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First and foremost, our Aircon promotion prices come with Aircon installation. If you are totally clueless about Aircon installation  , refer to the guide in the blue text. This article not only provides you with the promotional pricing of aircon, but also the features of each brand and model. Furthermore, we also try to assist you in planning for the BTU needed to help in your decision making. Therefore, after reading this article, you should have a very good understanding of Aircon Promotion in Singapore. Lastly, do contact us at 96515152 for any additional information!

Aircon Promotion for Various Systems

Single Split / System 1 Aircon

system 1 air-conditioner

Here we review the best System 1 Aircon promotion base on price and popularity. We have a range of Single split Aircon from 9000 to 24000 BTU!

System 2 Aircon Promotion

A picture describing a system 2 air-conditioner with 1 aircon condenser and 2 fancoil unit

Do you wish to install Aircon for both of your rooms? Check out our System 2 Aircon promotion. Prices Start from $1599. Furthermore, we will also be reviewing on which is the best and most popular system 2 Aircon out there.

System 3 Aircon Promotion

system 3 aircon promotion

System 3 Aircon is known to be the most popular choice out there. However, do you know that the longest warranty you can get for a system 3 Aircon is 6 years on spare parts? Find out the price of system 3 Aircon, price starting from $1799!

System 4 Aircon Promotion

system 4 aircon promo

Which is the most reliable brand if you wish to install system 4 Aircon? Many people struggle with this question. Hence, here we let you know which is the most practical model for installing in 3 bedrooms and 1 living room. Our price starts from $2499.

System 5 Aircon in Singapore

System 5 aicon

Firstly, if you would like to know if you can install a system 5 Aircon in hdb, click on the link in blue.  However, there are very limited choices for system 5 Aircon selection in HDB. Check out our system 5 Aircon promo for more info.

VRV System installation

Daikin Aircon

We also install VRV system for commercial properties. However, we are unable to provide a price as it depends on system requirements. Therefore do Call/WhatsApp us at 96515152 to book an appointment for a site visit for us to provide you with a better diagnosis.

Brands – Aircon Promotion

Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion

Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion

Firstly, for residential units in Singapore, Mitsubishi Aircon is the most popular. It currently has only one series for both multi split and single split. As for multi-split model, it is Mitsubishi Starmex Fn Series. Price starts from $1899.

Daikin Aircon Promotion

daikin aircon promotion

Next, Daikin is the most popular Aircon brand in the world. Its latest series is the Daikin Ismile series. Incredibly, it has 5 ticks energy efficiency and is equipped with wifi. Furthermore, it has a promotional warranty of up to 3 years for parts.

Midea Aircon Promotion

Midea system 2 aircon

Subsequently, we have Midea. Midea has one of the most affordable pricing for Aircon promotion in Singapore. Additionally, it also has the longest warranty period – up to 6 years warranty on some of it’s Air-conditioners. Silverback Aircon is a direct distributor of Midea aircon. Thus if you have decided to install Midea Aircon or require servicing for Midea Aircon, hit us up for attractive prices!

York Aircon Promotion

Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion

Moreover, if you have a lower budget for Air-conditioners, do consider York Aircon as well. Its cooling capabilities are great for its price and it is often overlooked.

System 2
YCHMYC021 / YCHMXC09 X2 (9000BTU X2) – $1580

System 3
YCHMYC021 / YCHMXC09 X3 (9000 BTU x 3) – $1880

System 4
YCHMYC028 / YCHMXC09 X3 + YCHMXC18 – $2580

Panasonic Aircon Promotion

panasonic aircon review

Panasonic offers mid tier pricing for quality air-conditioners in Singapore – cheaper than Mitsubishi Starmex but more expensive than Midea and York. In terms of worldwide Air-conditioner sales however, it is stronger than Mitsubishi electric.

These 2 are the more commonly sold model for Panasonic Aircon Singapore:
Panasonic XS series 5 ticks
Panasonic Single Split (non-ioniser)

LG Artcool Plus Aircon

Midea system 2 aircon

Lastly, do you fancy a sleek looking black, reflective Aircon at home? LG Aircon has one of the beset looking designs out there. Price is as follows:

A3UQ18GFAO / AMNC09GDJRO X2 (9000BTU X2) – $2250 nett

A4UQ26GFA2 / AMNC09GDJRO X3 (9000BTU X3) – $2980 nett

A4UQ26GFA2 / AMNC09GDJRO X4  + AMNC24GDKRO (9000BTU X3 + 24000 BTU) – $3780 nett

Ceiling Cassette Aircon Promotion

18000 BTU

ceiling cassette aircon 18000 btu

If your office space is about twice the size of a HDB bedroom, you will typically require a 18000 BTU Ceiling Cassette Aircon. However, do note that some of the 18000 BTU ceiling cassette unit refers to mini cassette. Thus you will have to decide on the type you require before making a purchase. Unsure on which to choose? Feel free to give us a Call/WhatsApp at 96515152 for free consultation or book an appointment with us for a site visit!

24000 BTU


If the place you are buying a ceiling cassette for is about the size of a 4 room flat HDB living room, you will probably need 24000 BTU. However, you might need a bigger ceiling cassette unit if you have a higher ceiling. Currently, Daikin has a promotion for the ceiling cassette with 24000 BTU.

30000 Btu

landed property with ceiling cassette aircon

Next, you might need a 30000 BTU Ceiling Cassette for living rooms in some landed properties. Whereas for some office walkways, you might need 2 smaller 18000 BTU ceiling cassettes instead to ensure that the whole walkway is well ventilated.

36000 Btu

ceiling cassette aircon promotion singapore

36000 BTU Ceiling Cassette Aircon is more relevant for warehouse units that wish to cover the entire area. However, most of the time one 36000 BTU unit is not enough. Hence, it’s always best to calculate the total BTU required first. This is because it allows for better planning of which units you need to purchase.

42000 Btu

aircon promotion singapore

The biggest ceiling cassette available with the highest BTU. It is typically used for warehouse or office space with extremely high ceiling. In addition, it is also useful for retail outlets that constantly open their doors for customers because they need more energy from the aircon to cool down.

Ceiling Suspend

aircon promotion singapore

If your commercial property is “L” in shape, you might need a ceiling suspend Air-conditioner for the longer end of the room. If you are still unsure which Aircon is suitable, feel free to send us your floorplan on WhatsApp (96515152) and we can guide you on this.

Decided on the BTU requirements but unsure of ceiling cassette brands? Don’t worry, we got you covered. The infographic below is a summary of this article which contains the Features of every Brand of Ceiling Cassette Aircon.

airocn promotion singapore


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