Types of HDB Aircon Trunking and which causes Aircon condensation?


For those of you who have Air-conditioners at home, especially in HDB flat, you would have seen your Air-conditioners linked to a big white plastic piece. It is more commonly referred to that as Aircon Trunking although there are others terms for it as well, such as Aircon casing, Aircon cover, Aircon duct. For most homeowners, Aircon installation is simply calling up your regular technician and making a purchase. However, do you know that the type of ac trunking matters? It can affect you financially but more importantly, the protection of your Aircon installation materials as well. We will run through all of these points in this article.

aircon trunking

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aircon trunking

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What is Aircon Trunking?


Aircon trunking is made of fire resistant materials like Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It has to be fire resistant as it contains electrical wires in it. Furthermore the air-conditioner trunking holds a significant weight, because it contains multiple materials such as Aircon piping, Aircon cable and water pipe. It even has to hold on to the nails and wall plug from the wall. Hence ac trunking has to be durable and the plastic cannot be easily malleable.

An air conditioner trunking is usually white in color, similar to the plastic trunking that contains your electrical cable. However, they are very different in size and slightly different in properties. In houses where there is difficulty connecting the water pipe to the floor trap, there could be a water pipe trunking running separately from the main ac trunking as well. These water pipes are similar in properties to the trunking as described.



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When is Aircon Trunking Required?


Simply put, it is required when you have to run the Aircon materials on the surface of the wall. Generally, you only need to run on the surface of the wall if there are no ways to hide these aircon materials. For example, if you have a false ceiling, Aircon trunking might not be required. This is because the Air-conditioner copper pipe can run above the false ceiling all the way to the condenser unit. However, for all HDB units, you will definitely require trunking. Sometimes this would mean concealing your AC trunking above the false ceiling.

Do you need Aircon Trunking for condominiums and Landed Properties?


For condominiums and landed properties, you mostly only need it on the outside near the condensing unit area. The trunking is installed on the exterior walls to connect to the Aircon copper pipes located inside the walls. It is installed to prevent condensation from forming on the copper pipes outside. Because heat contrasts with the coldness of the copper pipe, the Armaflex insulation protecting it will be overwhelmed with condensation. In addition, it is also more aesthetically pleasing to have the trunking concealing the other Aircon materials on the outside. For landed properties, during the construction of the house, most of the owners would opt to conceal the ac trunking. Hence, you will not see any of them inside the house. Nevertheless, the trunking is still visible from the outside.

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What types of Aircon Trunking are there?


There is not a lot of considerable differentiating factors for AC trunking. The difference only boils down to these 2 aspects: trunking size and brand.

Size of Aircon Trunking

Aircon trunking size is very important in the whole installation process. This is especially so for HDB aircon installation. The materials inside a trunking consist of: copper pipes, Armaflex insulation, water pipe and electrical wire. Among these materials, Armaflex insulation takes the largest chunk of space.

Each indoor aircon unit consists of 2 sets of copper pipes. Each set of them contains a set of Armaflex insulation. Hence for a system 4 aircon unit, one of the rooms could contain 8 sets of copper pipes. So if you were to install a smaller trunking size, you might not be able to fit all of the materials in. Nevertheless, you should not install a trunking size that is too huge as that would leave a lot of space inside the ac trunking. This space could result in condensation issues in the future. It is important to note that fxing condensation issues in an AC trunking is even more expensive.

In addition, aircon trunking is not aesthetically pleasing to most as it may seem too bulky. If you are unsure the size of the Aircon trunking that you should have at each room, feel from to call our hotline for a consultation and book an appointment for site visit for better diagnosis. (96515152)

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Aircon Trunking Brand

In most cases, Aircon trunking brands do not matter in the installation process. It only matters when the trunking is not able to hold on to the nails although this is very unlikely. However, AC trunking matters a great deal when it comes to durability. Why would you need your trunking to be durable? This is because from time to time, you will require an overhaul of your ac unit. In addition, some of the bolts of the indoor unit is tied inside the trunking of air-conditioner. This means the cover of the AC trunking has to be removed. If an AC trunking is not very durable, it will cause the trunking cover to break.



ac trunking brand litaflex





When that happens, there will be a dispute between the homeowners and the aircon technicians. The aircon technician could argue that that the trunking installed was not made of quality material, whereas the homeowner would definitely be doubting the aircon technicians’ skills. If you were to install a more durable aircon trunking, this would never have happened. When it comes to Air-conditioner trunking brands, LITAFLEX casing has the best quality when it comes to durability. Nevertheless, it is more expensive as compared to other brands. It costs twice as much but is definitely a worthy investment.

Active Plastics Pte Ltd



Active Plastics is a plastic manufacturing company supplying quality and reliable plastic products at competitive price in Singapore. The products they offering includes uPVC Aircon Trunking, which complies strictly to Singapore Standard SS 275 : 1999 and is designed to provide heat and chemical resistance, high impact and combustion strength, and corrosive free.

Aircon Trunking of other brands


There are other Aircon trunking brands out there. We tend not to use other brands not because they are bad. But rather, ac trunking tends to have different shades of white. So it may not be entirely possible to mix and match the trunking. So to try out a different brand may be a hassle. Furthermore, the difference in trunking brand for air-conditioner may have to do with how hard or durable the plastic. Do not worry as the plastics will not drop off. However, if your brand that is of subpar quality. It may crack easily when you attempt to do Aircon chemical overhual next time. As the joint tends to be hidden within the trunking.

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What types of Aircon trunking causes Aircon condensation?


Aircon trunking brand usually doesn’t cause aircon condensation. It is the inappropriate sizing of the trunking that may cause Aircon condensation. For example of an Aircon installer over-squeeze the piping into the trunking, it may cause Aircon condensation. improper method of wrapping the Aircon insulation can also cause Aircon condensation. Hence overall, it is not the trunking that causes it. With that being said, in my opinion the brand of Aircon trunking still matters.

Conclusion :


In conclusion, do check out the types of aircon trunking that your chosen aircon technician is using. Before making the purchase, you might also want to find out the other Aircon installation materials that they are using. The price of Aircon installation for system 3 is up to a thousand dollars. Hence you would want to make sure you are making the most out of your money by getting the best service right from the start. If you have any other queries on Aircon installation or air conditioners in general, do seek us at Silverback Aircon for free professional consultation. (+65 96515152)

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