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Hello there!

Here’s a little info about us:

We specialise in air-con installation and we take pride in our ability to recommend our clients the air-con model most suitable for them amongst our super-ranged arsenal of brands.

Our prices are the amongst the most competitive ones in the market. There will be no hidden charges as it is our modus operandi to provide you a quote first and to only proceed after receiving your approval.

As a value added service, we accept credit cards and installment plans can be implemented as an option for our clients as well. Please contact us should you be interested in this.

With all that’s said,

We don’t have any fancy mission or vision,
and it’s not our lifelong dream to make this world a cooler place.

But this is our rice-bowl. We make sure every installation is handled professionally and we treat our customer-service very seriously. We give every client our very best shot because reputation spreads. Even more so during this internet savvy era.

Silverback Aircon is even listed on Tropika Club’s list of best aircon servicing in Singapore!

So there, check out other sites and feel free to compare prices. Whatever comes, do give us a call or drop us message and let us know if we can be of any help! πŸ˜‰