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Midea Aircon is an up and coming Aircon brand in Singapore. We are a direct distributor of Midea Aircon. We do not just service Midea Aircon, but we are in direct contact with Midea company. Furthermore, we were invited to make a visit to their factory back in 2019. Midea Aircon has their peculiar issues. Not every Aircon technicians are capable of fixing it. A search on google regarding Midea Error code will not yield the same results on all of the websites. Hence if you are looking for someone for Midea Aircon Servicing. You will have to ensure that they are capable of repairing it, should they encounter any problems. Furthermore, even if they are capable of repairing it. They should have the relevant spare parts as well. As some of the Midea Aircon spare parts, such as PCB, are not readily available at the Midea warehouse in Singapore.


Servicing and Maintenance contract for Midea Aircon

As mentioned in the first paragraph. The most important point to consider for the Midea Aircon servicing contract is: the technician has to be able to repair it. Even though we don’t service Midea Aircon every day. We have over 100 Midea Aircon servicing contracts with us. Hence our technicians are highly experienced in repairing Midea Air-conditioner. Furthermore, we have an extensive collection of Midea Aircon spare parts. (Note: due to the covid situation, our collection of Midea Aircon spare parts might be limited).

Gas top-up for Midea Aircon: Contrary to other brands. Midea Air-conditioner in Singapore is mostly made up of inverter Aircon units. Hence most of the Midea compressor uses R410 gas. The optimum gas pressure for a Midea system 3 Aircon is around 150 – 160 PSI.


Midea Aircon Repair

When it comes to Midea Aircon servicing. It involves checking your Midea Air-conditioner when there is any problem. After checking, we will proceed to repair your Air-conditioner by changing various parts in it.

Common Midea Aircon Repair Issues

Midea compressor Thermistor

One of the most common error codes in Midea inverter Aircon is E5. E5 error could be attributed to the outdoor thermistor.  The cause of the thermistor problem could be because it is rusty. Or certain electrical component in the wiring of the thermistor is faulty. However, the Aircon technician would need to determine which particular thermistor is faulty before they could replace it for you

Fan coil Fan motor

This is not as common as the Midea compressor thermistor problem. Sometimes, during Midea Aircon servicing, we discover that the bearing of the Fan motor gets worn out. It will usually make a metal-like sound. The cause of it is likely due to faulty fan motor. Thankfully, the cost of repair for the Midea Aircon fan motor is not very expensive. It should be lesser than $180. The spare parts for this might be rare though. Here at Silverback Aircon, we have more than 10 units of this Midea Aircon spare parts.

Faulty PCB

As mentioned earlier. The most common error code for Midea Air-conditioner is the E5 error code. E5 error code is commonly attributed to the outdoor thermistor. However, other than an outdoor thermistor. It could also be due to a faulty PCB. Hence the connection between the thermistor and PCB will have an error. If you just replace the thermistor you will not be able to solve the problem. For a Layman, even if you have deduced that the problem lies with PCB. You will still have to get a professional Aircon technician down to check. Because Midea compressor PCB has 2 types. Let’s just name it TYPE A and Type B. However, unlike Mitsubishi MXY-3A28VA. Midea does not display the type of PCB it uses at the model number. Hence an Aircon technician has to open up the condensing unit cover panel. Figure out the type of PCB it is before they can purchase and replace it.


Midea Aircon Installation

Single Split Midea Aircon

Midea Aircon is famous for its single split model in China. However, we do not recommend purchasing its Single split model in Singapore. We do not doubt the quality of the Midea Air-conditioner. It’s just that Midea Single split aircon does not have widespread adoption in Singapore. Hence if there are any problems. You will have a lot of difficulty in finding Midea Aircon spare parts.

Multi Split Midea Aircon

Midea Aircon is the cheapest and most economical Air-conditioning brand in Singapore. The price of Midea Aircon is about $600 cheaper than that of Mitsubishi electric starmex. Furthermore, Midea Aircon has a warranty that is longer than other brands. For example, Midea Oasis series have a warranty of 6 years for compressor and 2 years on parts. What’s more shocking than that? Is that Midea OS Series Premium 5 ticks have a 6 years warranty on parts and compressor. This is unseen and unheard of in the Air-conditioning industry. This reflects the amount of confidence they have in their Air-conditioning parts.



Midea Aircon Chemical wash

As mentioned in another article. We do not recommend Aircon chemical wash for all Aircon units. We recommend either Normal servicing or Chemical overhaul for Midea Aircon only. That is because chemical wash will not be able to thoroughly clean the back end of the coil. It might damage the electrical components on the fan coil unit as well. Chemical wash is defined by using a chemical solution to wash the Aircon evaporator coil without dismantling the unit by itself. Over time, this process will cause the coil to be corroded. As it will be impossible to thoroughly clean off the chemical residue left on the evaporator coil.

Other Information about Midea Air Conditioners

Other than Midea Aircon servicing and repair. We also sell Midea Aircon spare parts. All of our Midea Aircon spare parts are tested, refurbished, and commissioned before selling to you. For more information, you can give us a call at 96515152.

Midea Aircon servicing

Midea Aircon Servicing Price List

Number of Units  Price for Midea Aircon Servicing
1 $50
2 $60
3 $75
4 $90
5 $110
6 $130

Midea Aircon repair Price

The following are just rough estimates of Midea Aircon servicing and repair price :

Indoor unit PCB $180
Panasonic Aircon outdoor unit PCB: $450
Indoor unit sensor receiver: $150
Compressor Fan motor: $350
Panasonic Indoor unit fan motor: $180
Indoor unit PCB: $220

The price could be much cheaper than this if the model is readily available.
So do give us a call to find out the exact price.