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Aircon Services that we provide


Normal Aircon cleaning


General Aircon washing, also known as normal Aircon servicing. They are responsible for the general maintenance and checking of the Air-conditioner. If you Aircon is leaking or dripping water. Normal servicing would suffice. Unless it is leaking from the back tray. For heavy users of Air-conditioner, you might wish to sign up for Aircon servicing contract instead. Our price for Aircon-servicing can be as low as $16.

What is involved in Aircon Servicing?


1. Removing and cleaning of Aircon Cover

2. Washing of Aircon filter

3 .Checking for drainage pan for choke

4 .Checking for gas leaking (if any)

5. Cleaning and Vacuum of evaporator coil

6. Vacuuming of drainage pipe

7. Installing back Aircon Cover

Aircon Servicing Price

Price for Aircon servicing

Number of Units Price for Aircon servicing
1  $55
2  $65
3  $80
4/5/6 units $95/$115/$135
7/8/9 units  $155/$175/$195
10 units and above  $20/ unit

Aircon Maintenance Contract Price

Number of Units  Annual Price (Quarterly servicing)
1 unit  –
2 units  $200
3 units  $240
4 units  $300
5 units  $360
6 units  $400

Price for Aircon chemical overhaul

Number of units Aircon chemical overhaul Price
1 $130 ($150 for 18k btu)
2 $260
3 $390
4 or more Whatsapp us for price

Aircon Gas Top Up Price

Gas Type Aircon Gas top up Price
R22 $70-$80
R410 $100-$120
R32 $180 onwards
Troubleshooting $55, will be waived for any services done

Want to know more about


  • Do you know the properties you are installing in matters?


  • What kind of air-con do you plan to install at each location?


  • Do you know what aircon BTU and how to calculate it?

Other Aircon services that we provide

Aircon Repair


Checking for your Air-conditioner is included in the scope of Aircon servicing. If one or more of your Air-conditioner is not functioning. We will check and diagnose the problem, and quote you on the price. For common models such as Mitsubishi Aircon. We carry spare parts with us. So you might be able to enjoy same day Aircon repair. However, most of the time, we will have to arrange for a second trip. Aircon repair starts from as low as $40.

aircon PCB

Aircon Installation


If you are a heavy Aircon user in Singapore. And you are you using a non inverter Aircon. You might wish to change your Aircon instead of repairing it. We provide Aircon installation service for both residential and commercial units. We sell various Aircon brands such as Mitsubishi Aircon, Daikin AC, Panasonic Air-conditioner and Midea Aircon.

Aircon parts

Aircon Chemical Wash


Normal Aircon chemical wash is the cleaning of fan-coil units using a special chemical solution. Aircon chemical wash does not dismantle the entire Air-con unit. As a matter of fact. We do not recommend Aircon chemical wash. However, if there is budget concern from your end. Or for some reason you have to do Aircon chemical cleaning. Our chemical wash price can be as low as $60 per unit.

aircon chemical wash

Chemical overhaul


Instead of normal chemical wash. We recommend Aircon chemical overhaul instead. Aircon chemical overhaul dismantles the entire fan-coil unit. Does not leave residue on the cooling coil. The warranty period is as long as 3 months. Furthermore, enjoy free Aircon gas top for 3 units or more. Our Aircon chemical overhaul price is as low as $90.

Chemical Overhaul

Aircon Pressure test


Aircon gas leak can occur in both Aircon compressor and Aircon gas pipe. However the biggest issue is, you will never be able to know which is leaking if you do a surface check. The only way to find out is via Aircon pressure test. Furthermore this is an expensive process. Here at Silverback Aircon, we provide in depth consultation before you decide if it is worth it to proceed with Aircon pressure test.

aircon pressure test

Aircon gas Top up


If your Aircon is still cold, chances are you do not need an Aircon gas top up. Nonetheless you might encounter lost of Aircon gas pressure over time. And you might Aircon gas top from time to time. However if you experience Aircon gas leak problem frequently. You might need An Aircon pressure test to discover the root of the problem

Aircon gas top up

Can Aircon Servicing stop Aircon leaking water?

If the water is leaking from the front.


Yes, aircon servicing does help to stop water leakage to a certain extent. However, if it is leaking from the back tray, you might have to do a chemical overhaul to stop it from leaking. 

Aircon leaking water due to condensation


There are a lot of factors that can cause condensation issues. This includes dirty evaporator coil. Aircon servicing alone may not help. We will have to troubleshoot this on site.

What to do if your Aircon is not cold?

Aircon Not Cold 

Aircon Troubleshooting

Aircon Blinking Light

Aircon Leaking Gas

Aircon Servicing for various brands

Error Codes for Aircon Repair

Mitsubishi / Daikin / Panasonic

aircon repair

When troubleshooting your Mitsubishi Aircon Unit, aircon technicians will ask for the number of times your aircon light is blinking. This is because that is a pretty good indicator displaying the problem with your aircon. When the technicians have a good idea on what the issue is, they can then repair your aircon unit efficiently. Repairing your Mitsubishi Aircon can cost as low as $60.

When troubleshooting your Daikin Aircon Unit, aircon technicians will look for the error code shown on your Daikin Aircon remote control straight away. Daikin has a very comprehensive list of error codes get an accurate diagnosis of the issue with your aircon. Therefore more often than not, it is easier to diagnose a Daikin Aircon Unit as compared to other brands. Repairing your Daikin Aircon can cost as low as $80.

When troubleshooting your Panasonic Aircon Unit, aircon technicians will look for the error code on your Panasonic Aircon remote controller. Although the list of error code is not as extensive as Daikin’s, it is still a pretty good indicator on what the problem is. When the technicians have a good idea on what the issue is, they can then repair your aircon unit efficiently. Repairing your Panasonic Aircon can cost as low as $50.


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Aircon Servicing FAQ 


  • Will my parts get damaged during Aircon servicing?

This is extremely unlikely. Normal Aircon cleaning only deals with your Aircon FCU. It does not do component replacement. Nevertheless, for certain brands it’s also possible that certain parts get taken out during Aircon servicing. For example, during Mitsubishi Aircon servicing, the Aircon contractor may have to take out certain component to remove the drainage pan. This process is extremely rare. Generally, if the Aircon is functioning after servicing. It could not be attributed to the Aircon technician’s fault.

  • Will Aircon Servicing solve Aircon not cold problem?

Normal Aircon servicing involves checking and troubleshooting of the Aircon unit. It is already included in the package. However normal Aircon maintenance will not be able to get rid of the dirt that is clogged deep inside the unit. If it is very dirty, it may require chemical overhaul. If there is aircon blinking light, it may require Aircon spare parts replacement.

  • Is it more worth it to sign up for Aircon package?

By Aircon package we refer to Aircon maintenance contract. And that depends on how often you use your Aircon and if your Aircon is placed above any important equipments. If you use your Aircon on daily basis you will have to service your Aircon often. Hence it may be more worth it to engage in Aircon contract servicing. Furthermore, if you place electronics items such as TV or computer below your Aircon. You have to service your Aircon regularly to ensure that there is no Aircon water leaking.

Terms and conditions apply to all forms of services provided

1. Credit card payment has to be arranged 1-2 days before the day of service.
2. Multiple Unit prices are only applicable to units that are located in the same block. (yes you can share with your neighbor)
3. Additional Charges might apply for Fan coil of 18000 Btu and larger
4. For the Aircon Cassette unit, please click here to see the Aircon Servicing Price
5. Additional Charges might be applicable for a job after 7 pm.
6. Warranty does not include defects from Aircon parts itself
7. 1-month warranty for Normal Servicing.
8. 3 months warranty for Chemical overhaul
9. General Aircon servicing price is lower if done with a chemical wash.