Introduction: Aircon Removal Service

Air-conditioners are very essential to almost any place that we are working or living in. However, there are times when we can only install a set of Air-conditioners for a certain period. For example, in an HDB rental unit, if the tenants were to move out. They have to remove all of the Air-conditioners, as well as the installation materials. Otherwise, there could be a fine imposed on them. Similarly, for commercial units, most of the contracts have a reinstatement clause in it. This means you will have to remove all Air-conditioners and installation materials before you move out. You will also have to do a full reinstatement. Even if the landlord agrees to let you keep the Air-conditioner. You might not want to leave it there to benefit the landlord. Because you might have spent a huge chunk of money buying and installing these units. Whether you intend to remove this Aircon due to a contract clause. Or if you are seeking for Aircon removal service to keep those Aircon for yourself. You have come to the right place.

Note: If you are looking to remove your Aircon because you need an Aircon installation service, please click on the link instead.

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Types of Aircon removal service

1. Residential Aircon Removal


This type of Aircon removal Service is by far the easiest option. For a system 3 Aircon unit, the whole removal process will only take about 30min to 1 hour. The most difficult part of this is the removal of the condensing unit. As there could object and furniture obstructing the removal for it. Furthermore, it is highly dangerous especially if the condenser unit is sitting on an Aircon bracket.

2. Full Residential AC Removal


Type A is the easiest but it is also very rare. Residential Aircon removal service could be for rental units. However, homeowners that are selling their house might request to remove the Aircon and keep it for themselves. Therefore, in these cases, it would not be very appropriate to leave the Aircon materials hanging there. Imagine a set of copper pipes popping out from the wall before handling the unit to the next owner. Whether the new buyer agrees to buy the flat with this Air-conditioner or not. It would have to depend on the agreement of both parties.

3. Normal Commercial Aircon Removal


This type of removal is easy if the Aircon condensing unit is easily accessible. Even for certain locations, the Aircon compressor might be very high up. In these instances, only a fire ladder can assess. Even with a fire ladder, it might take a few people to assist. Hence the price would depend on the accessibility of the Aircon.

4. Commercial AC Removal with High Ceiling Heights


This is by far the most expensive option of all. It also involves a lot of manpower in this removal service. Most of the time, in this case, a ceiling cassette is installed at the top of a warehouse. Therefore, we will require a scaffold to access and remove the unit. For this kind of Aircon removal service, if you previously installed a second-hand unit. It might be best to renegotiate with the Owner and give the Aircon to them. So that you can save on the cost of the Aircon removal. However, if you purchase the Air-conditioner yourself. You might have to weigh the pros and cons of keeping the Aircon vs removing it.

Scope for Aircon Removal Service

Aircon Removal Service involves :


  1. Dismantling of all indoor unit
  2. Removal of the bracket holding indoor unit
  3. Removal of Air-conditioning compressor
  4. Optional – cutting and removal of copper pipes jutting out from the wall

Full Aircon Removal Service involves :


  1. Removal of all Aircon installation materials
  2. Patching up of holes
  3. Removal of Air-conditioning compressor
  4. Dismantling of all indoor unit
  5. Removal of the metal bracket holding to the compressor
  6. Patching up of ceiling (if necessary and optional)
  7. Removal of the bracket holding indoor unit

Aircon Removal Price List

Normal Aircon removal service would cost: Between $50 – $150

Full aircon removal service for residential: $120 – $200

Full aircon removal service for commercial properties: Call for a quote

(We are unable to give you the price for Commercial Aircon removal as we have to see the difficulty involved. It would be best for you to send a picture of it to our WhatsApp)


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FAQ on Aircon Removal

How do I go about Aircon removal with you guys?

Firstly, snap a picture of all the air-conditioners you intend to remove. Do let us know

      1. What type of location is it? ( residential or what type of commercial units)
      2. How many indoor units to remove? ( example 2 x fan-coil unit or 2 x ceiling cassette)
      3. How many condensing units are there?

We will only be able to give you accurately after assessing all of the factors above.

If I do not find the removal to be satisfactory, can I ask you guys to come over and touch up?

This rarely happens. But to prevent any sort of miscommunication from happening. We would need you to be there when the Aircon removal is completed. This is to ensure that the whole aircon removal is to your satisfaction.

My air-conditioners are very new. Would there be any trade-in value?

Firstly, snap a picture of all the models involved. For example, if there are 3 indoor units and 1 outdoor unit, you have to let us know the models for all of them. So that we can accurately assess and see if we can give any rebate for it. It will also depend on the difficulty of removal for the Aircon.