Why is my Aircon light blinking? | How much to fix?

Introduction to Aircon Light Blinking

In this article, we refer Aircon light blinking and Aircon timer blinking as the same thing. There’s usually only two meanings: It could refer to an error within the Aircon system. Or it could also mean that the flap of the Aircon unit is not inserted properly (this only applies to some models of Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon). However, for the newer Daikin Aircon model. Daikin Aircon red light blinking does not indicate an error in the unit. Do click on the table of content below to jump to the section that may interest you.

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Daikin Aircon blinking light almost always refers to an error code within the system. However sometimes an error can also occur without the Aircon unit flashing light. However, this has nothing to do with Daikin Aircon red light blinking. Whenever there is Daikin Aircon green light blinking, you may wish to use a remote control to figure out the error code. The error code will indicate the likely cause of failure. Click on the header link in blue to find out more.

For Mitsubishi Starmex of certain models, such as Mitsubishi FN series. IF you do not clip it’s flap properly, it’s operation light will start blinking as well. Assuming the flap has been placed properly, and there is Mitsubishi Aircon blinking light. There is most likely an error within the system. The number of times the light blinks is a rough indication of the error code. There are also red and yellow lights within the PCB, they will better indicate the error of the unit.

Fujitsu Aircon usually has 2 sets of light. Operation and timer light. It is the combination of operation and timer light that indicates an error code. For example. Fujitsu Aircon blinking 2 times operation, 7 times timer light, may indicate that there’s an error in the thermistor. You may wish to check out the main page for detailed information.

Toshiba Aircon may have error code indication in the indoor unit. However, the outdoor unit’s light may be a better indication of the error code within the system. Hence, you may need to remove and access the outdoor condenser unit’s PCB board to see how many times the Aircon light is blinking.

Similar to Toshiba Aircon, when LG aircon is blinking. The real error code will be located in the outdoor unit. For example, the error code CH21 can be found in the outdoor unit. That error will mean that there is maybe an error with the compressor or an error in the IPM module.

For Sanyo non inverter Aircon. There may not be an error code whenever the light is blinking. For Sanyo inverter Aircon, whenever the light is flashing, you may wish to refer to the condenser unit. It will occur in the condenser unit. The error code table will be listed inside the cover of the condenser unit. For more information click on the header link above to find out.

For Panasonic inverter Aircon, if the light starts flashing. You may wish to use the remote control to figure out the Aircon error code. Unlike Mitsubishi Aircon, Panasonic Aircon error code on the indoor unit side is usually more detailed. You may not need to refer to the condenser unit for the error code. You just have to use a pin to get the error code from the remote control. For a list of Panasonic Aircon error codes you may wish to check out the main Panasonic light blinking article above.

Similar to Fujitsu Aircon. Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon timer and run light flashing is an indication of the exact error code of the system. For example timer light blinking 7 times could mean that the outdoor PCB or fan motor is malfunctioning. You may have to refer to the Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon error code table to see what does your Aircon blinking light mean.


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Aircon Error Code

There are some brands of Aircon units that do not blink light whenever there is an error code. For example, Midea, York and Europace Aircon usually has the error code indicated on the fancoil unit itself. Hence you may just need to refer to the Aircon error code table of that specific brand. For the list of Aircon error codes, you may wish to check out our Aircon error code page for more details on why your Aircon is blinking.

Here are the Aircon error pages that may help you:


If your Aircon is flashing light or if an Aircon error code appears within your system. Feel free to WhatsApp us for a free Aircon consultation. We are more than happy to guide you through and solve your Aircon problems. If we have available Aircon spare parts, we can even give you a rough quote over the phone. I hope our article helps, cheers.

FAQ on Aircon Light Blinking:


Instead of System error, could it be that my Aircon just requires cleaning instead of parts replacement?

Yes, there are certain Aircon error code that indicates that the Aircon evaporator coil is choked. Some error codes indicate that the compressor is overheated. Sometimes that could mean that the compressor evaporator coil is choked and requires Aircon compressor chemical wash instead of parts replacement.

After I switch off the isolator of the Aircon unit. The light stops blinking, does that mean that my Aircon is ok now?

Yes and no. Sometimes, the blinking itself could be an error too. And resetting the system will solve the  issue. However, more often that not, it is an indication of a deeper problem. For example, Aircon thermistor error code may take some time to start blinking. So if you reset your Aircon isolator, it may not occur straight away. It may occur after a few hours or even a few days. You may wish to indicate this to your Aircon technician before they check on your unit.

My Aircon didn't blink before this. After my technician started servicing my Aircon unit, it starts blinking light. Does it mean that they spoil my unit?

Not really. Usually after the Aircon technician serviced your Aircon unit, they will go one round to check that the Aircon is working fine before handling over to you. So if the issue occurs several hours after they serviced, the fault usually does not lies with them. However, the error may also occur when they are servicing your unit. In which if the error code indicates that it is the outdoor unit, it is easier to explain to the customer. But more often than not, Aircon servicing does not touch on the parts of an Aircon unit.

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