4 of the best split type aircon in Singapore


It is close to impossible to live without and Air-conditioner in Singapore. And there will come a time when you will need to replace your Aircon. Or that you will need to install an Aircon in a new home. Most of the time, you will have to install a split type Aircon in Singapore. Because it is more functional, takes up less space. Furthermore it consumes less electricity than a Single split aircon unit. In this Article, we will recommend 4 best split type Aircon that you can find in Singapore. For simplicity, let us define best in terms of these 4 features. Namely Price, features, price per btu and warranty period. In this article, we did not rate the best aircon based on electricity consumption. Because most of the Aircon that belongs to 4 or 5 ticks category exhibits similar level of electricity consumption.



Definition of Split type Aircon.

A split type Aircon is defined as a condensing unit with more than 1 outlets. If you are staying in a hdb flat, take a look outside at your compressor, how many copper pipes is it connected to? If it has 6, chances are it is a system 3 Aircon. Because each set of fancoil requires 2 set of copper pipe. If it has 4, it will likely be a system 2 aircon instead. For a single split aircon, it will only have one pair of outlet. If you are to replace your system 3 aircon with single split units instead. You will require 3 sets of single split unit. Due to space constraints, It is impossible to have 3 condenser unit at home. Nonetheless, this is actually the common arrangement in other countries. Take a look at our neighbor across the border. It is rare to find a multi split unit there. Because single split unit provides the easiest way of installation for a property. This is also the same case for countries such as India, China or even Thailand. Only Singapore is rare case where split type aircon is so prevalent.




Best in terms of absolute price

Midea Opal split type aircon is the best model in terms of absolute price. It is cheaper than Mitsubishi Aircon by $200 for a system 2 unit. It is $700 and and $900 cheaper for a system 3 and system 4 respectively. Midea is the most popular Air-conditioning brand in China. It has seen a wave or rising popularity in Singapore due to its competitive pricing. Furthermore, Midea Opal series has been around for a few years. It is not a new model. Hence its reliability has been tested in the past few years. Among reviews from all of my customers, it has been a reliable option for them. Furthermore, in terms of functionality. It’s base model is already a system 3. Which means it’s system 2, which is already $200 cheaper than Mitsubishi. Has one more set of outlet as compared to Mitsubishi FN series. Midea Opal aircon is an absolute steal at this price.



Best in terms of features


When it comes to feature, which is the one you care about the most? According to a market research done in 2019. Most consumers are looking for WIFI option in their air-conditioner. This is likely due to the increasing trend of smart home. Where everything is integrated remotely into the phone. Hence in terms of features, my pick would go to DAIKIN ISMILE Series. Daikin wifi series has a unique wifi feature. Users are able to download an app and have access to their Air-conditioner even out of home. Which means after a hard day work you can actually turn on your Aircon before you reach home.  Other than it’s wifi features, Daikin is also well known for its PM 2.5 Filter. This means that it can protect users from harmful particles. It is especially beneficial during haze period. When you stay home you would want to ensure you get sheltered from all these harmful particles. In addition, Daikin has the most comprehensive error code Diagnostic among all Aircon brand. There’s an option to send a sms to Daikin. It will be able to tell you what is the problem with you aircon based on the error code which provide. You can also use your remote control to find out the error code yourself. It is that easy! Furthermore, Daikin has one of the biggest market share for Aircon in the world. It is only ranked Second to Mitsubishi Electric for Aircon market share in Singapore.



Best in terms of price/ BTU : Mitsubishi FN series MXY-4G33VA2


This is the only one in which we are providing the compressor model and not the entire series model. We will explain on this reason further.

By giving the absolute price, it might not be the best way of representing it’s value. As the saying goes, you have to compare Apple to apple. One way to make sense of price level of the Aircon is to calculate in terms of price/BTU.  Price / BTU refers to the entire cost of the Air-conditioner divided by the btu it has. For example, a system 4 Midea aircon has a price per btu of $100. Whereas Mitsubishi Starmex of equivalent capacity of equal price as well.

Nonetheless, this particular compressor model is provided because it has a maximum capacity of 36000 btu. This is a magical number. When your entire condensing unit is 36000, you can turn on all bedroom aircon at the same time. If you are staying in a 4 room flat, you can also turn on your living room and 2 bedroom aircon at the same time. If you having no idea on what I am saying, do feel free to call our hotline Mitsubishi Aircon is the most popular brand in Singapore. That means that there second hand spare parts are widely available. Furthermore, most Aircon technicians would have experience in it. Hence there will be no issue in finding one to repair your Aircon.


Warranty period :Midea OS series 5 ticks.

The last point that we want to touch on is regarding warranty period. The standard warranty period for most brands are as such : 5 years on compressor and 1 year on parts. Part refer to all electrical component inside the Aircon unit, even in the condensing unit. However, Midea Aircon has given an unprecedented warranty period. Midea OS series has a warranty period of 6 years on compressor and 6 years on parts. That means you would be free of worry for the next 6 years. As all of your Aircon repair worries are all covered. Furthermore, the price of Midea OS series is even cheaper than that of Mitsubishi electric. Midea Aircon is getting worldwide recognition for it’s Air-conditioners. Getting such a long warranty period for this price is definitely a steal.




Conclusion :

In conclusion. You have to get an ac based on the btu you need in room. It also depends on the number of fancoil units that you need to turn on at the same time. If need more guidance on aircon installation, do click here to find out. Other than btu, if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for midea. It is almost 30% cheaper than Daikin Aircon. Besides, If you are looking in terms of features, Daikin would be an optimum choice. It has a comprehensive error diagnostic and it has an advance wifi feature. Otherwise, if you are afraid that your aircon becomes faulty in the next 6 years, choose Midea. And ultimately if you are afaid of the tremendous cost associated with Aircon repair, do give us a call. We have a fair and transparent rate of Aircon repair pricing.

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