Aircon not blowing cold air? : 5 things you can do


One of the most common complaints is why aircon not cold enough after using it for some time. A common question we faced with is “why is my aircon not blowing cold air?” People are often upset or uncomfortable if the aircon not cooling as it creates a warm and unpleasant environment. Sometimes, the aircon not cold in one room which causes a major inconvenience to the person in that room. Indeed, after prolonged use, the aircon is not cold enough anymore. Or the aircon is not blowing cold air. But this is inevitable due to the wear and tear of important components within the aircon.  Instead of jumping directly to Aircon repair. We have to understand why your aircon is not cold. And what you should do when faced with this issue. Do refer to the following 5 things you can do when your aircon is not blowing cold air.


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What can I do if my aircon not blowing cold air?

Is the aircon not blowing cold air or is the air not coming out?

Firstly, you should understand the exact problem you are facing with your aircon. Is your aircon not blowing cold air? Or is the aircon not cooling or why aircon not cold enough? In order to recognise the exact problem you are facing, place your hand in front of the air conditioning. If you feel air being blown onto your hand, but it is not cold. Aircon is not blowing cold air. If the aircon is cool, but you do not feel much air. It is because the aircon is not blowing out much air.

How many indoor aircon is not blowing cold air?

It is also important to understand if the aircon not cold in one room or if it affects all rooms in your housing unit. As mentioned in the previous paragraph. Check on the number of indoor units that are not cold enough. You should conduct this mini aircon test in all rooms. In order to conclude is the aircon not cold in one room or all rooms in your house.

When was the last time you top up gas for your aircon?

If you establish that the aircon is not blowing out cold air. You will have to check with your technician when was the last time they top up gas for you. If he top up the gas recently. There might be a gas leak in one of your Aircon component.

Is the compressor running?

Are checking on the gas level of the Aircon. The next thing you have to take note of is. Whether the Aircon compressor is running. If the compressor is running, but the aircon is not cold enough. It could be that the valve has an issue. Or it could be the sensor or cable that controls the valve from releasing the gas.


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Why is my aircon is not cold enough?

Once you understand why your aircon is not cold, you need to take the necessary steps to rectify this issue in order to enjoy a cool and comfortable living space.

1. Dirty Air Filter

First and foremost, you should check your aircon air filter. Air-con filters are important for your well-being and ensuring air is able to pass through your air-conditioning unit. Aircon filters trap everything from large particles like leaves to smaller things like mold and dust, preventing them from reaching your housing unit. Litter stuck in your air-conditioning unit can hinder airflow which prevents air from entering your aircon, which is why your aircon is not cold. If you find your air filter is dirty, replace it with a new one. You should check your filter and have it replaced, if necessary, at least once a month. Having your fan setting on auto can also help to prolong the life of an aircon air filter.

2. Refrigerant leak – Aircon not blowing cold air

The aircon refrigerant is an important component of every aircon as it is the substance responsible for absorbing heat and allows your aircon to blow cold air. If you are low on aircon refrigerant or you have an aircon refrigerant leak, you require a trained aircon technician to fix and refill the refrigerant.

3. Air Duct leak

After prolonged use, the air ducts in your air-conditioning unit may become poorly sealed or lose their insulation, resulting in the air escaping the air ducts. With a lack of air entering your air-conditioning unit, your aircon cannot blow cold air. This is especially so if your air-conditioning unit is rather old. As it is difficult to inspect the air ducts on your own, you require an experienced aircon technician to assist you with this.

4. Dirty Evaporator Coils (Most Common)

The evaporator coils are an essential component in cooling air along with the refrigerant fluid. It is, however, normal for the evaporator coils to become dirty over time which causes the aircon not cold enough. Consequently, your aircon may even overheat and shut off. It is not possible to clean the evaporator coils on your own, hence, you require an experienced aircon technician to assist you with this.

5. Thermostat Controls

If your aircon is not blowing cold air, it could simple be due to wrong thermostat settings. We recommend that you switch your aircon fan control to “Max fan speed”. This will save money as well as it guarantees that the fan is switched on. And all of the cool air is blowing out into your room.


Still facing an aircon not cooling issue?

After reading this, you should have the answer to the question: “why is my aircon not cooling?”  The 5 reasons mentioned above commonly explain why aircon not cold or when aircon not cooling but there may be other factors and ca8ses as well such as a broken aircon compressor or a blocked condenser. That being said, regular maintenance of all your air-conditioning units and being more vigilant of your air-conditioning units can save you a lot of discomfort, money and time in the long run.

Nonetheless, we are all bound to be faced with aircon issues from time to time. In these cases, you may require an experienced technician to help solve your aircon issues. Or perhaps you are still facing aircon problems despite taking the necessary steps listen above. Having a aircon that is not cooling is definitely disappointing. Which is we are always ready to help diagnose and solve any aircon issues that you are facing. You can simply call us in and we will be happy to do the work for you and ensure that your aircons are up and running. From thorough inspections of your unit, to replacing parts of the system, we will help you fix your air conditioning unit with an exceptional level of quality and efficiency that you are bound to be satisfied with. Call our friendly air conditioning technicians at 96515152 today!



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