If you ever service your Aircon before, you must have heard of the term Aircon Overhaul. We will explain more about the scope of Aircon overhaul. The price, and when do you require Aircon overhaul in this page.

Scope of Service

  1.  First, we check the condition of the coil and if it is suitable to do chemical overhaul
  2.  Next we check if the all part of the Air-conditioner are functioning well (E.g flap).
  3.  Following which, we will lock the gas at the condenser unit.
  4.  Next we will remove the entire fancoil from the wall
  5.  Then we will dismantle the evaporator coil from the other components.
  6.  After which we will proceed to spray the evaporator coil with chemical solution
  7.  And we will wash the entire evaporator coil with high pressure jet
  8.  Next we will assemble the entire unit
  9.  And fix the indoor unit back to the wall.
  10.  We will unlock the gas again. And test the functioning of the Air-conditioner


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Why do I need Aircon Chemical Overhaul in Singapore?

Aircon not Cold?

Build up of dust

The build up of dirty particles can restrict airflow into the evaporator coil. Excessive dirt and dust reduces the aircon efficiency and increases overall energy consumption. This can be identified especially if the air from the aircon is puffed out intermittently rather then smoothly. Thankfully, this can be easily be negated by regular chemical overhaul.

Leakage or Choke

Backtray chocking could potentially lead to leakage, this is cause by buid up of dirt and sometimes algae. Aircon with leaking issues could reduce air quality and requires high pressure cleaning to clear off all debris. Users who uses the unit consistently are advised to clean at least once a year.

Aircon Leaking Water?

Water Leak

Drainage pipe choke, choke back tray, condensation of copper pipe & loose connections of water pipe could all lead to water leakage in your aircon units. An Aircon Chemical overhaul (Full Chemical Wash) will resolve the choking issues. For other issues like condensation and loose piping will require more in depth investigation and repairs.

Effects of chemical overhaul

Before chemical overhaul

aircon before chemical overhaul

After chemical overhaul

Aircon after chemical overhaul


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Aircon Water Leak
Aircon Water Leak?
Automatically Turning OnOff
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Aircon Error Code Problem
Aircon Error Code Problem?

Which should I choose: Aircon Chemical Overhaul or Normal Chemical Cleaning?

Aircon chemical wash simply means the cleaning of a unit with a chemical solution. The motherboard of the fancoil will be wrapped with a water proof material to prevent water damage to the motherboard, an inexperienced technicians might not handle this well. 

Chemical overhaul means a full clean of your unit. The gas will be locked, this will be done by climbing out to the condensing unit and switching it off. Our technicians will then proceed to do a full dismantling of the fancoil and this allows us to clean it thoroughly on both sides! 

The biggest difference? A chemical washing cleans the surface and front end of the fancoil but a chemical overhaul cleans the whole fancoil! 

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Emergency aircon repair singapore

Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Washing

Generally you don’t have to do schedule a time to do chemical overhaul. Your technicians will be able to advise you that they will have to do chemical overhaul the next trip. Or sometimes they will be able to do for you on the spot. You will only need to do Aircon chemical overhaul on these 2 conditions. Either your Aircon evaporator coil is clogged and Air is not blowing smoothly. Or water is leaking from the back tray. For normal Aircon users. You generally only need to do once a year or once every 2 years. Nonetheless, do take note that when the time comes for you to do chemical overhaul. Do not opt for normal chemical cleaning instead. It will be a waste of your money.

Why you should never do  Aircon Chemical wash?

We don’t believe you should do chemical wash for your Aircon because there’s a high chance that the coil may not be cleanse properly and the chemical residue may damage the Aircon. Furthermore, the backtray will not be cleared. However, for certain situations, certain ceiling cassette models may be more suited for chemical wash instead of chemical overhaul.


Want to know more about


Aircon Chemical Overhaul price


Types of Service Price
Aircon Chemical Wash (We really don’t recommend) $80 per unit (discount for more)
Aircon Chemical Overhaul $130 per unit (discount for more)
Ceiling Cassette Chemical Overhaul $260 onwards (discount for more)

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Aircon Chemical Wash