are willing to spend a little more on a fridge, consider LG’s very own Dr Fridge Bottom Freezer model! It boasts many impressive technology which may be a dealbreaker for the home cook in you. These include precise and accurate temperature control as well as humidity settings. These in turn helps keep your precious groceries fresh.


big eco friendly energy efficient 2 door fridge with top mount freezer for big family

A slightly larger fridge at 510L, this fridge offers the best of both worlds. It is very competitive priced,. Additionally, it also has a sleek design and many impressive features too. It guarantees quietness and has customisable door compartments. This makes it easier for you to store your food items. It is also environmentally friendly, having been awarded 3 ticks on it’s eco-friendly certificate. Having these many perks thus makes it a popular choice among households.


best fridge brand singapore for big 2 door fridge with top mount freezer with twin cooling plus for big family
Model: SAMSUNG RT53K6257BS

Samsung is well known for their smartphones. They also produce quality electrical appliances such as fridges. In addition to it being energy efficient, this model is durable and uses the latest technology to keep food fresh. For example, it’s Twin Cooling Plus independent cooling system makes sure that 70% of the fridge is at optimal temperature and humidity levels. This is much higher than the 30% in the more conventional Top Mount Freezer. 

Best Fridge Brands and Models in Singapore for Large Fridges

For even larger families or avid home cooks, the above brands and models may not meet your requirements. The best fridge brands in Singapore have since engineered heavyweights to meet these standards. If you require such a fridge or simply want one, do consider the three heavily desired models of the best fridge brands below which Singapore offers.


best fridge brand singapore for large 2 door side by side samsung fridge with many functions for big families
Model: SAMSUNG RS62R5004B4

Price competitively at below S$2000, this huge fridge is popular amongst larger families. It boasts a massive capacity of 680L. Samsung also makes use of very advanced technology. This thus increases its reliability and functionality. These technological features include the All-around Cooling system which ensures that every nook and cranny of this massive fridge is cooled evenly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about stale fruits and vegetables anymore!


large 2 door side by side energy saving LG fridge with many functions
Model: LG GSB6269PZ

Similar to many other fridges from LG, this heavyweight of a fridge uses some of the best technology. For instance, the inverter linear compressor which reduces energy usage by up to 32%. Additionally, its Bioshield feature prevents mould growth. As a result, this ensures that the door is shut tightly. Warm air does not easily enter the fridge. This hence allows for a cleaner and safer storage of food.


best fridge brand singapore for large 2 door side by side energy saving LG fridge
Model: LG GSL6013PZ

If you are looking for the cream of the crop, then this is the fridge for you. Produced by one of the best fridge brands out there, you are ensured reliability and durability. Not only are you able to control your fridge from your smartphone, this fridge uses some of the best technology out there. This hence helps to keep your foods at their freshest. For example, the Moist Balance Crisper maintains humidity at a favorable level to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh! Additionally, it contains specific compartments for specific food items such as eggs. This makes it less of a hassle to find your items in your fridge. This all in one fridge is certainly worth every dollar spent. 

The Best Fridge Brand and Model is?

In conclusion, the best fridge brand and model is different for everyone, as cliché as it sounds. Of course, there are some fridge brands considered better than others, usually based on their functions. However, such a measure cannot always be used to find a suitable fridge. The reason being that different households have different needs. Hence, when purchasing a fridge, many factors must be considered. These include capacity, functionality, price, your budget, and many more. Hence this article aims to narrow down your selection to several reliable fridges based on their size, whilst taking into consideration the price range and their various functions. Good luck and have fun fridge shopping!

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