Best digital door lock in Singapore and where to buy

Introduction to Digital Door Locks

We are all familiar to using padlocks to safeguard our homes. Yet instead in recent years, the use of digital locks have increased tremendously. Digital locks don’t need physical keys but instead these digital locks unlock by pin numbers, key cards or fingerprints. So why should we use digital locks?

Digital locks provide users with both easy access and safety. These are unlocked through fingerprints or secure passwords, providing users a peace of mind when using these digital locks. Digital locks do not need traditional physical keys that can be easily copied and if you hate to bring your keys around or always forget to bring your keys, digital locks are a great option for you! After comparing the brand’s prices and features, we have compiled a list.

#1: Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Lock

best digital door lock in singapore

Rated 4.9 stars out of 5, the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital lock can be easily considered the best digital lock in Singapore. Best known for being affordable and having a sleek yet simple design, this model can set you back roughly about $105-$300. Of course, the price of the digital lock depends on where you buy your lock from. Some of the features that the Samsung digital lock includes is that it offers both card and password pin access. In addition, the digital lock also has 2 functions, an automatic and manual door lock mode for you to use. Safety features include an anti-prank and anti-hacking alarm.

We would recommend for you to buy this particular lock model from online stores such as Shopee or Lazada as it is considerably cheaper. Purchasing through Shopee, the digital door lock will cost you $115 for the digital lock and 3 door card access. Do take note that if your purchasing from this particular Shopee seller, installation for this digital door lock would not provided. At the same time, this digital lock can be easily installed so it should not be a huge problem. This digital lock is a great option to consider especially if it your first time adjusting to a digital lock.


#2: Yale Premium Fingerprint Digital Door Lock (Rim Lock) YDR 4110

best digital door lock in singapore

Yale digital locks have definitely grown into one of the more popular brands for the best digital door lock in Singapore due to the various reliability and safety features. The YDR 4110 digital door lock is no different. It’s many smart and modern features include a smart pad, an emergency and an automatic locking system. Compared to the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Lock, this digital lock definitely has more safety features. Some of these features include a deadlock mode in the case of intruders. The door lock also include a fake pin feature, which can help prevent any unwanted visitors. In addition, the door lock is also made of fire-proof material and is not flammable. To top it all off, the price of the digital door lock also includes a 2-year warranty.

These extensive features allow you to ensure safety for you and your loved ones. Considering the the extensive safety features, the YDR 4110 is one that is both high-quality and reliable.

Website:  Price:$499

Compared to the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Lock, the price of this Yale Digital lock YDR 4110 would definitely be more costly compared. However, factoring all the various safety features that this lock offers and the 2-year inclusive, this lock can definitely be considered one of the best digital door lock in Singapore.




The Samsung lock SHP-DP609 is a sleek and multi-functional door lock that allows 5 different modes that enables you to unlock your door. Through the use of an smartphone app, you would be able to receive real-time updates and can notify you whether the door is currently locked or unlocked. The door lock is even able to provide you alerts of when members of your family arrive home. Remotely-controlled, the door lock is also even able to process commands to unlock or lock the door per your command. The door is able to unlock through other methods like fingerprint, passwords or key cards, making it extremely convenient to use. This door lock would allow the most convenience for the users. Price: $970

Purchasing from courts would provide you with free delivery and installation of this digital door lock. It is also good to note that Courts provide an IT warranty system that by topping up a sum of $180, they will provide a 3 year warranty. In comparison to the previous door locks, this alternative for the door lock allows for convenience. In the case where you have multiple visitors visiting, this door lock can also provide safety through the guest access option. However, this price would definitely be a more costly option, especially in comparison to the other two locks. The lock would definitely be a great option considering all the features that it has.



Conclusion to best digital door lock in singapore

There are a huge range of digital door locks available on the market, all ranging from different prices and features. Each of the three digital door locks listed above has its own benefits and advantages. For the Samsung SHS-2920, it would the most suitable ideal for most due to its affordability. On the other hand, the YDR 4110 lock would be the most suitable for individuals for those that prioritise safety. The extensive safety features ensure that the users would have a peace of mind throughout. The last but not least, the SAMSUNG SHP-DP609 door lock allows for both convenience and safety for the users. The smartphone features can help to expedite convenience through the remote management of the door and ensure safety.

In the end, it is important that you do your own research on which digital door lock is the most suitable for you and your loved ones. Be it whether safety, convenience or affordability as your own priority, the best digital lock in Singapore would be subjective to your own needs.


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