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Aircon Pipe is one of the most critical components of an air conditioner. However, they can be expensive. It is extremely difficult to remove the piping if it goes through a false ceiling or built in cabinet. In addition, it will also be very expensive to reinstall the cabinet or false ceiling after replacing the piping.


Firstly for condominium apartments, air conditioner pipes are likely to be hidden above a false ceiling. As for landed properties, the gas pipe is likely to be concealed behind walls. In both cases, it will cost a very large amount to conceal the piping in the walls or to replace the false ceiling when reinstalling the piping. It might cost less to run aircon trunking instead (like in HDB) but it will not look aesthetically pleasant. Hence, a common and important question people face is how to know if their air conditioner pipe can be reused so they can prevent such situations.

You cannot reuse Aircon Gas Pipes under these circumstances :


aircon pipe leaking gas?

Aircon Leaking Gas


If the piping is leaking gas, the air conditioner piping cannot be reused. Faults in piping may cause the gas to leak. Gas leaks cause the air conditioner to function ineffectively and the air conditioner will eventually be unable to release enough cool air to circulate around a room. Air leaks commonly cause the air conditioner to leak and drip water. If your air conditioner’s cooling function is still performing well currently, the piping is definitely not leaking gas.


On the other hand if it is not functioning currently, recall if the air conditioner was cooling a month ago. If it was cooling in the past but not currently, the problem is probably due to a malfunctioning of parts but the piping is likely to be alright. Furthermore, there is a chance that there is a miniscule leak, causing low gas pressure. Upon noticing this, you should consult a professional technician as soon as possible.


The technician might be able to identify the cause of a leak by assessing the functionality of the evaporator coil. A pressure test will accurately determine if the gas leak is due to the piping or the condensing unit. However, the pressure test is expensive so it is recommended for mainly condominium units or landed properties. If the gas leak is indeed due to a fault in air conditioner piping, the pipe cannot be reused. 


Aircon condensation issues



If the aircon piping has condensation issues, the air conditioner piping cannot be reused. Condensation inside air conditioner trunking is quite common. This is because moisture could overwhelm the insulation protecting the copper coil. However, nobody should be able to notice the condensation inside an aircon trunking as the water droplets are absorbed by the Armaflex insulation surrounding the aircon copper pipe. If you begin to notice that there is dripping from the backup condensation drip line or leaking from the air conditioner, there is probably a problem with your air conditioner. There could be various reasons that cause aircon condensation.


For example, if the trunk joints are not properly fit when the piping was first installed, the condensation that occurs results in water droplets leaking through the joints. You can identify if your piping has a condensation issue if you observe water marks from trunking or dark. In addition, black moist marks will aslo appear on the ceilings of condominium or landed properties. In the worst case scenario, water may even leak from aircon trunking or ceiling. If this occurs, you should definitely contact a professional technician to reinstall the trunk.


Recommended Aircon installation materials


If you suspect that there may be a problem in your air conditioner trunking of a HDB apartment, you should first check if the trunking goes through a false ceiling or cabinet. You should also know if the piping works done in the past includes the use of upgraded materials. The upgraded materials are as follows. A 16mm water pipe instead of a 13mm pipe. G22 copper pipe instead of a G13 copper pipe. ½ inch Armaflex instead of a ⅜ inch Armaflex. These upgraded materials are less likely to face condensation issues. Regarding HDB apartments which have air conditioner trunking that does not go through a false ceiling or built in cabinet, the aircon pipes are still quite accessible.


In addition, recall how long the air conditioner has been in use for. This is so you can judge if the problem is a result from gradual wear and tear or not. If the air conditioner has been in use for a very long period of time. For example more than 15 years, it is sensible to replace the piping. This course of action would not break the bank. In fact, replacing the piping can be more cost effective than reusing the gas pipes.


Conclusion to aircon pipe


Most people assume that it would be best to reuse the aircon pipe since this costs lesser than replacing it. Nevertheless, there are several factors to consider should you reuse the gas pipe. First thing to consider is if the main issue is due to faulty parts. We will still be able to reuse the gas pipe but there will be a need to replace it if there is condensation or gas leak. To get a better sense of whether you should replace your pipes, you should definitely contact professional aircon technicians.


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