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Below is a quick guide on your decision-making process on the need to perform a pressure test on your aircon unit.

Additional Tip: If your aircon unit has been around for a long time, a fault could require a change in the whole set of aircon due to the wear & tear after so much usage. In this case, HDB home owners should save the money on Aircon Pressure Tests and change the entire set of aircon. On the other hand, for condominium or landed property owners, it would be wiser to ask for an Aircon Pressure Test because changing the entire set of aircon will be way more expensive due to the charges incurred with the hacking costs that come with replacing the copper piping. If the Aircon Pressure Test reveals gas leakage in the fan coil unit or condenser unit instead, it will be a lot cheaper to service. For further clarifications, do contact us at 965151512 and our friendly staff will provide you with any information you need.

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Air conditioning services have become increasingly prevalent in Singapore in residential homes and various public or private facilities. With how uncomfortably hot and humid Singapore’s weather can get, many people rely heavily on air conditioning services for relief and comfort. However, many people often neglect the proper maintenance of their air conditioner unit. They fail to realise the importance of regular maintenance. Furthermore, they are also unaware of the appropriate measures to take in order to fix their aircon problems. In some cases, there may be a need to do an Aircon Pressure Test. This guide is for all the relevant information you need regarding an Aircon Pressure Test.


What is an Aircon pressure test?

here are several issues that may cause an air conditioning system to fail in providing cold air to a room. One cause could be a depletion in refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system. When this happens, the exact point where the gas is leaking needs to be determined. This is accomplished via the procedure known as an Aircon Pressure Test. It involves pumping nitrogen gas into the gas pipe, fancoil and condenser unit. The purpose for this is to find out which part of the system is leaking gas. (Condenser Unit, Fancoil Unit or Piping.) Knowing where the gas is leaking from is essential for defining the scope of repair services required to rectify the faults in the system. 

Aircon Pressure Test Price

The price listed is the maximum price chargeable for Aircon pressure test. Do know that it can be way cheaper than this depending on your aircon situation. For further enquiries regarding pricing, do contact us for consultation or even a site visit for us to assess your aircon. (WhatsApp/Call us at 96515152)

Number of units  Price
1 $150
2 $300
3 $400
4 $500

When is Aircon Pressure Test required?

Topped up refrigerant recently but Aircon is not blowing cold air now

The reason for your aircon not blowing cold air is that there could be a gas leak somewhere in the Aircon system. Thus an Aircon Pressure Test is necessary to find out where the gas is leaking from. However, if you see blinking lights on your indoor unit or if the fan is not blowing at all, it is a sign that your system has malfunctioned and this has nothing to do with gas leakage. In such cases, you can consult us for a site visit for us to diagnose the problem for you.

New House Owner and Aircon not blowing cold air

We would strongly encourage the new home owner to change a new set of piping for a HDB resale flat. This is because the task is relatively easier and thus a lot more cost-effective as compared to doing an Aircon Pressure Test. However, this is a lot more costly for condominiums and landed properties.


What is the procedure of Aircon Pressure Test?

Aircon Pressure Testing starts off by pumping in nitrogen dioxide into the copper pipes, fan coil unit and condensing unit of the air conditioning system. By monitoring gas levels over a period of time and noting drops in gas level, we can identify the particular copper pipe of the air conditioning that is leaking gas. The affected area will be assessed in order to determine the scope of repair work necessary. For components easy to access, the repair work is minor and only the affected area needs to be replaced. On the other hand, for areas that are less accessible, major replacements may have to be made whereby either the entire system is changed or replaced and a new air conditioning unit is installed.  


We will need to conduct the Aircon Pressure Test over a period of two to seven days and the equipment must be left at the location in order to record gas pressure over time. You will not be able to use that particular Air-conditioner during that period of time. The pressure tests cost about $150 per fan coil unit. There may also be additional charges depending on the location of the gas leak. For example, it can cost more than $300 in order to change one set of copper pipes, assuming that the built in furniture is not obstructing it. These costs are rough estimates and will vary depending on the model of air conditioning system. For a better sense of pricing and procedure of aircon pressure test, you are strongly encouraged to consult us directly at 96515152 via call/whatsapp!

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An Aircon Pressure Test is necessary when there is a suspected gas leak in the air conditioning system. When there is a gas leak, it is extremely difficult to accurately identify the exact part of the air conditioning unit that is leaking. The leak could occur at various sites including internal components such as the fan coil unit, compressor or copper pipe. When you suspect that there is a gas leak in your air conditioner, you should contact an experienced technician to identify the leaking point. Further repair work might be necessary before topping up with the refrigerant gas- either R22 or R410A. 

For regular maintenance purposes, air conditioning units in homes should be serviced every three months. This allows for smooth functioning of the air conditioning unit and in turn minimizes leakage, reduces damage, improves efficiency and ultimately lowers electricity bills. It is crucial that you do not overlook the very necessary aircon pressure test. If you suspect a gas leakage, the test will definitely minimize the numerous detrimental effects that would arise from delayed servicing.

Why Silverback Aircon?

Here at Silverback Aircon, our friendly staff and technicians provide you with the most efficient service for the best price. At Silverback Aircon, experienced and qualified technicians are trained to conduct pressure tests for your air conditioning units. Besides aircon pressure tests, we also offer general aircon repair and installation services too. Need more information on pressure test? Don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation or site visits for better diagnosis!


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