The complete guide to aircon gas top up price in Singapore


In almost every enclosed area, we will see an air-conditioning unit above our heads. This is unsurprising, given the exceptionally warm weather in Singapore. Nonetheless, despite being so familiar with air-conditioning systems. How much do you actually know about the various components and how they function? We all know that aircons need regular maintenance and that involves aircon gas top up. But what exactly does this entail? What are the consequences of aircon gas leaks? How much aircon gas top up price in Singapore? What are the various aircon gas types and how often do you need to top up your aircon gas? These are some questions you may have right now, which you should be able to answer by the end of this article.


How does Aircon gas work?

Firstly, we should understand how exactly aircons are able to lower room temperatures. Every aircon has AC gas, which some may know as the refrigerant. This aircon refrigerant is a liquid that can absorb heat and humidity in a room and expel it to the external environment. In doing so, this refrigerant changes its state from liquid to gas or vice-versa. Which depends on the required temperature change. Consequently, we are left with a room that is cool and comfortable.


Different types of Aircon Gas

Over the years, the type of refrigerants used has undergone radical changes. This is mainly due to the harmful environmental impact the original refrigerant had. The following summarises the various types of refrigerants:

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs): 

The most common CFC used was R12. CFCs contribute significantly to the greenhouse gas effect which causes global warming. Production of new stocks ceased in 1994. Therefore, you will not have any knowledge of this aircon gas type.


Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)


It includes R22 gas. Slightly less harmful to the ozone layer than R12. But the EPA has mandated a phase out as a result of the Clean Air Act of 2010. By 2020, R22 Gas will be completely phased out. A 15kg canister went for as high as $600 in 2017 but prices have fallen by half or more since.


Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs),

This includes R410A and R134. This aircon refrigerant is currently the safest and most viable option for the environment and is now being used in place of R22. This is because there are no chlorine in the mix. Air conditioners that run on R410A are more effective, have improved air quality, are more comfortable and reliable.

A 12kg canister costs about $150, but prices are volatile depending on the demand


So, with these many different types of refrigerants. How do you check what kind of aircon refrigerant is being used in your air-conditioning unit? This is a rather simple task, the type of aircon refrigerant is stated on the cover of the condenser unit. The condenser unit is sometimes placed on the exterior of your house. Usually, inverter aircon units use the R410 refrigerant while non-inverter aircon units use the R22 aircon refrigerant. Nonetheless, when you call Silverback AC for aircon servicing, our experienced aircon technicians will help you to check which type of aircon refrigerant you are using.


How often do you need Aircon gas top up?

Usually, you should call for aircon servicing to top up your aircon gas once a year. Nonetheless, there are customers who also choose to top up their aircon gas every 6 months. It could be due to miniscule leaks that are inevitable in every aircon system. However, do note that this is not necessary unless our aircon technicians find the refrigerant storage unit to be completely empty by the end of 6 months. Our aircon technicians will also conduct an aircon pressure test and they may find that the pressure may fall slightly after 6 months but this is completely normal.


In most cases, cooling chemicals inside the refrigerant of an air-conditioner will not be entirely utilised throughout the service life of the aircon unit. However, if you feel that your aircon is not as efficient, an aircon gas refill is necessary as the refrigerant storage may be leaking due to damage or wear-and-tear. This causes the chemicals to be leaked out of the container. An aircon gas top up involves refilling the refrigerant storage unit with the appropriate chemical coolant. The aircon technician first locks the gas to prevent it from escaping.. Subsequently, he will refill the compressor with the appropriate gas. This procedure allows your aircon to continue cooling the room. It is also crucial to top up your refrigerant when required to prevent your whole aircon unit from completely breaking down because of low refrigerant levels. A cheaper aircon gas top up is included in our maintenance package.


Check if your Aircon is inverter or non-inverter

Additionally, you should also note if your aircon is an inverter or non-inverter unit. This is because non-inverter multi split units usually have 2 compressors. Therefore you will require Aircon gas top at either of the compressor that has insufficient gas. However, inverter units only have 1 compressor, hence, only 1 aircon gas top up will be needed. Once you are sure of the gas type that you required. As written below is the aircon gas top up price :







Hopefully you now have more information on how often you should refill your aircon gas. In addition, you will need a team of experienced Aircon technicians to aid you aircon gas top up. Here at Silverback Air-con, we provide transparent pricing and honest service. Hence, if you would like to check on your aircon refrigerant storage unit and require a top-up. We will be more than happy to help.


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