Aircon Installation in Singapore

Are you installing an Aircon in Singapore? What is the Aircon installation price? Find out more about aircon installation in Singapore on this page.  If this is your first time installing an Aircon in Singapore, you might want to check this article out instead: Beginner’s guide to Aircon installation in Singapore


What properties are you installing your Aircon in?

The price for HDB is pretty standard. However for condo and landed properties things are not so simple. So let’s take a loot at Aircon installation at different properties below.

hdb ac installation

Aircon installation in HDB 

For HDB Aircon installation there are a few things to take note of. Assuming that you wish to install a new set of pipes. First, you have to check whether the Aircon bracket size is right. It is the picture shown on the right. Next, you have to establish if you have the electrical PowerPoint of the right power. Lastly, you will have to check if your existing house has any false ceiling or built-in cabinets. As these could obstruct the pathway needed to install your Aircon pipes.

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Aircon spare parts

1. Aircon trunking

If this is a condominium and landed property, you will probably only need Aircon trunking on the outside. For HDB, the brand of Aircon trunking will not affect your installation. However, it could affect you when you do an Aircon overhaul in the future. More information could be found inAircon trunking

2. Electrical cable

This is connected from the Aircon condenser unit to the fan-coil. There’s also another set of cables connecting from the compressor to the main electrical point. The 2 prominent brands of wire in Singapore is Sigma cable and Keystone. They are both Singapore brands. So when you are installing your Aircon do take note of the brand of the wire that your technician is using.

Aircon Installation price

When we are referring to Aircon installation price. We mean installing the Aircon with you provided you already have the Aircon materials. The installation price will be dependent on the type of house and length of copper pipe. For simplicity, we will provide an estimated range of Aircon installation prices here.

Aircon installation price for system 1, and 2

System 1 – $150- $300 (for Bedroom)

System 1 – $$150 – $600 (for Livingroom)

System 2 – $300 – $650

Aircon installation price for system 3,4 and 5

$400 – $950 for System 3

$500 – $1250 for system 4

$650 – $1450 for system 5

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where to buy Aircon in Singapore?

Most of the time, you will think of big-box retailers like courts or Harvey Norman. However, you can actually buy your Aircon from other places as well. Such as from your interior designers and Aircon companies like us. You can read up more on Where to buy Aircon in Singapore  if you wish to know where you can buy aircon in Singapore.

2. Aircon BTU calculation and what kind of system should I be getting?

For HDB, the BTU size is pretty standard. 9000 BTU for rooms. For the living room, it depends on the size. 3,4 or 5 room flat have different size and the BTU is different for all. For landed properties and condominiums. We suggest that you use back the existing BTU that you are currently using. If you need to know more about Aircon BTU calculation. Read up more by clicking on the blue link above.

If you wish to install for 3 bedrooms for HDB, it is pretty standard. You will just need to install a system 3. However. if you wish to install it in your living room for HDB as well. It might not be cold if you turn on all units at the same time. Furthermore, there are also people who wish to install a system 5 Aircon in their HDB

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3. Should I be getting Aircon System 4 or 3+1? 

It depends on whether you need all of the Aircon to be cold when you turn it on altogether. If that is so, you will need system 3 + 1. However, it might be subjected to constraints by HDB. If you have still had aircon installation questions on this, you might want to check out this article Should I be getting aircon system 4 or 3+ 1?”

4. Are we allowed to buy System 5 Aircon for HDB? 

It depends on whether your HDB is upgraded with the higher electrical loading. Furthermore, not all of the brands of system 5 Aircon is suitable for HDB. The metal bracket outside your house is also subjected to weight constraints of 80kg. You might want to read more about Are we allowed to buy system 5 Aircon for HDB?”


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