Aircon Installation guide for beginners in Singapore.

2020 Silverback Aircon Guide

Enjoyed Air conditioning your entire life, but knew nothing about Aircon installation? Fret not, I was just as clueless before I started this company. So in comprehensive Aircon Installation guide we put out, we are going to share with you all the things you need to know and all that you need to look out for before you commence on Aircon installation for the location you desired. 



Where do you plan to install your AIRCON?

We will first breakdown this Aircon Installation guide based on location. To simplify things, the general locations to install your Air-conditioner are at HDB, Condo, Private property, office space, warehouse and even container units.


What Kind of AIRCON do you plan to install at each location?

In our Aircon Installation guide, you will need to know what kind of Air-conditioners are out there and what are they called before you can decide. We have listed the types of Air-conditioners below :

Casement Air-conditioner 

This type of Air-conditioner is rectangular in shape and it’s vertically longer. It is installed on a bracket, which is mounted on the window. The window has to be connected to the outdoor, as the hot air from the compressor has to be dispelled outwards. This type of Air-conditioner is usually a non-inverter unit. The advantage of this unit is that it is generally easy to install, while the disadvantage is that the compressor is located in the unit itself, and it can be fairly noisy.

Window Air-conditioner

This form of AC is mounted on a metal bracket and is usually fixed below the window. This kind of Air-conditioner is usually non-inverter. Currently in Singapore, the only brands producing this form of Air-conditioner is Europace and LG.

Multi-split Air-conditioner

Mitsubishi, Daikin , Panasonic , Midea

This is the most common type of Aircon you will see in Singapore. It’s divided into 2 parts: An outdoor unit, and single or multiple indoor units. The Aircon compressor is located in the outdoor unit and the refrigerant will travel via the copper pipes to the indoor unit, removing hot air from your room and reducing temperature to your desired level. Most of the Air-conditioners in HDB is using split unit Aircon.

Ceiling Cassette Unit

Mitsubishi, Daikin , Panasonic , Midea

Similar to multi split Air-con as described above. A ceiling cassette unit is also divided into 2 parts, a ceiling cassette that is located indoor, and the compressor is located in the outdoor unit that is located outside. A ceiling cassette Aircon unit has 4 flaps which allows your cool air to be blown in a more even manner. However, unfortunately, it cannot be installed in a HDB. Only certain condominiums permit this form of Aircon. Ceiling cassette is more suitable for commercial units such as office space, warehouse or retail shops.


Installing an Aircon unit in a HDB flat

Before installing your Aircon for your new home or replacing your existing ones at home. In our Aircon Installation guide, we advice you to ask yourself these questions :

How many rooms do I want to install my Aircon at?

This is the first step before purchasing an Aircon, decide how many rooms you wish to install your Aircon. If you wish to install in 2 room, you are going to get a system 2 unit. System 2 refers to 1 outdoor unit connected to 2 indoor unit, System 3 will be 3 indoor unit to 1 outdoor unit. For a 5 room flat, if you wish to install Aircon in all 4 rooms and your living room. There are 2 options; Daikin Smile series System 5 and Toshiba System 5 Aircon. These 2 brands have suitable system 5 Aircon unit that are available for your home.

What’s my budget?

Typically, a system 4 Aircon for 3 bedroom and 1 living room will cost around $4000. While a system 2 Aircon unit will cost around $2000. If you are restrained by budget, you might need to consider the following :

Does the store have credit card instalment plan?

Should I get a second hand Aircon unit instead?

What are some of the less pricey options for a brand new air-conditioning unit?

Fortunately, Silverback Aircon does provide installment plan for credit holders of DBS and UOB at only $50 admin charge. As for 2nd hand Aircon unit, Silverback Aircon does have a range of  refurbished Aircon unit that comes with warranty as well. Depending on your budget, the Aircon unit that at the higher end of the price list includes Daikin, Mitsubishi electric. Where as the less expensive options include York and Midea Aircon.


Do I have the right electricity coverage?

If you already have a multi-split ac unit installed at home, chances are you already have the right electricity coverage. However, if this an older hdb unit that doesn’t have a multi-split unit installed yet. You might not have a 15amp power point plug in your master bedroom. In this case, there will be additional cost in installing a power point there.

Do I need to turn on all my Air-conditioners at the same time?

If you are living in a 4 room flat and above, and you are installing an Aircon in all your rooms plus living room, you typically won’t be able to just install one outdoor unit. It won’t have enough btu to support turning on all your indoor units.

Do I have build in cabinets in my room?

For an existing HDB unit, you might have built in cabinets at home. Some of the Aircon piping might be hidden inside the built in cabinet. Therefore, when you are installing your Aircon you might not be able to change the piping inside.

If this is an area of concern for you, you might want to contact us for a site visit to your place.


Do I have an Aircon ledge?

Usually, newer hdb units come with Aircon-ledge, the outdoor unit will be placed on such platforms. For older hdb units, you will have to install a metal bracket (usually located outside the master bedroom). So when you are purchasing your AC, you will have to factor this in.

This is a brief guide to Aircon installation in HDB, you might want to check out our article detailing  a Full walkthrough for Aircon installation in HDB


Aircon installation in condominium

Installing an Aircon unit in condominium is very simple. Every condo unit already have Aircon installed. The property developer will also calculate the right amount of BTU that is needed to cool each room. So when you are purchasing an Aircon unit for your condo, all you need to do is to follow the existing structure of the Aircon unit at home. For example, you can look at the existing model number of the Aircon to determine the BTU needed for each room ( the model number is usually located at the side or below the fancoil unit). You will be able to figure out the BTU by searching for the model number online. Feel free to give us a call at 91775500, we will help you shortlist a few Aircon model depending on your budget, and the BTU required.

If you are buying a resale condo, the pricing might be a lot more substantial. As this is due to the need to hack certain areas of your walls or below your tiles to lay water pipes for your Aircon. 

When changing the piping for your aircon in existing condo unit, you will need a site visit by a professional as the length of piping and difficulty of installation is factored into the cost. 


Aircon installation in commercial units / office.

Due to the complex nature when installing aircon at such locations, you will have to first send a floor plan of your unit to your desired Aircon installation company. A followed up site visit will properly determine where to lay the pipes. We also have to determine the right amount of BTU required for each room, and other factors such as sun location, devices that emit heat such as commercial photocopying machine etc.

In conclusion, depending on where you chooses to install your Aircon, you might require different type of Air-conditioners and different level of BTU to cool your room.  

IF you need more detailed information on buying Aircon or Aircon installation, the info are located in the links below :

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