We offer a comprehensive Air-con Servicing and Installation rebate system for property agents. It’s a recurring rebate for the next 5 years when the referred customer continues to use our service. Refer a customer to us and we will transfer you the rebate accordingly.

Rebate amount :

Servicing of Air-Conditioner: 10-20%
Installing of Air-Conditioner: $100- $250 mark up from price offered
Repairing of Air-Conditioner: Mark up of around $10-$20 from

How does it work?

Applicable for all services (Installation, Servicing, and Repair)

  1. Contact us on WhatsApp.
  2. Send us the client’s contact number and name, we arrange with the client for the service.
  3. After the collection of payment from the client, we will transfer you by the next day.
  4. For aircon Installation, we will mark up the price by $100 – $250 (except for system 1 units, read below for exclusions).

Only applicable for servicing and repair

  1. Contact us on Whatsapp (91775500).
  2. Arrange the servicing date and time for us.
  3. We complete the servicing and collect the payment from the tenant/ owner.
  4. Following which we will transfer you the rebate by the next day.


  1. Aircon Servicing Contract -For clients who choose to opt for Aircon Servicing Contract with us eventually, we will not be able to rebate you on this. This is due to the extremely low margin for servicing the contract.
  2. For installation of system 1 aircon – We can only afford to mark up the price by $50 at most, otherwise, it will not be competitive and the client can opt for the bigger outlets such as Gain City/ Courts and our price will be more expensive.

Aircon Servicing and Installation Referral System

Fill in your details as shown below and send us the information on Whatsapp (91775500) and we will register you in our database

  1. Name
  2. Contact number
  3. Bank Account number