7 Types of Aircon compressor repair price

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Introduction : Aircon compressor repair price

Definition of AC compressor

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Aircon compressor is not the box located outside your house. Compressor is actually a black color component located inside the condenser unit. The name of the Aircon unit outside your house is the condenser unit. But most layman commonly refer it it as compressor. The most vital component of an air conditioning unit is the aircon compressor. And Every Aircon unit will have at least one Aircon compressor. Most of the Aircon brands in Singapore gives 5 years warranty for compressor. Because the reason is : Aircon compressor repair price is incredibly expensive. In this Article, we are not just addressing the repair of Aircon compressor. We will talk about the repair of Aircon condenser unit and its individual components.

Aircon compressor repair price


However, extensive use results in extensive aircon repair. As the components of any aircon unit is subjected to damage. Making aircon servicing a compulsory service . Problems such as aircon leaking water or gas are common in Singapore. But the most expensive problem is Aircon compressor issue. Aircon compressor repair price can be as expensive as a few thousand dollars. So let us go through the 7 types of Aircon compressor issues and their respective prices in Singapore.


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7 types of Aircon compressor repair price

1. Refrigerant leak


Why is your aircon leaking in the first place? HDB aircon leaks due to holes in aircon gas pipe. A leaking aircon can be dangerous. So it is essential to rectify this as soon as possible. You will require an aircon gas top up occasionally. However, if your Aircon requires a gas top up too often, there could be a refrigerant leak inside your AC compressor. You will then require an aircon technician to do a surface check. To see if there’s any form of gas leak. Usually if the compressor is leaking, the area around it will be greasy. If you aircon compressor is leaking refrigerant. You will have to replace the entire condensing unit. Or you will have to trade in the aircon as it will save more money on aircon servicing. This may cost up to $750 for residential units. However the biggest issue is not in changing the condenser unit. The biggest issues is to find out which part of the Aircon is leaking. Is it the condenser unit or could it be the piping? In order to really find out, you might have to do Aircon pressure test


2. PCB Issues


Printed Circuit boards in an aircon are like the “brains”. PCBs are found in both indoor & outdoor units of an aircon. They are responsible for complicated instructions and execution. Nonetheless, electrical components are subjected to wear and tear. For a non-inverter unit, the PCB component is simpler and more durable than an inverter aircon unit. Therefore it’s much more uncommon for a non-inverter AC unit PCB to malfunction. For inverter units, like the Mitsubishi or Daikin inverter aircon. The PCB is more complex and most electrical components are soldered into the PCB. Hence, we must replace the entire PCB if there are any non-working aircon components. Since PCBs are found in both indoor & outdoor units. Both aircon units may face PCB issues. The estimated cost of aircon PCB repair of a residential aircon unit is between $350 to $900. PCB for ceiling cassette aircon can be incredibly expensive.


3. Aircon compressor repair price for Dirty Aircon Condenser unit


This is one of the most common problem of an aircon condenser.  The condenser unit is likely to accumulate dirt, as it is located outside. If a condenser coil is dirty, its ability to reject heat is severely affected. This will cause the compressor to overheat and the gas reading to be inaccurate. Consequently, the aircon technician cannot verify if the issue is due to low refrigerant or not. A side effect will be loud aircon compressor noise. So, how do we clean aircon condensers? Thankfully, this is rather inexpensive and it can be resolved easily. You can do an aircon compressor chemical wash to get rid of the dirt. This will subsequently reduce the incidences of overheating in future. If the chemical wash can be done without detaching the condensing unit. The price for chemical wash aircon compressor in Singapore is $70.


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4. Valve


This is a common aircon issue for certain aircon brands and models. The aircon valve is the outlet where the condenser unit releases refrigerants. Loose connections around control valves and a damage seal may cause gas leaks which impairs your aircon health. Repairing a valve is tricky. It is cheap if the aircon valve’s evaporator coil can be serviced. However if the valve is beyond repair. You will have to replace the entire condensing unit. If the evaporator coil for an aircon compressor is serviceable, it should cost around $80 – $130.


5. Aircon Fan Motor


This is a seemingly simple problem to diagnose. If your aircon compressor is running, but your condenser unit fan is not spinning. It might mean that the fan motor has malfunctioned. However the complication comes in because the PCB may also cause aircon fan motor issue. In that case, both the PCB and the fan motor will have to be replaced. Otherwise, the existing PCB component might damage the new fan motor. You may also need to clean your fancoil.  By using a second hand Aircon fan motor, the price for replacement can be reduced to $150 for a system 1 fan motor unit. The price will be up to $400 if you decide to get a new aircon fan motor.


6. Aircon thermistor


Aircon thermistor is a type of temperature sensor that we can find in any aircon systems. They detect temperature fluctuations and send a resistance signal to the aircon control module. So that the necessary adjustments can be made to maintain the room at the indicated temperature. Daikin aircon generally have either gas pipe thermistors or suction pipe thermistors. The aircon thermistor is normally located in the air flow near the evaporator coil. If the thermistor is defective. It will not provide the proper signal for the control board to turn the compressor circuit on. This will cause the aircon to blow cold air for a while. After which the aircon power lights start blinking and starts blowing out warm air. The aircon thermistor repair price in Singapore is usually between $70 to $200.


7. Aircon compressor repair price for faulty compressor


As mentioned earlier. The compressor is the most important component of an aircon unit. However, it may sometimes be jammed if the bearings are tighter than usual. It will hinder the aircon compressor from reaching maximum efficiency. Furthermore it will have issue compressing the refrigerant. Common causes for an aircon compressor jamming are improper lubrication. It may also be due to low coolant levels, and low-quality or incorrect types of refrigerant. If your aircon compressor jams and it can’t reset. It might have worn out or has a blown fuse, thus it must be replaced. These things can happen from power surges or excess moisture due to exposure to the external environment. You should also regularly clean your home aircon compressor.


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Pricing Table for Aircon Repair price of Compressor

Aircon compressor Issues

Estimated Price for Repair

Refrigerant leak  -> pressure test or change condenser
Aircon PCB repair approximately $390 for system 3
Dirty Aircon compressor $70 – $160 ( bring in to wash)
Valve does not open  $300 – $1000 to change ( depending on type of condenser, system 1 or 5
Aircon fan motor $190 for system 1
Aircon compressor Jam Change Aircon condenser, up to $700 for system 3 condenser
Aircon thermistor up to $200




There are definitely more than just the 7 aforementioned issues. You will need a team of experienced technicians to do the diagnosis and repair for you. Here at Silverback Air-con, we are  one of the top aircon servicing companies in Singapore. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing and honest service. Hence, if you think that your Aircon compressor is facing any issue , give us a call. We will be more than happy to help.

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