Best affordable PC gaming chairs in Singapore(2021)


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Everyone knows PC gaming chairs are like the sports cars of chairs. They look sleek and boast impressive ergonomic features. However, these features come at a heavy cost and more than often its not the bang for ones buck. Especially in Singapore, where everything is quite literally unaffordable. Which is why this article is going to explore the best most affordable PC gaming chairs in Singapore.

when considering to buy a PC gaming chair in Singapore, one is faced with 2 options-a gaming chair or a regular office chair. To accurately decide between the 2, you will have  consider a few possible of criteria, such as- comfort, aesthetic and of course the price tag.

Before making a decision , here are some comparisons for consideration, followed by recommendations.


1.Uncomfortable baggage

PC Gaming chairs are generally less comfortable due to their bucket inspired design. Moreover, the main focus of a gaming chair is the aesthetic features usually at the expense of comfort. However, there are a number of mid ranged gaming chairs that offer high comfort at a relatively affordable price.

Pro tip:

Find a gaming chair model that fits your height and weight. There are many instances where buyers buy the wrong chair model which makes the gaming chair more uncomfortable than it really is.

2.Beauty in a box

Modelled after iconic sports car chairs, striking features such as sharp bold  edges which constitutes to its frame and glamourous brand placement transforms even the mundane act of sitting into an exciting experience.  This genius design adaptation generally makes gaming chairs look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


3.Broke or WOKE

A PC gaming chair is generally more expensive than an office chair. This statement is only partially true. In a comparison across chair quality, a poor to mediocre PC gaming chair might indeed be more expensive than an office chair with similar qualities. However, a high quality gaming chair is actually cheaper than an office chair of similar quality.

Pro tip:

Many of the PC gaming chair sellers buy from the same manufacturers just to rebrand and repackage them(this is also known as private labelling), so if you’re looking for quality more so than branding its better to do your due diligence online to find a cheaper offer with the same quality.


Cheap but good: Vitesse PC gaming chair Singapore



Vitesse Gaming Chair (Sillas Gaming) Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair Racing Style Comfortable Chair High Back Swivel Executive Leather Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest (Black)

Credits to Amazon, price starting from S$149

For the broke and the needy, this PC gaming chair feels like an oasis in the dessert.

The Vitesse chair has surprisingly good looks for its cheap price. Its dark silhouette and jagged lined back does indeed give off an expensive and classy vibe at a relatively inexpensive price!

Surprisingly, the chair is provides sufficient cushion against its hard frame making it relatively comfortable to sit one, its 4 wheels allows decent mobility and it even has semi adjustable armrests. Not to bad for a budget chair! However, the chair is known to peel easily with time due to the cheap materials used to make it. Its wheels are also known to rust and squeak making it irritable to move around in it. 

Finally, the price is S$149 is bargain for gaming chairs especially in Singapore. Its about 2.5times cheaper than that of regular gaming chairs.

The chair is not the best of picks but due to its extremely low price its definitely worth considering if you are very tight on a budget!


The all rounder: Secretlab OMEGA PC gaming chair Singapore

Credits to Secretlab, price starting from S$479

You would have probably seen this model while scrolling through your Instagram feed- its the one and only Secretlab OMEGA PC gaming chair.

The gaming chair boasts striking looks with its multitude of unique colors such as ash grey and matt black. Furthermore, limited edition models featuring collaboration between fan favorites teams such as ‘G2 e sports’ , ‘SKT T1’, adds icing onto the cake-making the chair not only aesthetically pleasing but personable too. However, beneath layers of beauty lies a insolvable problem-  their ‘faux leather’ being the most commonly picked material peels easily if it gets into contact with any moisture. 

Armed with features such as having adjustable arm rests that are able to move in 4 directions to having one of the most versatile reclining angles. This allows you to tailor the chair to your specific personal tastes. However, in all its grandiosity, there lies a design flaw. The curvature of the chair does not align comfortably with ones back. This makes sitting in it initially decently awkward.

Lastly, in the price range S$479 seems pricey however Secretlab is known for giving discounts on a regular basis. Especially on special occasions such as New Years and Chinese New Years, making the chair very affordable.


All in all, the Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair is an excellent beginner’s pick if one does not specifically know what he/she is looking for.


Maximum comfort: OSIM X Predator PC gaming chair Singapore

Credits to OSIM, price starting from S$799

There are two things in the world I adore- massage and gaming. Who would have thought of combining both elements into something as blissful as the OSIM X Predator PC gaming chair.

Unlike its competitors, the OSIM X Predator PC gaming chair only comes in 3 simple colors-black, orange and blue. But hey, sometimes simplicity is beauty unto itself.

The world’s first massage gaming chair, a title not to be taken lightly. The gaming chair boasts a full back massage all the way up to your shoulders that will leave you in absolute bliss while sitting in it. Additionally, there are customized power levels for your massage to meet every of your massage needs. The gaming chair also comes with a memory foam head rest which enhances your massage experience. However, despite the high levels of innovation that went into this chair there are a few hiccups in its design. For instance, the chair seat is only suitable for people with average frames (up to 175cm), anyone with a bigger frame will not be able to fit comfortably into the chair. Moreover, the speakers embedded into the chair which is supposed to enhance comfort, disappointingly deters it. The sound quality of the speakers are mediocre at best.

Finally, the price of the chair is a whooping S$799 about twice that of other gaming chairs! However, the OSIM X Predator gaming chair is actually relatively cheap for a massage chair.

The OSIM X Predator might be the perfect choice for you, if you prioritize comfort and innovation above all else.




In conclusion, getting a PC gaming chair in Singapore doesn’t have to be too expensive of an experience. So choose wisely based on your priorities. A good gaming chair can last you a long time and more importantly allowing you to have a good time too!



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