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Aircon Bracket Installation

Aircon bracket may not sound important in aircon installation, but the fact that you are searching about it shows otherwise. As seen in the image above, improper installation of aircon bracket can lead to dangerous situation like this. No ones want to be the person responsible for a killer litter hazard. Therefore, how do you safeguard yourself and your community? Read on to find out all about aircon bracket!


What is an Aircon Bracket?

Aircon brackets are brackets that is needed to install in order to support your outdoor unit and hold your aircon unit securely. This is usually required for those apartments that does not have an Aircon Ledge. Aircon unit is otherwise referred to as the condenser.  Commonly known as compressor especially in HDB buildings in an area with sufficient ventilation and space for future servicing.

hdb bracket

 (Metal structure shown above)

Source: Housing Development Board


Aircon brackets should not be confused with aircon ledge although they serve identical functions.

aircon ledge



If you currently possess an aircon ledge you will not need to install an aircon bracket. Unless, you wish to install another condenser unit and ran out of space on your ledge.


If unsure, there is a need to assess whether you have an existing aircon ledge. Newer HDB units, new build-to-order (BTO) HDB units will come with aircon ledge and the outdoor unit will be placed on such platforms. For older hdb units which includes resale and existing house, you will have to install a metal bracket (usually located outside the master bedroom).





When do you need an Aircon Bracket?

You will need to install an aircon bracket if you do not have an aircon ledge. However, you don’t need to install aircon bracket if there is enough space on the aircon ledge.


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Even if your unit is located on the first floor, you are not exempted from installing an aircon bracket as it is required by law. This is a necessary safety precaution as water may potentially enter the copper outlet during heavy rain. Or, whenever there is flooding or prolonged downpour. The brackets serve to support your unit well above ground level. Furthermore, it will provide proper drainage system. It is important to ensure whatever enters in the top: rain, etc, has somewhere to exit from the bottom and not accumulated elsewhere. This is to  prevent damage caused on your condensing unit.


You will also need to change your current aircon bracket if the dimensions are incompatible with your new aircon condenser unit. Additionally, there is a need to replace the bracket when the stainless-steel bracket which hold up the unit shows signs of corrosion and rust. You don’t want any loose bolts or improper installation to result in unfortunate accidents like this:


For regulations regarding metal brackets for outdoor units, click here.


Types of Aircon Brackets

Type of Bracket Description


1. Normal L bracket  Most common type of brackets in Singapore

normal LImage Source: Best Tech Online

2. Normal L bracket with metal plate OR Banchu Bracket For sturdy installation on hard wall

Images Source: interlic_pang (carousell user)


3. Opening Bracket For HDB only

Image Source: Best Tech Online


4. Fish tank bracket For first floor occupants to raise the condenser unit to prevent flood water from entering

Image Source: Best Tech Online

5. Long L Bracket For placing condenser sidewards for better air circulation. Could be due to outdoor space constraints

Images Source: Best Tech Online

Image Source: Silverback Air-con


Grades of Steel Brackets

The grade of the stainless-steel metal brackets will determine its durability and hardness. However, most of us are not experienced in the metal field. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule to determine if you are getting a quality aircon bracket.


A general rule of thumb is to purchase a bracket with a credible Aircon company, in another words, us! Our stainless-steel metal bracket is grade 401 which is certified and approved by the authorities.


Should your condenser unit be above 80kg, it is recommended to use the best grade of metal bracket available to ensure that it is safely installed. This reduces the chance of it being dislodge and preventing a fine or a jail term for falling condenser units. Afterall, it is better to be safe than sorry.


For regulations on installing airconditioning units, click here.



Price of Aircon Brackets

Price ranges across the various companies providing installation of aircon including metal brackets. However, a good metal bracket is essential for a safe installation hence, it will be good to spend a little more and buy from a reliable source in the name of security.

Check out our prices for aircon brackets made from a certified grade of steel:

Types of Metal Brackets Pricing
Standard $150
Customised $150 and above


However, if you wish to install metal brackets after installation of condenser, there will be increase in price. This is due to various technical difficulties in installing metal brackets after the installation of the condenser unit.


Overall, you will usually need to install brackets for HDB especially older units with no aircon ledge. For condominiums, an aircon ledge is usually already constructed. For landed property you will need to install aircon brackets according to your housing needs. Here are some useful articles for you to check out:

Aircon installation price and guide

Full walkthrough to hdb aircon installation




You do not need an aircon bracket if you already have a ledge. You will only need to install aircon brackets if your ledge have no space for the second condenser unit.

Yes. It is required by the authorities. This is to prevent rain water that have pooled in around your condenser unit to enter into your copper pipes, damaging the condenser unit.

You will need to change your aircon brackets when it show signs of heavy rusting, corrosion or it is falling apart.
Additionally, when you are changing your condenser unit, you might need to replace the metal brackets. This is to ensure it fits the dimensions of your new condenser.

Silverback do sell certified stainless steel bracket of grade 401 at the price of $150. You can contact us for more information if you require installation.


However, price will be higher if you require installation of metal brackets after the condenser unit has been installed


In addition, you can also purchase from mega retailers like gain city for reliable metal brackets approved by authorities.


Additional Information

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If you have further enquiries on installation of metal brackets or anything related to air conditioning. Feel free to contact us at +65 9651 5152 and our friendly customer service personnel will provide you the best course of actions for your situation! Alternatively, you can click on the button below and it will direct you to our WhatsApp Message.



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