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Aircon Repair in Singapore

Find out the different types of Aircon repair cost. In addition, you can check out our Aircon repair in Singapore FAQ at the bottom. For more information on ceiling aircon cassette units, check out our ceiling cassette promotion page instead.



Different types of aircon repair in Singapore and how much does the Aircon repair cost

Is your aircon not working properly as it should be? Some telltale signs include, loud noises when switched on, the weird smell when it is used.  Thankfully, aircon can be easily repaired or replaced. On this page we will share with you some valuable information about Aircon repair and the cost! Do note that repair for ceiling cassette aircon units will have a different set of pricing and information.

Aircon PCB replacement

Printed Circuit boards in an aircon are like the “brains”. PCBs are found in both indoor & outdoor units of an aircon. These perform complicated instructions and execution. Nonetheless, electrical components are subject to wear and tear. The entire PCB must be replaced if there are any non-working aircon components. Since PCBs are found in both indoor & outdoor units of an aircon, both aircon units may face PCB issues. The estimated aircon repair cost for PCB (residential unit) is between $350 to $900.

aircon PCB

Aircon Fan Motor Repair

This is a seemingly simple problem to diagnose. If your aircon compressor is running, but your condenser unit fan is not spinning when you switch to aircon fan mode, it means that the fan motor has malfunctioned. However the complication comes in because the PCB can cause Aircon fan motor issue as well. By using a second hand Aircon fan motor, the price for replacement can be reduced to $150 for a system 1 fan motor unit and up to $400 if you decide to get a new aircon fan motor.


Aircon Thermistor Repairs

Aircon thermistor is a type of temperature sensor that you can find in aircon systems. They detect temperature fluctuations and send a resistance signal to the aircon control module.This is one of the more common type of Aircon repair in Singapore. If the thermistor is defective or corroded, it will not provide the proper signal for the control board to turn the compressor circuit on. This will cause the aircon to blow cold air for a while before the aircon power lights start blinking and blows warm air out. The aircon thermistor repair price in Singapore is usually between $70 to $200 .

Aircon Thermistor

Aircon Capacitor Repairs

 Typically, we will advise most home owners to seek professional help in troubleshooting Aircon capacitor issues and replacement of capacitors. Capacitor is a dangerous electrical equipment and it has to be handled with care. Here at Silverback Aircon, our trained technicians will troubleshoot your Aircon issue for you and get it replaced. Call us at 96515152 if you need a check on your Aircon unit.

Aircon Capacitor

Aircon Compressor

The most vital component of an air conditioning unit is the aircon compressor. Its role is to transfer warm air from within a room to its exterior and basically cooling a room. However, with extensive use comes extensive repair as the components of any aircon unit is subject to damage, making aircon servicing a complementary service with an aircon unit. The price for an aircon compressor repairs largly depends after troubleshooting. Find out more in our guide.“5 types of aircon compressor repairs

aircon compressor

Aircon Spare Part Replacement

Aircons, though durable and long-lasting, eventually spoil and this is most likely due to wear and tear of their individual components such as the compressor, thermistor, evaporator etc. As such, you will need regular servicing and maintenance of the units to keep them in tip top condition. However, Aircon repair cost may be too much for some With many of you choosing to resort to the cheaper option of going out and getting your own aircon spare parts when they start to become faulty.

Regardless of the reason, purchasing air con spare parts are often cheaper than purchasing a brand new air conditioning unit.

This, however, begs the question, where to buy aircon spare parts in Singapore?

Aircon parts

Aircon Repair FAQ

Is there any warranty for Aircon repair?


How long is the warranty for Aircon repair?

Up to 3 months, depending on the parts that you require

What is the most common issue for AC repair

Depending on brand and model. Each brand and model has a specific issue that appears more frequently. For example, some of the LG non inverter model and Toshiba inverter Aircon has sensor receiver issue. Mitsubishi starmex inverter has valve related issue from time to time. Older Midea inverter Aircon has thermistor and PCB issue for its condenser unit. For Fujitsu inverter Aircon it is thermistor related issue.


Is the diagnostic 100% accurate?

Aircon repair troubleshooting is the same as a visit to a doctor. If you go to 3 different doctors you may receive 3 different diagnosis. Here at Silverback Aircon. We have our methodology in Aircon repair diagnostic based on our experience. For example, an error code for Mitsubishi Fn series condenser can indicate fan motor error. Another aircon company might suggest changing only the fan motor. But our technicians may suggest changing both the PCB and fan motor. As we have our reasons to suspect it is the PCB that have caused the fan motor to malfunction. So who is right and who is wrong? Our suggestion is, have faith in the Aircon technician that you engage in. Overtime, if the company fails to live up to standard. You can always switch to another company.

Do you use refurbish Aircon spare parts or new ones for Aircon repair in Singapore?

It is up to you. We typically provide the price for both. The price for refurbished Aircon spare parts is about half of new ones. Some of the models have more sensitive spare parts, hence we might recommend new ones. Whereas some models have exorbitant price for new spare parts. In that case a refurbished one might be a lot more economical.

Is the warranty for Aircon repair Singapore the same for refurbish spare parts and brand new ones?

Yes it is the same. Contrary to popular belief. The agents actually don’t provide us with any warranty when we purchase new Aircon spare parts from them. The warranty that we provide is based on our service instead.

What to do if my Aircon is blowing hot air?

It depends if your Aircon is blowing hot air or if the Air is just not coming out. If the Air is not coming out you might need to do Aircon chemical overhaul instead. However if your Aircon is blowing hot Air, we will have to check what part of your Ac is defective.

Is it more worth it to repair Aircon or change to new ones?

It depends on whether your Aircon is inverter or not. Furthermore, it also depends on how often you use your Aircon. If you use your Aircon sparingly, Aircon repair is a better choice. Nonetheless if you need help in Aircon installation. Check out our page for more information.

Do you do Aircon repair for commercial units?

 Yes we do aircon repair for commercial units as well. However, do let us know if we need any fireman ladder to access the condenser unit. Aircon repair cost for commercial units might be higher depending on the model. Commercial units normally use cassette aircon units due to larger space.

Error Codes for Aircon Repair

Mitsubishi / Daikin / Panasonic

aircon repair

Mitsubishi Error Code

When troubleshooting your Mitsubishi Aircon Unit, aircon technicians will ask for the number of times your aircon light is blinking. This is because that is a pretty good indicator displaying the problem with your aircon. When the technicians have a good idea on what the issue is, they can then repair your aircon unit efficiently. Repairing your Mitsubishi Aircon can cost as low as $60.

Daikin Aircon Error Code

When troubleshooting your Daikin Aircon Unit, aircon technicians will look for the error code shown on your Daikin Aircon remote control straight away. Daikin has a very comprehensive list of error codes get an accurate diagnosis of the issue with your aircon. Therefore more often than not, it is easier to diagnose a Daikin Aircon Unit as compared to other brands. Repairing your Daikin Aircon can cost as low as $80.

Panasonic Error Code

When troubleshooting your Panasonic Aircon Unit, aircon technicians will look for the error code on your Panasonic Aircon remote controller. Although the list of error code is not as extensive as Daikin’s, it is still a pretty good indicator on what the problem is. When the technicians have a good idea on what the issue is, they can then repair your aircon unit efficiently. Repairing your Panasonic Aircon can cost as low as $50.