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Our Aircon promotion prices come with Aircon installation. If you are totally clueless about Aircon installation, refer to the guide in the blue text. This article not only provides you with the promotional pricing of aircon, but also the features of each brand and model. Furthermore, we also try to assist you in planning for the BTU needed to help in your decision making. Therefore, after reading this article, you should have a very good understanding of Aircon Promotion in Singapore. Lastly, do contact us at 96515152 for any additional information!

Aircon Promotion for Various Systems

System 1 Aircon

Here we review the best System 1 Aircon promotion base on price and popularity. We have a range of Single split Aircon from 9000 to 24000 BTU!

System 2 Aircon

Do you wish to install Aircon for both of your rooms? Check out our System 2 Aircon promotion. Prices Start from $1599. Furthermore, we will also be reviewing on which is the best and most popular system 2 Aircon out there.

System 3 Aircon

System 3 Aircon is known to be the most popular choice out there. However, do you know that the longest warranty you can get for a system 3 Aircon is 6 years on spare parts? Find out the price of system 3 Aircon, price starting from $1799!

System 4 Aircon

Which is the most reliable brand if you wish to install system 4 Aircon? Many people struggle with this question. Hence, here we let you know which is the most practical model for installing in 3 bedrooms and 1 living room. Our price starts from $2499.

System 5 Aircon

System 5 Aircon

Firstly, if you would like to know if you can install a system 5 Aircon in HDB, click on the link in blue.  However, there are very limited choices for system 5 Aircon selection in HDB. Check out our system 5 Aircon promo for more info.

VRV System

VRV System

We also install VRV system for commercial properties. However, we are unable to provide a price as it depends on system requirements. Therefore do Call/WhatsApp us at 96515152 to book an appointment for a site visit for us to provide you with a better diagnosis.

Daikin Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • Clear Refrigerant – Daikin ceiling cassette uses R410 gas which is a greener refrigerant. Aircons contribute to environmental problems a lot. But with the use of R410 gas, it can reduce the impact.
  • Comfortable 360 degree airflow with round flow cassette – A commercial space will most likely be huge, but with Daikin ceiling cassette, you can be sure that the air will reach the extended areas, with its 360 degree airflow.
  • Quiet Sound Levels 28db – Enjoy a quiet space with Daikin silent mode that can go as low as 28db. Rumbling noises when the aircon is operating has always been a common problem, but with Daikin you no longer have to worry about the noises.

Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • Less Cold Draft – The horizontal airflow function keeps the air from blowing at a specific area underneath it. This can prevent over chilling and evenly distribute the air.
  • 360 Wide & Comfortable Airflow –  This is designed to distribute air from the centre, while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air is also blown in a circular motion.
  • Wide-flow Air Outlet – Enables effective air-conditioning with rooms that have high ceilings of up to 4.5m. There is no need to worry if the commercial area is too big.

Panasonic Ceiling Cassette Aircon Features

  • Compact Flat Panel Design with Built-in Drain Pump – allows easy installation and a stylish appearance, the drain pump allows condensation to be expelled up to 85-mm from the base of the unit.
  • Air-purification System – The air-purification system allows the air to be purified, giving you a comfortable and fresh environment.
  • 360 Wide & Comfortable Airflow –  This is designed to distribute sir from the centre. while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air is also blown in a circular motion.
  • Anti-corrosion – It is equipped with blue fin technology, which increase resistance to corrosion compared to non-blue fin models.


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