Introduction to Aircon Pressure test




Air conditioning services have become increasingly prevalent in Singapore in residential homes and various public or private facilities. Especially with how uncomfortable hot and humid Singapore’s weather can get. Many people rely heavily on air conditioning services for relief and comfort. However, many people often neglect the proper maintenance of their air conditioning. They fail to realise the importance of regular maintenance. They are unaware of the appropriate courses of action that they should take in order to fix problems they might encounter with their air conditioning systems. In some circumstances, it might lead to the need to do Aircon pressure test. 

What is an Aircon pressure test


There are several issues that may cause an air conditioning system to fail its function of providing cold air to a room. One cause of this problem could be a depletion in refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system. Hence, when this problem is encountered, the precise point of a gas leak needs to be determined. This is accomplished with  a useful procedure known as an Air Conditioner Pressure Test. Aircon pressure test involves pumping nitrogen gas into the gas pipe, fancoil and condenser unit. The purpose is to find out which part of the system is leaking gas. This process is essential to define the scope of repair services and to rectify all faults in the system. 

aircon pressure test gas leak

Aircon Pressure Test Price

This is the maximum price for Aircon pressure test. It can be cheaper than this depending on the difficulty of this.

Number of units  Price
1 $150
2 $300
3 $400
4 $500

When is Aircon pressure test required?

Aircon is not cold enough : Aircon pressure test

You really only need to do this when you Aircon is not cold enough. If your Aircon is perfectly fine, you shouldn’t even be on this page. However an exception applies for new homeowners. If you are a new home owner, you will not be able to tell if your aircon gas pipe is fine. For these instances, a pressure test might be required. Especially if your Aircon is working perfectly fine now.

You just top up refrigerant a few months ago but Aircon is not blowing cold air now

If you have just topped up your refrigerant a few months ago. And your aircon is not cold enough now. There could be a gas leak somewhere in the Aircon system. Firstly, you have to ensure that your Aircon is faulty. If you see blinking lights on your indoor unit or if the fan is not blowing at all. It could be a sign that your system has malfunctioned. This has nothing to do with gas leakage. However, if the Aircon is working perfectly. But not cold air is coming out. It could be that parts of your Aircon system may be malfunctioning.

You just bought your Aircon a few years ago

Relating from the paragraph above. If you aircon is not cold enough but you have just bought your Aircon a few years ago. We would strongly recommend an aircon pressure test. But first of all, you have to ensure that your aircon isn’t faulty. Although it’s incredibly rare for a gas pipe to leak within a few years of installation. It is just as unlikely for the Aircon compressor to leak gas within a few years. If you wish to fix this problem without a pressure test. The only other way to do it is to change the entire Aircon system. That might be easy for hdb home owners. But it could very costly of condo and landed property owners.

When you just bought a new home but have yet to renovate

We would strongly encourage the new home owner to just change a new set of piping for a hdb resale flat. Because for a hdb unit it would be relatively easy to change. It will be a lot more cost effective to install new piping as compared to Aircon pressure test. However, it is a lot more costly for condo and landed properties. The cost of renovation is a lot more substantial than a HDB unit. Most of the copper pipes are hidden inside the walls. So if you only realise that there is a gas leak after you move in. You might have to redo parts of the renovation all over again. That will be very costly! Hence, for new owners who have just purchased a landed property. We would strongly recommend you to do an aircon pressure test if you decide to use back the gas pipe.

What is the procedure of Aircon Pressure Test? 


Aircon pressure test starts off by pumping in nitrogen dioxide into the copper pipes, fan coil unit and condensing unit of the air conditioning system. By monitoring gas levels over a period of time and noting drops in gas level. We can identify the specific copper pipe of the air conditioning that is leaking. After locating the part that is leaking. The affected area will be assessed in order to determine the scope of repair work necessary. For components easy to access, such as certain parts of the piping works, the repair work is minor and only the affected area needs to be replaced. On the other hand, for leakage areas that are less accessible, major replacements may have to be made where either the entire system is changed or replaced and a new air conditioning unit is installed.  

We will need to conduct aircon pressure test over a period of two to seven days as the equipment must be left at location in order to record gas pressure over time. You will not be able to use that particular Air-conditioner during that period of time. The pressure tests cost about $150 per fan coil unit. There may also be additional charges depending on the location of the gas leak. For example, it can cost more than $300 in order to change one set of copper pipes, assuming that the built in furniture is not obstructing it. These costs are averages and will vary depending on the model of air conditioning system.




An Aircon pressure Test is necessary when there is a suspected gas leak in the air conditioning system. When there is a gas leak, it is extremely difficult o to identify accurately the exact part of the air conditioning unit that is leaking. The leak could occur at various sites including internal components such as the fan coil unit, compressor or copper pipe. When you suspect that there is a gas leak in your air conditioner, you should contact an experienced technician to identify the leaking point. Further repair work might be necessary before topping up with the refrigerant gas- either R22 or R410A. 

For regular maintenance purposes, air conditioning units in homes should be serviced every three months. This allows for efficient and smooth functioning of the air conditioning unit. This minimizes leakage, reduces damage, improves efficiency and lowers electricity bills. It is crucial that you do not overlook a necessary pressure test. If you suspect a gas leakage, the test will definitely minimize the numerous detrimental effects that would arise from delayed servicing. 

At Silverback Air-conditioning Solutions, experienced and qualified technicians are trained to conduct pressure tests for your air conditioning units.  Call our friendly staff to clarify any information or to arrange for your Air Conditioner Pressure Test today!