Why is my aircon not cold in one room?

Aircon not cold in one room? How to fix it?

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Introduction to Aircon not cold in one room

It is almost impossible to live without Aircon in Singapore. Whether you are using LG Aircon, Midea Aircon or any other brands. Most of you who have Aircon at home would have experienced your Aircon breaking down before. However, have you ever encountered this scenario? In which your Aircon is not cold in one room? Yes, the other rooms are all cold, just one isn’t. In this Article, let us explore what are the possible reasons that have caused this.


aircon not cold in one room


What do you mean by Aircon not cold?

We have to define Aircon not cold first. For most people, Aircon not cold would simply mean the Air blowing out from the Aircon simply isn’t as cold as before. However for aircon technicians, aircon not cold and air not blowing smoothly from the Aircon are two separate issues. If your Aircon is not cold, it simply means that cold air is not passing through your evaporator coil. However, if air is not blowing out smoothly from your Aircon, it simply means that your coil is clogged. So, let’s get these 2 concept clear first. Aircon not cold vs blocked Airflow.


Aircon not cold in one room due to clogged evaporator coil.

This is fairly simple to diagnose. If your Aircon isn’t cold in one room due to a dirty evaporator coil. The cold air is unable to blow out smoothly from the fancoil unit. Hence, your room will not be efficiently cooled. This typically happens when the unit hasn’t serviced for a long time. Even if there is regular servicing of the Aircon. There will still come a time when you need to do chemical overhaul for the fancoil unit. Chemical overhaul involves stripping down the entire fancoil unit, removing its components. And wash the evaporator coil thoroughly with chemical solution. Do note that there is a difference between chemical overhaul and chemical wash. Chemical wash will wash your Aircon unit at the top instead. It is not recommended as it could potentially damage the evaporator coil. Hence, if your Aircon is not cold in one room. Check if it is super dirty. If it is dirty and the Air coming out is slightly cold, chances are you just need an chemical overhaul.




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No Cold Air is coming out of the Aircon and it is an inverter unit.

Aircon not cold in one room but no light is blinking

How do you know if your Aircon is an inverter unit? If you have bought your Aircon in the past 3 years. Chances are it is an inverter unit. Another way for you to check is look at the cover of your fancoil. Most of the inverter units will write “inverter” on it. After determining that your Aircon is an inverter unit. Make sure that the Air coming out of the Aircon is really not cold. Turn it to the lowest temperate and put your hand at the Air flow. Does it feel like ordinary Air? If it is really not cold. Next, we have to check if this particular unit that is not cold has any blinking light on it. A blinking light on this unit will indicate an error with the unit. However , if there are no blinking light. It might be due to a faulty evaporator coil. Our technicians will have to do a check on this to verify.


Aircon light is blinking

If the Aircon unit is blinking. Firstly we have to know what brand is this. For brands such as Daikin Aircon and Toshiba Aircon. We are able to check on the error code using the remote control. It will indicate which parts require replacement. Most of the time if just one unit isn’t cold. It will not be due to outdoor unit pcb. It should likely be indoor PCB. Sometimes, it could also be due to thermistor. We would need to do further check to verify.


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If Aircon is not cold in one room and it is non-inverter

After determining that your Aircon is a non inverter unit. There are 5 reasons that might have caused your Aircon to not be cold in one room.

Aircon gas leaking

An non-inverter Aircon condensing unit has 2 compressor. If there is a gas leak from just one of the compressor. It would cause the Aircon connected to this compressor to lose it’s coldness. Eventually if the gas runs out from the compressor, your Aircon won’t be cold in one room.

Aircon capacitor

The most likely reason will be due to capacitor issue. Non inverter multi split AC usually have 2 compressor. One of the capacitor will be used to power 2 compressor. The other will power on the other compressor. If the capacitor that is in charge of powering the smaller compressor (which is used to supply gas to one of the rooms) is faulty. Then that particular room will not be cold.

Aircon compressor has malfunctioned

Prolong usage or overheating of the compressor might cause it to malfunction some day. Hence, it is important to do Aircon servicing from time to time. And wash your Aircon compressor at least once a year with chemical. Sometimes, one of the room might use the Aircon for a prolonged period of time. Resulting in over-usage of the compressor. If it runs for a prolonged period of time each day. It might result in the gas being jammed up in the compressor. Hence it malfunctions and your Aircon will not be cold in one room. In the room connected to the compressor.


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Aircon not cold in all rooms 

If your Aircon is not cold in all bedrooms. First, let’s state how many units of aircon do you have? If yours is a system 3 unit, and all units are not cold. That could be due to two factors. It could be due to component defects in the outdoor condenser unit. Or it could be a result of Aircon gas leak.

Component defects in Outdoor condenser unit.

If all of your Aircon is blinking light. It could that there is a component defeat in the condenser unit. For example. PCB failure, fan motor spoil, thermistor malfunction or compressor issue. There are times in which the indoor unit is causing the outdoor unit to stop functioning. However that is extremely rare.

Aircon gas leak 

If your Aircon is an inverter unit or if it only has one Aircon compressor in the condenser unit. Chances are it could be leaking gas if the aircon light it not blinking. For certain brands such as Daikin Aircon, a lack of Gas could cause Aircon blinking light too. However, if your Aircon is a non inverter Aircon unit that has 2 aircon compressor in the condenser unit. Gas leak may affect just one or 2 of the units. You may wish to whatsapp us the model number for us to narrow down the possible reason for Aircon not cold for you.

Conclusion on why is my Aircon not cold

If your Aircon is not cold in one room. Firstly determine if there is really no cold Air coming out or is it simply a case of blocked Airflow. If there is no cold Air coming out from the room. Find out if your Aircon is inverter or non inverter. For inverter Aircon unit, check if there are blinking light. If there are blinking lights, there is a chance that you will need parts replacement. And if there isn’t , you will need an experienced technician to do a further check If it is non inverter unit, there is high chance that it is due to a capacitor issue. If you have further questions on why your Aircon is not cold in one room. Feel free to call us.

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