Is your aircon thermistor faulty? how much to fix

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Aircon Repair – What is an Aircon thermistor?


It is a piece of component that is located in fancoil unit and condenser unit. Aircon thermistor is an electrical component. The force of opposing flow of current varies with temperature. When the temperature decreases, the resistance becomes higher. Therefore, the present flow within the thermistor represents the present temperature. Because it have high thermal sensitivity, small in size and sturdy against shock. They are used in various products supporting our daily lives. And one of them is in an Aircon. An AC makes the room cooler by absorbing heat and supplying cool air with the evaporator coil. It discharges the absorbed heat through the outdoor unit. In order to control temperature, thermistors are used in both indoor and outdoor units. It is sometimes referred to as temperature sensor. Aircon thermistor price depends on type. And the cost of Aircon thermistor replacement depends on model and difficulty in replacement.



What type of AC thermistors are there?

AC thermistors are used to measure supply and return Air temperature. Coil , water and ambient air temperature. Aircon thermistor replacement involves changing the exact thermistor that has malfunctioned. Aircon thermistor price is typically inexpensive. However the work that involves in replacing them can be very tedious. As the technician will have to carefully dismantle and fix it without damaging the parts. 


Indoor Ac thermistor


This is the thermistor that is found in the Indoor unit. It is used to control the temperature from the evaporator coil. As mentioned earlier, this is the thermistor used to measure coil temperature.


Outdoor thermistor

This is found inside the outdoor unit, it is attached to the end of the copper tube. This thermistor is connected to the main control board in the outdoor unit. If the resistance it measures falls out of the range or spectrum. It will indicate to the motherboard that it is faulty. And this will in turn cause an error code to be displayed. It will likely shut down the unit before any more damage can occur to the Air-conditioner


Common reasons an Aircon thermistor could go bad?


A thermistor does not usually spoil. Most of the time it can last throughout the entire lifespan of an Air-conditioner. Nevertheless, there are certain brands of Aircon that have thermistors that become defective easily. The 2 most commons reasons a thermistor could go bad is due to rust and corrosion. It could also be due to broken, cut or defrayed wires.


How to tell if your AC thermistor is faulty?


Error code regarding Aircon thermistor :

This is by far the easiest way to know if the AC thermistor is faulty. An Air-conditioner could be displayed in the indoor unit. It can also be displayed in the outdoor unit and on the remote control. Let’s use Mitsubishi Aircon as an example, if the indoor thermistor is faulty. You will be able to see the lights blinking multiple times on the indoor unit. Following which, you will have to remove the fancoil cover. The error code will be indicated inside the blower unit. If the number of blinking light indicates that the thermistor is faulty. It will then have to be replaced. If it is a Daikin Aircon instead, the error code will be indicated on the Aircon remote control instead.



By measuring the resistance using a Multimeter :


There are times when the thermistor fails to indicate to the control board that it has malfunctioned. This can be due to faulty electrical ends of the wire. Hence, if you were to suspect that the thermistor is faulty. Simply use a multimeter to check on the resistance value of the thermistor. You will have to do an Aircon thermistor replacement if it is out of range.



How much does it cost to fix an AC thermistor ?


Aircon thermistor price in Singapore would very much depends on the type of thermistor you require. And which brand are you looking at. It is also possible to use reconditioned aircon spare parts as well. Because the life span of a thermistor is actually very long. For an indoor Aircon thermistor, it will typically cost between $90 – $160. Depending on the brand, and whether it is brand new. Outdoor Aircon thermistor price could cost between $150 – $250. Again, it depends on brand, new or refurbished and also how many sets of thermistor you are looking at.



Conclusion :


If you are still unsure whether you Aircon thermistor has malfunctioned. You might want to call up a professional Aircon repair company to check on it. Here at Silverback Aircon, we sell a variety of Aircon spare parts and conduct repair of Air-conditioners. Feel free to call us at 96515152 to check on Aircon thermistor price or enquire on Aircon thermistor replacement.

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