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Toshiba Aircon used to be very popular in Singapore. Ras-3M23SACV system 3 Toshiba Aircon is widely used in Singapore. Nevertheless, our Aircon technicians here at Silverback Aircon is highly familiar with Toshiba Aircon servicing. Nonetheless, we do not just service Toshiba Aircon. We do Aircon servicing for Midea, Daikin and Mitsubishi Aircon as well.  Toshiba Aircon is actually very durable, however time to time there might be parts that become faulty. Hence if you were to find an Air-con technician. you will have to be able to find one that is able to repair it as well. And even if they are capable of diagnosing the error in your Toshiba Aircon. They will need to be able to find the relevant Toshiba Aircon spare parts. Our warehouse contains a wide variety of Toshiba Aircon spare parts. We have mostly inverter ones. Here in this Article, we will also talk about some of the more common problem in Toshiba Aircon.


Mitsubishi Aircon servicing

Toshiba Aircon servicing


Toshiba Aircon Servicing Price List

Number of Units  Price for Toshiba Aircon Servicing
1 $50
2 $60
3 $75
4 $90
5 $110
6 $130

Servicing and Maintenance contract for Toshiba Aircon

As mentioned in the first paragraph. The most important point to consider for Toshiba Aircon servicing contract is : the technician have to be able to  repair it. Even though we don’t service Toshiba Aircon everyday. We have over 100 Toshiba Aircon servicing contract with us. Hence our technicians are highly experience in repairing Toshiba Air-conditioner. Furthermore, we have an extensive collection of Toshiba Aircon spare parts. (note : due to the covid situation, our collection of Toshiba Aircon spare parts might be limited).

Gas top up for Toshiba Aircon

For the older model of Toshiba Aircon, it is mostly non-inverter. It uses R22 gas, the recommended PSI is around 50 -60. For the newer Toshiba inverter Aircon model. The recommended PSI is around 150 – 160 instead. It also depends if the Aircon is system 2 or system 4. Other than that, Toshiba’s latest Model in 2020 uses R32 Gas type. It is a rare type of gas not widely used in Air-conditioners.

Toshiba Aircon Repair

When it comes to Toshiba Aircon servicing. It involves checking your Toshiba Air-conditioner when there is any problem. After checking, we will proceed to repair your Air-conditioner by changing various parts in it.

Common Toshiba Aircon Repair Issues

Toshiba sensor receiver

Toshiba along with LG non-inverter is most likely to have a sensor receiver problem. However the newer model can be less prone to this problem as compared to the non-inverter model. When you are doing Chemical wash on Toshiba Aircon. Especially normal chemical wash. Be careful of the sensor receiver as it is very prone to damage. A easy way for you to check if the sensor receiver is faulty is to turn your aircon on manually. If it can be turned on manually but cannot be turned on with remote control. Most likely the sensor receiver is faulty.

Indoor unit PCB

If you cannot turn some of the indoor unit of Toshiba Aircon. Other than sensor receiver, it could also be due to faulty indoor PCB. Thankfully you will be able to find out the error code from Toshiba Aircon remote control. You just have to use a pen or something sharp to poke on the checking button. The error code will appear. We can then confirm on the error code to see if it is the indoor unit pcb problem. Usually if just one of the indoor unit is facing this problem. We can more or less ascertained that it is the indoor pcb. Where as if all the indoor units are facing this problem, chances are it could be the outdoor pcb that is faulty

Outdoor unit Faulty PCB

While it does not happen as often as other Air-conditioner brands. The third most common problem found in Toshiba Air-conditioner would be the outdoor unit PCB. As mentioned earlier. There will be blinking lights in the indoor unit air-conditioner. And you will have to check on the error code on the remote control. After checking on the error code. The Aircon technician will have to open up the cover panel of the condenser unit. We can then find out the second part of the error code. We will have to see the red light that is reflected on the outdoor unit PCB board to know what is the problem exactly. Sometimes it could also be the compressor problem. Which is not related to the PCB.

Toshiba Aircon repair Price

The following are just rough estimates of Toshiba Aircon servicing and repair price :

Indoor unit PCB $180
Panasonic Aircon outdoor unit PCB : $450
Indoor unit sensor receiver : $150
Compressor Fan motor : $350
Panasonic Indoor unit fan motor : $180
Indoor unit PCB : $220

The price could be much cheaper than this if the model is readily available.
So do give us a call to find out the exact price.


Toshiba Aircon Installation

Single Split Toshiba Aircon

Toshiba single split Aircon is not widely sold in Singapore. As it is not widely sold, it is not easy to find refurbished toshiba Aircon spare parts for single split unit. Hence we would recommend buying other Aircon brands instead.

Multi Split Toshiba Air-conditioner

Toshiba Air-conditoner is a very reliable brand that is based in Japan. In recent times, Toshiba has been advertising heavily on Toshiba youme series. It is a multi split model that is using R32 gas. R32 gas is more environmentally friendly than R410 gas. However, it is not widely adopted in Singapore. Hence, if you were to do Toshiba Aircon servicing in the future on youme series. You will have to let the Aircon technician know. As they don’t usually carry R32 gas around.

Toshiba Aircon Chemical wash

As mentioned in another Article. We do not recommend Aircon chemical wash for all Aircon units. We recommend either Normal servicing or Chemical overhaul for Toshiba Aircon only. That is because chemical wash will not be able to thoroughly clean the back end of the coil. It might damage the electrical components on the fancoil unit as well. Chemical wash is defined by using chemical solution to wash the Aircon evaporator coil without dismantling the unit by itself. Over time, this process will cause the coil to be corroded. As it will be impossible to thoroughly clean off the chemical residue left on the evaporator coil.

Other Information about Toshiba Air Conditioners

Other than Toshiba Aircon servicing and repair. We also sell Toshiba Aircon spare parts. All of our Toshiba Aircon spare parts are tested, refurbished and commissioned before selling it to you. For more information, you can give us a call at 96515152.