Aircon Installation in Singapore

Are you installing an Aircon in Singapore? What is the Aircon installation price? Find out more about aircon installation in Singapore in this page. These are the information that we are covering:

  1. What properties are you installing in?
  2. What kind of air-con do you plan to install at each location?
  3. Aircon btu calculation
  4. Types of air-con materials and what kind of system should I be getting?
  5. Aircon installation price
  6. Where to buy Aircon in Singapore?
  7. FAQ

However, if this is the your first time installing an Aircon in Singapore, you should check “Beginner’s guide to Aircon installation in Singaporeout instead.


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What properties are you installing your Aircon in?

The price for hdb is pretty standard. However for condo and landed properties things are not so simple. So let’s take a look at Aircon installation at different properties below.

Aircon installation in HDB


For HDB Aircon installation there are a few things to take note of. Assuming that you wish to install a new set of pipes. Firstly, you have to check whether the Aircon bracket size is right.

Secondly, you have to establish if you have the electrical power point of the right power. Lastly, you will have to check if your existing house have any false ceiling or built in cabinet. As these could obstruct the pathway needed to install your Aircon pipes. Click on the link above to read more on Aircon installation in HDB.

hdb ac installation

Condominium Aircon installation


For condominium. Firstly, you will have to do is apply for a permit to do Aircon installation and in all likelihood, you will have to put down a deposit with the management for this installation.

Next, we have to establish if your Aircon piping can be reused? If it can be reused, the installation is the same across all types of properties. For example, you can look at the existing model number of the Aircon to determine the BTU needed for each room. Feel free to contact us to help you shortlist a few Aircon model depending on your budget, and the BTU required

For Aircon installation of new piping, we will determine the price based on the length of piping needed. It also depends on how many ceiling holes we have to open. Therefore, a site visit by a professional is needed as the difficulty of installation is factored into the cost. Furthermore, we likely need more manpower as most condominium only allows Aircon installation in a specific timeframe.

If you reside in a resale condo, the pricing might be more substantial. This is due to the need to hack certain areas of your walls or below your tiles to lay water pipes for your Aircon.

aircon condo installation

Installing Aircon in landed properties


Aircon installation with piping in landed properties is similar to condominium. It will be dependent on the length of copper pipe and the number of ceiling holes to patch. Nonetheless, for many of the landed properties, it is more complicated as the piping goes through many of the integral structures. Such as columns or they might be hidden inside walls. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to arrange for a site visit before Aircon installation.

drilling holes

Aircon Installation in Commercial Units/ Office


Due to the complex nature when installing aircon at such locations, you will have to first send a floor plan of your unit to your desired Aircon installation company. A followed up site visit will properly determine where to lay the pipes. We also have to determine the right amount of BTU required for each room, and other factors such as sun location, devices that emit heat such as commercial photocopying machine, etc. 

Commercial Units


Click to find out

What kind of Aircon do you plan to install at each location?

In our Aircon Installation guide, you will need to know what kind of Air-conditioners are out there and what are they called before you can decide. We have listed the types of Air-conditioners below:

Casement Air-conditioner


This type of Air-conditioner is rectangular in shape and it’s vertically longer. It is installed on a bracket, which is mounted on the window. The window has to be connected to the outdoor because the hot air from the compressor has to be dispelled outwards. This type of Air-conditioner is usually a non-inverter unit. The advantage of this unit is that it is generally easy to install, while the disadvantage is that the compressor is located in the unit itself, and it can be fairly noisy.

Window Air-conditioner


This form of AC is mounted on a metal bracket and is usually fixed below the window. Also, it is usually non-inverter. Currently in Singapore, the only brands producing this form of Air-conditioner is Europace and LG.

Multi-split Air-conditioner


Mitsubishi, Daikin , Panasonic , Midea


This is the most common type of Aircon you will see in Singapore. It’s divided into 2 parts: An outdoor unit, and single or multiple indoor units. The Aircon compressor is located in the outdoor unit and the refrigerant will travel via the copper pipes to the indoor unit, removing hot air from your room and reducing temperature to your desired level.

Ceiling Cassette Unit


Mitsubishi, Daikin , Panasonic , Midea


Similar to multi split Air-con as described above. A ceiling cassette unit is also divided into 2 parts, a ceiling cassette that is located indoor, and the compressor is located in the outdoor unit that is located outside. A ceiling cassette Aircon unit has 4 flaps which allows your cool air to be blown in a more even manner. However, unfortunately, it cannot be installed in a HDB. Only certain condominiums permit this form of Aircon. Ceiling cassette is more suitable for commercial units such as office space, warehouse or retail shops.

Aircon BTU calculation and what kind of system should I be getting ?


For HDB, the BTU size is pretty standard. 9000 BTU for rooms. For living room it depends on the size. 3,4 or 5 room flat have different size and the BTU is different for all. For landed properties and condominiums. We suggest that you use back the existing BTU that you are currently using. If you need to know more about Aircon BTU calculation. Read up more by clicking on the blue link above.

If you wish to install for 3 bedrooms for HDB, it is pretty standard. You will just need to install a system 3. However. if you wish to install in your living room for HDB as well. It might not be cold if you turn on all units at the same time. Furthermore, there are also people who wish to install a system 5 Aircon in their HDB

Should I be getting aircon system 4 or 3+ 1?


It depends on whether you need all of the Aircon to be cold when you turn on all together. If that is so, you will need system 3 + 1. However, it might be subjected to constraints by HDB. If you have still have aircon installation questions on this, check out the link above.

Are we allowed to buy system 5 Aircon for HDB?


It depends on whether your hdb is upgraded with the higher electrical loading. Furthermore not all of the brands of system 5 Aircon is suitable for hdb. The metal bracket outside your house is also subjected to weight constraints of 80kg.


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Types of Aircon materials


There are generally 4 types of Aircon materials involved. Aircon piping, copper

Aircon trunking


If this is a condominium and landed property, you will probably only need Aircon trunking on the outside. For hdb, the brand of Aircon trunking will not affect your installation. However it could affect you when you do Aircon overhaul in the future. More information could be found on the link above.

aircon trunking

Electrical cable


This is connected from the Aircon condenser unit to the fancoil. There’s also another set of cable connecting from the compressor to the main electrical point. The 2 prominent brands of wire in Singapore is Sigma cable and Keystone. They are both Singapore brands. So when you are installing your Aircon do take note of the brand of the wire that your technician is using.

Midea aircon spare parts

Aircon Piping


In order for the refrigerant to cool the room. There are copper pipes connecting from the condenser unit to the fancoil unit. This is by far the most expensive materials for Aircon installation. So always opt for the better quality ones. There is a certain thickness to the copper pipe. It is termed as standard wire gauge. For normal aircon materials, it is SWG23. For upgraded materials it is SWG22. Always go for the upgraded ones when possible. The cost of replacing your Aircon piping could be close to a thousand for a system 3 HDB unit.

aircon piping



Other than copper pipe. The thickness of the insulation used is a critical factor in Aircon installation because the biggest problem is Condensation from the copper pipe. The thicker the insulation, the harder it is for condensation problem to occur. There is no actual way to cure condensation. Therefore, often the whole set of piping might have to be change.

aircon armaflex insulation

Water pipe


Your Aircon needs a water pipe to drain off the condensed water. From the evaporator coil all the way to the floor trap. Normal materials for aircon water pipe is 13mm. Whereas the upgraded materials is 16mm. The bigger the water pipe, the less likely it is to get choked.

aircon installation price

Aircon Installation price


When we are referring to Aircon installation price. We mean installing the Aircon provided if you already have the Aircon materials. The installation price will be dependent on the type of house and length of copper pipe. For simplicity, we have provided an estimated range of Aircon installation price below.

Aircon installation price for system 1 and 2

(for bedroom) System 1 – $150- $300

(for living room) System 1 – $$150 – $600

System 2 – $300 – $650

Aircon installation price for system 3, 4 and 5

$400 – $950 for System 3

$500 – $1250 for system 4

$650 – $1450 for system 5

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Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion

Where to buy Aircon in Singapore


Most of the time, you will think of big box retailers like Courts or Harvey Norman. However, you can actually buy your Aircon from other places as well. Such as from your interior designers and Aircon companies like us. In addition, you can read up more on the link above if you wish to know where you can buy aircon in Singapore.

FAQ on Air con Installation

Question 1

What system should I get?


Decide how many rooms you wish to install your Aircon. If you wish to install in 2 room, you are going to get a system 2 unit.

System 2 refers to 1 outdoor unit connected to 2 indoor unit.
System 3 will be 3 indoor unit to 1 outdoor unit.

For a 5 room flat, if you wish to install Aircon in all 4 rooms and your living room. There are 2 options:

Firstly, Daikin Smile series System 5. Secondly, Toshiba System 5 Aircon.

These 2 brands have suitable system 5 Aircon unit that are available for your home.

Question 2

What is the typical cost for the different systems?


Typically, a system 4 Aircon for 3 bedroom and 1 living room will cost around $4000. While a system 2 Aircon unit will cost around $2000.

Question 3

Air-con have credit card instalment plan?


Silverback Aircon does provide installment plan for credit holders of DBS and UOB at only $50 admin charge.

Question 4

Should I get a second hand Aircon unit instead?


Silverback Aircon have a range of refurbished Aircon units that comes with warranty so as to safeguard your interests when using second hand aircon unit.


Question 5

What are some of the less pricey options for a brand new air-conditioning unit?


Depending on your budget, the Aircon unit that is at the higher end of the price list includes Daikin and Mitsubishi electric. Whereas the less expensive options include York and Midea Aircon.

Question 6

How to know if I have the right electricity coverage?


If you already have a multi-split ac unit installed at home, chances are you already have the right electricity coverage. However, if this an older HDB unit that doesn’t have a multi-split unit installed yet, you might not have a 15amp power point plug in your master bedroom. In this case, there will be additional cost in installing a power point there.

Question 7

What if I need to turn on all my Air-conditioners at the same time?


If you are living in a 4 room flat and above, and you are installing an Aircon in all your rooms including living room, you typically won’t be able to just install one outdoor unit because it won’t have enough BTU to support turning on all your indoor units.

Question 8

What to do if I have built in cabinets in my room?


For an existing HDB unit, you might have built in cabinets at home which some of the Aircon piping might be hidden inside the built in cabinet. Therefore, when you are installing your Aircon you might not be able to change the piping inside.

If this is an area of concern for you, you might want to contact us for a site visit to your place.

Question 9

What can I do if I do not have an Aircon ledge?


Newer HDB units come with Aircon-ledge and the outdoor unit will be placed on such platforms. For older HDB units, you will have to install a metal bracket (usually located outside the master bedroom). So when you are purchasing your AC, you will have to factor this in.