Why is my aircon blowing hot air? Top 5 reasons.


Many of us install aircon to cooling our environment. This is especially true in Singapore, where the hot and humid climate makes it almost impossible to relax in the comfort of our office or home without the assistance of an air conditioning unit. Hence, when your air conditioning unit is blowing hot air at you. It can be extremely frustrating. Especially so with the sweltering summer heat. Our homes and offices become unbearably hot. And the hot air produced by our malfunctioning units only serves to worsen the situation. However, fret not! We are here to help you ascertain what exactly is happening within your air con unit. Thereby finding out “why is my aircon blowing hot air?” In addition, we will discuss various aircon repair solutions for this.

why is my aircon blowing hot air? 

Is your aircon blowing hot air, or is it not blowing out much air?


Before we delve into fixing the problem with your air conditioning unit, you first have to ascertain the problem you are encountering – whether it is blowing warm air, or no air at all. 

While most of us may assume that “warm air” ultimately means that the air converted from the units will be warmer than the air of our surroundings, the term actually refers to room temperature air, and not actually the high-temperature, steaming hot air that we may expect when we first hear of the term.

There is also a key difference between an air conditioning unit blowing hot air, and not blowing out much cold air, but before we go into the possible reasons why an air conditioning unit would produce hot air, we first need to establish whether this is the problem you are being faced with.

In order to determine the nature of the problem you are encountering. Place your hand directly in front of the fancoil unit, where the air is blowing at. If you feel air being blown onto your hand, but it is not cold, it is warm air. If you can feel coolness in the air emitted, but the air coming out from the Aircon is not smooth, we can classify this as “ not blowing out much air”.


Reasons to why Aircon blowing hot air?

If your air con unit is a multi split unit, (System 2, 3, 4 or 5), check all the air conditioning units in the system, and determine the number of units that are currently experiencing this issue. More often than not, most people experiencing this issue will find themselves faced with 2 possibilities: 1-2 units producing warm air, or all of the units in the air conditioning system producing warm air. Note down the number of air conditioning units blowing out warm air.

For single split unit

If you possess a single split unit, you should note that due to the nature of how single split units operate, it will be harder for you to find out the reason why your unit is producing warm air.


Check for any blinking lights

Different air conditioning units will come equipped with blinking lights depending on the brand. The lights serve as an indicator to help you better determine what exactly is going on with your unit.


Check if your air con fan is running

If your air conditioning unit fan is working. There should be air blowing out from the vents, be it warm or cool. To check if it’s working, position your hand in front of the opening to feel for any movement in the air exiting the air con.


Check if your compressor is running

To check if your air con compressor is running fine, you have to listen carefully to the sound your unit is making. If the compressor is running, you will be able to hear a buzzing sound from the unit. 

However, if you are still unsure if the buzzing sound is coming from your compressor, you can put your hand on the aircon compressor unit, usually located near the front panel of the aircon. You should feel a vibration coming from your compressor unit. Though this method is usually foolproof, do take note that the vibration may also come from the aircon fan motor spinning, and may not always be accurate.


Verify if your air conditioning unit is an inverter unit


Check if it is inverter aircon or not

The most important information is to know if your aircon is an  inverter or not. Because this helps you to determine what is wrong with the unit. In order to check. The easiest way is to check the indoor unit cover. If it is inverter, it will most likely be displayed at the front panel. Another way is tolisten out for the sounds it makes. In a traditional non-inverter unit, the compressor only emits a sound if it is turned on and holds a steady pitch. For an inverter unit, the pitch of the sound varies according to the temperature. So in order to check for this, simply change the temperature of the aircon and listen out for the sound it makes. To make it easier to listen to the pitch, change the fan setting to low.


why is my aircon blowing hot air – (inverter aircon)

Now that you have identified whether it is an inverter unit. Here are some possible reasons as to why your air con is blowing out hot air or not much air. If it is an inverter unit and is blowing out hot air. It could be due to a damaged PCB, which is a circuit board located inside the unit. Another reasons could be attributed due to a damaged EV coil. There is also a third possible reason: it could be due to insufficient gas in the air con.


why is my aircon blowing hot air – (non-inverter aircon)

If it is a non- inverter unit, check out how many fan coil units are blowing out hot air. There are usually multiple fan coil units in each air conditioning unit. Put your hand in front of the flap to feel if they are blowing out cool air. If only 1 or 2 fan coil units are blowing out hot air. It could be caused by either a malfunctioned capacitor, or due to insufficient gas. If all 3 fan coil units are blowing out hot air. It could be either due to a malfunctioned compressor or insufficient gas.



Still have doubts/concerns on what’s causing the warm air?

If you are still unsure about the real causes for the warm air. Note down the model numbers of your air con system’s indoor and outdoor unit. As well as a snapshot of the units to 96515152. We will give you a free diagnosis over the phone! In addition, with regular maintenance. Faults within your air conditioning unit can be spotted and rectified early. Hence it will allow you to cut down on the cost of maintenance down the road. If you are still unsure about what to do? Silverback Aircon recommend that you call us in to do the work for you. From thorough inspections of your unit, to replacing of your Aircon spare parts. We will help you fix your air conditioning unit! Call our friendly air conditioning technicians at 96515152 today!

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