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Introduction to Aircon Error Code

If you are experiencing Aircon light blinking, chances are, your Aircon is telling you that it is experiencing an issue. And most of the time, it will come out with an Aircon error code. It is to guide you in the direction of the Aircon troubleshooting procedure. In this article, we will elaborate more on Aircon error code of different brands. We will also let you know the estimated cost of Aircon repair after finding out the error code. Do note that the Aircon error code that we are elaborating on will only be in Singapore context. It will also be for residential split unit Air-conditioners only. For other types of Aircon such as portable Aircon, VRV, Chiller units, you may have to seek help in other Articles to provide you with the relevant information.

aircon error code

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How do you find out what is the Aircon error code when your Aircon light is blinking?

Well that very much depends on the brand of your Aircon unit. It also depends on whether this is an inverter or non inverter Aircon.


If this is an inverter Aircon, chances are the system will provide an error code to assist the technician in troubleshooting. However, if it is a non inverter Aircon. The Aircon technician will have to do a lot more troubleshooting. Nonetheless, the Aircon spare parts required by non inverter Aircon is a lot lesser than inverter Aircon. Simply put, it is much cheaper to repair non inverter Aircon than inverter Aircon units. Inverter Aircon units will need Aircon spare parts that are a lot more brand and model specific that non inverter Aircon units.

For inverter Aircon units, the Aircon error code can most likely be found in these 3 places.

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Indoor display unit. Certain Aircon brands such as MIDEA aircon will display the Aircon error code on the fancoil unit itself. Which means it is incredibly easy to find out the the error code of your Aircon.


B) Outdoor unit

Another way to find out the error code in Singapore is to access the outdoor unit. The error code will most likely be displayed on a panel. Or it can also be reflected based on the pattern of blinking light.

C) Remote control

There are some brands such as Daikin Aircon which allows you to find out the error code via the remote control. This is only when your Aircon starts blinking light. We may have to refer to the brand specific Aircon error code page to know how to find the error code from the Aircon remote control.


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Aircon Error code in Singapore for various brands

Daikin Aircon Error Code


Daikin Aircon has one of the most consistent Aircon error detection system. You can simply find out the Aircon error code via the remote control.

Mitsubishi Aircon Error Code


There are 2 ways to see the error code. One is based on the number of times the light is blinking in the indoor unit. The other will be based on the red and green light sequence that is blinking in outdoor Aircon PCB board.

Fujitsu Aircon error code


Fujitsu’s error code can be deduced based on the sequence of the 2 types of Aircon light that is blinking. There are the operation light and timer light. So you will have to take a video of the number of times the operation and timer light that is blinking. It will also depends on the model. Different model may reflect different error codes.

Panasonic Aircon error code


Similar to Daikin, you can also use a remote control to deduce the error in a Panasonic aircon.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon Error Code


Similar to Fujitsu. It will be dependent on the 2 types of lights that are shown in the fancoil unit. Namely operation and timer light blinking. Refer to the link above for a more comprehensive list of error code for Mitsubishi heavy industries Aircon.

Midea Aircon Error Code


As mentioned in the earlier paragraph. The indoor display unit display the code directly.

Toshiba Aircon Error Code


For Toshiba Aircon, we recommend that you get the code from the outdoor condenser unit instead. There is a sequence of blinking light that can be found in the outdoor Toshiba Aircon pcb board.


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Aircon spare parts required


After finding out the error code of your Aircon unit. The Aircon technicians will then look for the necessary Aircon spare parts in Singapore to replace for you. These are some of the common Aircon spare parts that you need. Aircon pcb board, thermistor, compressor and fan motor. So some error codes described perfectly what Aircon spare parts are needed. However, you will have to understand that the codes only serve as a guide line on where to do the troubleshooting. For example, if the error code states Aircon fan motor failure. That does not mean that it is definitely the Aircon fan motor that is malfunctioning. Sometimes it could be the Aircon PCB board not giving enough voltage to the fan motor. Hence it will not work. Therefore, it is best if you do a comprehensive Aircon repair troubleshooting for your Aircon units. Here at Silverback Aircon, we have a comprehensive collection of Aircon spare parts. Hence, we usually bring the relevant spare parts so we can easily find out the Aircon spare parts that require replacement. View the listing below or visit Aircon Spare Parts for more information.


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In Conclusion

If you Aircon is blinking light, it would likely emit an Aircon error code if it is an inverter Aircon unit. After finding out the code and figuring out what does it mean. You can look for quotations from various Aircon companies. Here at Silverback Aircon, we have a wide collection of Aircon spare parts. We also provide technical assistance over the phone to help customers in troubleshooting the Aircon. This is so we can try to settle the customer’s Aircon problems in a single trip. So do WhatsApp us if you have any enquiries on Aircon troubleshooting.

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