Aircon Servicing

Aircon Servicing are responsible for the general maintenance and status of the Air-Conditioner units. If your aircon is experiencing issues such as Aircon Leaking Water, a normal aircon servicing will suffice. However, if the aircon is leaking water from the back tray, you might want to consider signing up for an aircon servicing contract, which gives you quarterly servicing a year. The price for an aircon servicing can be as low as $16/unit.

What is involved in Aircon Servicing?

1. Removing and cleaning of Aircon Cover

2. Washing of Aircon filter

3 .Checking for drainage pan for choke

4 .Checking for gas leaking (if any)

5. Cleaning and Vacuum of evaporator coil

6. Vacuuming of drainage pipe

7. Installing back Aircon Cover

Aircon Servicing Price

Price for Aircon servicing

Number of Units Price for Aircon servicing
1  $50
2  $60
3  $75
4 – 6 units  $90, $110, $130
7-9 units  $20/ unit
10 units and above  $19/ unit

Aircon Maintenance Contract Price

Number of Units  Annual Price (Quarterly servicing)
1 unit  –
2 units  $200
3 units  $240
4 units  $300
5 units  $360
6 units  $400

Aircon Gas Top Up Price

Type of Gas Gas Top Up Price
R22 Gas $50 – $60
R410 Gas $100 – $120

Checking And Transportation Fee (Aircon Repair)

Type of work Air-conditioner Repair
Basic Checking $20 – $40
Advance Checking $50

Various Brand Aircon Servicing

Common Aircon Problems related to Aircon Servicing

Other Services that we provide


Terms and conditions apply to all forms of services provided

1. Credit card payment has to be arranged 1-2 days before day of service.
2. Multiple Unit prices are only applicable for units that are located in the same block. (yes you can share with your neighbour)
3. Additional Charges might apply for Fancoil of 18000 Btu and larger
4. For Aircon Casette unit, please click here to see the Aircon Servicing Price
5. Additional Charges might be applicable for job after 7pm.
6. Warranty does not include defects from Aircon parts itself
7. 1 month warranty for Normal Servicing.
8. 3 months warranty for Chemical overhaul
9. General Aircon servicing price is lower if done with chemical wash.